Expand the Xbox One's storage with Nyko's new hard drive attachment

If you are filling up your Xbox One;s internal hard drive with games, movies and apps, you might want to consider expanding your storage space with an external drive. Popular game accessory company Nyko just introduced a product called Data Bank for the Xbox One that allows any regular 3.5-inch hard drive to be connected to the console for extra storage space.

While there are USB external hard drives on the market that can be used with the Xbox One, they tend to be more expensive than traditional PC hard drives. Nyko says that their $39.99 hard drive enclosure will support any normal PC hard drive, which generally also offer higher capacities when compared so-called "gaming" hard drives.

"Installing the Data Bank is easy and takes only a few minutes. Simply attach the Data Bank to the top of the Xbox One and plug the USB cable into the back of the console. The USB connection allows the Xbox One to access the data stored on the 3.5" hard drive. Slide any 3.5" into the Data Bank and attach the drive hood.. Once the drive is properly installed, plug the Data Bank in to any wall outlet via the provided power cord and power on your system."

The Nyko Data Bank is now on sale on Amazon, although their listing shows that shipments won't start until Dec. 29.

Pre-order the Nyko Data Drive for the Xbox One on Amazon (opens in new tab)

Source: Nyko

  • I think is much better than some external HDD that is hanging outside the console with a visible USB cable. This enclosure with a Samsung Pro 2TB SSD should go real nice with my Elite console :D
  • So much better that you get a second powercord hanging outside the console....
  • Try this one. I have 2, one for each of my Xbox Ones. It works far better with the aesthetics of the Xbox One. The one in this article is inelegant and bulky. http://www.amazon.com/Collective-Minds-Drive-Enclosure-Front-Ports/dp/B0...
  • That actually looks pretty cool... =p
  • This. I have two (for different Xbox Ones). This is the way to do it, IMO. Collective Minds' unit has great aesthetics, doesn't require an external power cord, uses 2.5" drives which I happened to have extras of due to some recent upgrades, and gives you front-facing USB ports. Awesome.
  • That is really nice, threw it on my Amazon wish list for after the holidays.
  • Love the look but folks probably have more 3.5" drives laying around than 2.5" drives.
  • Actually idk many people that use desktops anymore unless their job requires it(which most don't). I surely have more 2.5" drives than 3.5" drives. That's what happens when all you own is laptops haha.
  • I've got that one it's awesome, the clips that hold it on could be better
  • This is freaking awesome.
  • I hereby forwarn you about a respnse to you from my wife making her horney boo buy 2 plus 2 hybrid 1T hard drive "2 of Seagate 1TB Laptop Gaming SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive) SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 2.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive (ST1000LM014) ​" So, thanks for taking this blame for me.  
  • Oooh, that is really pretty!
  • Same. I have an external now, but it always seems to get knocked over or something. I will definitely be picking one of these up.
  • So what's the size of the hard drive?
  • It's an enclosure, you put whatever size hard drive you want. Since it houses the standard 3.5" hard drive, you can install a 6TB HDD if you want :)
  • They make up to 8tb now....Not the fastest thing in the world but, it would do the job... Best speed/size/Price is in the 5tb...
  • Well even a 5400rpm 3.5 drive is going to be faster than the same rpm 2.5" one.  Unfortunately most of the high capacity 3.5" drives AREN'T 7500rpm as they're already on their thermal and density limits.
  • Would be better to know what sata controller their using compared to collective minds
  • Gotta read friend
  • I think it's just the enclosure, you have to buy the HD separately and install it in the thing.
    not that better than an external HD, imho.
  • You provide your own hard drive. This is just an enclosure.
  • That looks very ugly... I'd rather have the one that connects to the side and fits the console nicely.
  • Not only is this ugly and ridiculously large, there are far better options. My favroite is the Collective Minds Drive which not only is better looking, but only adds a small extension to the side. http://www.amazon.com/Collective-Minds-Drive-Enclosure-Front-Ports/dp/B0...
  • The main selling point of this enclosure is that you can use a 3.5" drive in it which is both cheaper and can go higher in capacity.
  • I admit it looks nice, but the largest 2.5" drive you can get is a 2TB. $100 for a 5400RPM drive. $400 for a 7200RPM drive. I'd rather have a 3.5" 6TB 7200RPM WD Black for $300. Another bad thing is if you get the Nyko cooler, the 2 do not line up (I think).  
  • Why would you want/need the Nyko cooler? I've never known any of my Xbox Ones to overheat. And my first go-to was the Collective Minds one because it doesn't require a separate power cord and gives you front-facing USB ports which I value. If I needed more than 2.5-3 TB, then I could always add this or another third-drive solution. Each has advantages.
  • I personally do not see the need for the cooler. I just found it odd that they were designed this way.
  • Actually alot of ssd in this size range are becoming cheaper due to them not selling as well
  • Those awful Nyco coolers killed LOTS of 360s, and just looked plain ugly.
  • That's pretty cool. I'm getting one. Thanks for the link.
  • Thanks for the link! That looks awesome!
  • That looks horrendous, i would rather plug in a portable one and have it sit next to or on top on the xbox
  • If looks are important, get the Collective Mind expansion caddy. It actually improves the aesthetics of the Xbox One IMO.
  • Yet another solution to a non-problem...
  • How so?  Digital games take up a pretty good chunk of space.  If you're a gold member, things will fill up pretty quickly.
  • Yeah. I know this, I just attached a 4TB drive to my Xbox though and Bob'll be my uncle for the foreseeable future (I attached this when external storage was first available and I'm still at 60% free). What I meant was simply that there is no reason to overengineer a solution like this. Especially when you're still forced to attach a power lead.
  • No, its a VERY big problem for me. The stock drive can fit about 5 large AAA games on it after the OS and recovery stuff gobbles up over 100Gb, so external drives are a must.  I have a 3Tb on my main xbox thats at 67% capacity along with an almost filled internal 500Gb one.  And I've got a LOT of titles 'ready to install' that I haven't downloaded yet too. Yust because you don't actually play games doesn't mean that others dont.
  • I don't believe that for a second. I may not actually play games much, and when I do it's generally the same one, but I've got several dozen triple A titles installed on said 4TB drive and like I said still at 60% free. My internal drive us empty bar the system updates and whatever goes there by default. Even at an average of 30GB you can fit 50 games on 1500GB storage. I haven't checked but 30GB as an average seems slightly high when looking across the entire Xbox catalogue.
  • Or just get a internal hdd or ssd with a bracket, copy files from the original drive and replace the drive with the new one and you saved 39,99$.
  • Yeah? Daring enough to pop the box eh? =p
  • Was thinking about it myself....youtube is your friend. Swap out that 500gb drive with a nice 2tb 2.5 drive.... that would be nice... I am a day one owner, My Xbox one is LONG out of warranty...
  • I'd LOVE to try that, but I'm more than a little concerned about system updates bricking the thing. Oh, and its WAY more than just 'copying the files'.  MS 'blesses' their internal drives so you can't easily do that.  You have to set up specific partitions in different formats and all kinds of crap, and then have to do a console reset (so you'd lose everything anyway). This is one of the very few things Sony got right that MS still fails with.  Just stick in ANY 2.5" drive and your PS3/4 will use it.
  • I was able to get the 2tb external Xbox drive for only 99 at the MS store. Sure beats BestBuy in Canada for 139.
  • Sure, but it's still overpriced for the Xbox branding. 2 TB should be $80 or less. My 3-TB, 3.5-inch was $90.
  • I got a 5TB for $100. Still no deal has come close to this drive.
  • I haven't seen $100 myself, but you can get a Seagate 5TB external for $115 from Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Seagate-Desktop-External-Storage-STDT5000100/dp/B00J0O5R2I/ref=sr_1_2?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1450805596&sr=1-2 Even though the Collective Minds enclosure looks great, it'd be tough to justify $200-400 for a 2TB 2.5" HDD.
  • Just buy a Seagate external 2.5" drive for around $100-$120, crack it open and use the drive.
  • Got 2 Toshiba hd's 2TB each for $80
  • Good luck, Toshibas are cheap for a reason (though $40/TB isn't great).
  • Oh my God, no, just no.. Atrocious..
  • Yikes, that is ugly.   I am looking for a 2.5 external HD of at least 2TB but unfortunately it looks like they are all 5400rpm and I would like 7200 rpm.
  • Such are the limitations of 2.5.
  • Yup, indeed!
  • Ugly as ****. I have my nice Collective Minds
  • Wow. That is so ugly.
  • I think it's cheaper in the end to just buy an external USB 3 drive. After adding the cost of this to any internal drive, there's pretty much nothing in it. On a side note, I currently play Fallout 4 across 2 consoles. I recently bought an Elite console and I have to say, running off the internal SSHD drive in the elite does noticeably decrease the load times. I never thought it would since the 8GB of SSD was never going to store a 50GB game. But I have to say it clearly does store a significant amount of game files which are obviously used throughout the game.
  • I never saw which SSHD they used in the Elite console, but it might be a 7200 RPM drive with 8 GB of flash to supplement it. The regular drives are 5400 RPM, so if the Elite is like that, everything will be faster.
  • Its just a regular toshiba 1Tb SSHD spinning at a slow 5400rpm, nothing you can't buy for well under $100 and attach externally.  I have one in a seagate enclosure.  Works fine but really no benefit over a regular HDD other than being 1Tb instead of 500Gb in the non-elite consoles. There are 7200rpm SSHDs but I can only find 500Gb max ones, and if you're gonne do that just pay the extra and get a true SSD.  Running Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls Online the loading is significantly reduced with the SSHD drive, and with a true SSD I've been playing with, the stuttering and second long pauses in fallout 4 are completely gone.  Kind of an expensive solution to offset the bugging programming though.
  • THE XBOX ONE IS LARGE ENOUGH ! The 80's want their VCR back...  Seriously, the side mounted one is fine. The ONLY advanage of this device here is you can use a 3.5" drive...You can get a 8tb 3.5" drive but, in a 2.5" you can only get a 2tb.... So it has an advanage but, a minor one... Better off with an external one, you can get a 5tb for like $150-180... hide it
  • Its almost as ugly as those intercoolers they made
  • And those things killed many many 360s.
  • http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SBE339M/?tag=pcpapi-20 Here you go.
  • Is it just me or does this make it look like the original fat PS3?
  • This is a giant rip-off. External drives don't have more than a $10-20 markup over bare drives, to pay for the enclosure. This is just a $40 HDD enclosure. This is absurd to buy, unless you have a spare 3.5-inch HDD lying about and don't want an external enclosure that sits to the side of your console. Save yourselves the money, folks. If you want more storage, just buy an external that is USB 3.0-enabled, preferably from WD.
  • My Collective minds media is much better looking than that attachment, but using a 3.5 HDD is a lot cheaper compared to using a 2.5 HDD on my media hub.
  • I have the same unit.  The 3 extra USB ports it adds to the front really make it a LOT better than this monstrosity (but you're totally right about the cost/Gb for 3.5" drives).
  • Unless you're recycling a left over HDD, you'll probably be spending the same amount anyway. Frankly it looks nicer to use a USB-powered pocket drive like a Toshiba Canvio or a Passport. Just 1 dinky USB wire and if you plant it behind this enormous console, then it's completely out of view
  • Wow Style and function Posted via the HTC Desire 816 Dual Sim
  • Will Paul Acevedo be reviewing this?
  • We requested a review copy, but they said they can't allocate us a unit yet. Hopefully they come through eventually. (And thanks for thinking of me!)
  • I have one by some company who's name I can't remember that clips to the left hand side and connects directly to the USB port instead of using cables.  Only takes 2.5" drives, but doesn't look like a huge plastic elephant needed the bathroom. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Xbox-One-2TB-Hard-Drive-External-Hub-With-Ext...
  • It's beginning to look like the Sega Master System with all the add-ons. Also, it doesn't go with the blue Forza 6 edition or the white one.
  • That depends on how far you're willing to go....meet Project XBONE I have a blue Forza Edition Xbox, and I have the Collective Minds Sideclosure which has a 500GB Samsung SSD inside, and the Nyko Intercooler to prevent my xbox from overheating in my entertainment center/redirect hot air and dust out from the back and inside of the cabinet towards the front and away from the console and cabinet. I basically created my own version of an elite xbox (I hate that the elite version uses a hybrid hard drive instead of an uncompromised full SSD). Also, the black on blue provides nice accents to the system (don't forget the blue usb 3.0 ports on the Sideclosure). I pretend that by adding the Nyko Intercooler to the xbox, i'm supercharging my car, which I think is fitting since the Forza edition xbox makes a car ignition sound everytime you start it up, which you can't disable or change. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is everyone should look at these accesories as ways to personalize your systems and opportunities to be creative, in addition to their added benefits.
  • Great comment! You know you forgot to remove that crappy sticker from the front of your console, right?
  • I bought the Xbox branded Seagate drive and it's amazing. Super fast and super discreet.
  • I picked up a Seagate Expansion desktop 2Tb drive about a year ago for $70 AU. Basically the same as the Xbox branded drive minus the green case and logo for more $$$. It's hidden discreetly in my entertainment unit, no way I want anything sitting on top of my nice new matte Elite console. But, each to their own. Some will like this, and I'm not about to start on them just because I personally don't think it's a good idea.