Fallout 3 to be included in Xbox One version of Fallout 4, PC mods will also work on Xbox One version

During Microsoft's E3 2015 press event, Bethesda Softworks revealed two Xbox One exclusives for its upcoming post-apocalypse RPG Fallout 4. One of them is that every copy of the Xbox One version will include a copy of the previous game in the series, Fallout 3.

The other exclusive is that any mods that are created for the PC version of Fallout 4 will be able to used on the Xbox One version as well. Details on how this will be accomplished have yet to be revealed.

  • That's a good bonus for Xbox One users. I'll likely still get it on PC though.
  • Sweet!
  • I missed the show, but is the Fallout 3 remastered, or is it just the 360 version, taken advantage of backward compatibility?
  • I was wondering this too. Plus 2 other questions: Would saved games on USB from a PS3 open on XBOX One, or are saved games machine-type specific? Will the Downloadable Content for Fallout 3 be available, maybe even already included? I bought some of them already on my old PS3, but didn't play all the way through a couple (and will only play XBox One now). So if they are remastered and improved for XBOX One and I can bring over my saves and have access to the Fallout 3 DLCs, this would be absolutely awesome for me.
  • Well this all has been ironed out in the 3 weeks since I commented LOL. But I can answer your questions.    This will be the original 360 version, running in the backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. It will not be remstated in any way. When you place your preorder, you will get a code to download the 360 version. Then, when the Fallout 3 backwards compat is ready, you could then download it on Xbox One as well.   1) Save games from Ps3 will not work at all on Xbox One. However, if you upload your 360 save to the Cloud, you could then load it on the One (emulated) version.  2) It is unclear if DLC will be included (whether it is Game of the Year edition or not), but my initial thought it no DLC will be included. You will need to buy them again on Xbox platform. 
  • Ha, I didn't even realize this was 3 weeks old. Thanks for the quick response! So to that #2, does that mean you think only games originally from the XBox 360 could come over? Do you think there's any way to get saves from a PS3 to port over? I'd even be willing to pay a small fee (wouldn't spend too much to do it) for a conversion utility if one existed. For me, the only purpose would be to play through the DLC I never finished, but I wouldn't want to start over. I'd want to keep playing with my existing character. At least to start. Maybe I'd find that I wanted to earn some XBL trophies... (and for those, I'd totally understand if they could only be earned by native play on the XBox)
  • I am not expert, but I am 99% sure there is no way to convert save files from PS to Xbox ecosystems, unless the devleopers back this into the game, such that you upload it to their servers, they convert it, and then you download it back on other platform. You would have to go link your PSN ID to Gamertag too, just seems very unlikely.  I dont know any games that have ever done this. Some like Minecraft, allowed a 360 save to be converted to Xbox One save, through a process similar to the one I mentioned above.   You may jus tneed to play the DLC on your PS3, or do a FO3 speedrun on Xbox platform. Also, some of the Fallot DLC is completely separate from the main game if I remember, not sure, it has been many years. You could just load it and start that. 
  • Thanks!
  • PC mods on the Xbox One, what a fun can of worms that'll be
  • That is awesome that MS understands the power of user created mods.
  • If they at least remastered it (FO3), then it would be worth another play (since it is an awesome game). The really ground breaking move is the ability to use mods. Bethesda must have really given some assurances on how well the mods would be sandboxed. MS is really looking like the "console of the people" now with backward compatability and now this.
  • This game can seriously cause divorces. We'll see...
  • Bethesda Games are family time with my wife and kids -- Fallout 3, Skyrim, and we can't wait for Fallout 4 (currently working our way through Dragon Age, but it's not the same). To my amazing good fortune, they like watching me play, they want me to use the controller, and just want to be able to tell me what to do. Ha! That's a fine tradeoff to be able to keep gaming. :-) I used to much prefer PC gaming, but with kids, that ceased to be an option (because it was largely desk-based). With an XBOX One, the graphics aren't that far below current PC tech, though the screen resolutions are of course much lower at only 1920x1080 max, but that's good enough from the distance of a couch.
  • Oh please let me port my save file for Fallout 3 on the the 360.
  • It's probably possible. You can copy the save file to USB key or HDD. I ported my 360 save to PC that way
  • I'm guessing F3 is part of the backwards compatibility, not a remake, and then they'll give you a DL code with F4. That's not ideal, but I'll take it. Here's hoping that also means F3 mods on Xbox One, though. The mod inclusion is pretty sweet with the new game regardless. Now, we just need W10 support for Fallout Shelter and the Pip-Boy app (without the latter, the Pip-Boy Edition of the game is pointless for WP/10 users).
  • This...is...amazing! Bethesda and MS can do great things together.
  • How many PS4 players are looking to trade in that system now?
    So glad I stuck with MS and the XBox.
  • good deal. I might just take the jump.