Expand the Xbox One's storage with Nyko's new hard drive attachment

If you are filling up your Xbox One;s internal hard drive with games, movies and apps, you might want to consider expanding your storage space with an external drive. Popular game accessory company Nyko just introduced a product called Data Bank for the Xbox One that allows any regular 3.5-inch hard drive to be connected to the console for extra storage space.

While there are USB external hard drives on the market that can be used with the Xbox One, they tend to be more expensive than traditional PC hard drives. Nyko says that their $39.99 hard drive enclosure will support any normal PC hard drive, which generally also offer higher capacities when compared so-called "gaming" hard drives.

"Installing the Data Bank is easy and takes only a few minutes. Simply attach the Data Bank to the top of the Xbox One and plug the USB cable into the back of the console. The USB connection allows the Xbox One to access the data stored on the 3.5" hard drive. Slide any 3.5" into the Data Bank and attach the drive hood.. Once the drive is properly installed, plug the Data Bank in to any wall outlet via the provided power cord and power on your system."

The Nyko Data Bank is now on sale on Amazon, although their listing shows that shipments won't start until Dec. 29.

Pre-order the Nyko Data Drive for the Xbox One on Amazon

Source: Nyko

John Callaham