Fallout 76 teases the return of the Brotherhood of Steel with 'Steel Dawn'

Fallout 76 Steel Dawn Teaser
Fallout 76 Steel Dawn Teaser (Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

What you need to know

  • Fallout 76 is the latest game in the Fallout franchise, focusing more on online play than traditional RPG mechanics.
  • It had a very rough launch, but has since received tons of updates adding content, making changes, and generally trying to fix the game.
  • Bethesda is teasing the next big update for the game, dubbed 'Steel Dawn,' which will mark the return of the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • 'Steel Dawn' is a free update coming to all players later this year in December, 2020.

After the large Wastelanders update, it seemed like Fallout 76 may be heading towards a really good place, after a pretty awful launch and first impressions from players. Now we know what the next update will be, thanks to a teaser from Bethesda. The Brotherhood of Steel are returning in Fallout 76's "Steel Dawn" update, a free update that will add a ton of new content to the slowly-maturing game. There's even a nice new teaser trailer for it.

Steel Dawn will add a new questline for the Brotherhood of Steel, new settlements and NPC's, powerful gear and weapons, and more. It's also a completely free update for all players, and will be dropping later this year, sometime in December. There's not much more we know about the update right now, but we're certain to learn more as we head closer to launch.

If you haven't given Fallout 76 a try yet because of its growing pains and initial launch, now is the perfect time to do so! Thanks to a Bombs Drop Day celebration, Fallout 76 is completely free-to-play for the entire weekend, and also has significant discounts if you try it, like it, and wish to buy it. If the changes Bethesda has made speak to you, now's the time to buy Fallout 76 and be ready for the next major update for the game.

You can also check out our Fallout 76 ultimate guide for some advice on how to get started.

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  • I generally ignored it before they added NPCs so I've been trying it since yesterday. The graphics are good and the game is surprisingly stable for a BETHESDA RPG.
    So far, no glitches.
    Adding the NPCs and quests make it almost a true RPG. Almost tge Fallout 5 we're not getting any time soon.
    Almost. First, they need to delete the *involuntary* PvP aspects completely. I was barely two hours in, exploring and working the first sidequest, minding my own business with a dinky pipe gun, when some jerk attacked me with a high level weapon and whacked me. Apparently to steal my loot bag.
    Which meant he got nothing: I had just finished stashing the empty bottles and wood chips I had scrounged.
    Except whatever jollies he got out of annoying a newbie still figuring out the camp building rules. The game is on deep discount.
    Considering how much microtransactions are a part of the game even 60% off is pricey.
    On top of that, they want $100 for the privilege of playing jerk-free. Each year. The game could be pretty good.
    Not under those terms.
    Maybe after the sale closes and Microsoft takes over they'll move it to rational prices.
    $100 one time total price to playjerk-free might be tolerable, despite the microtransactions, and maybe half that if you like wrestling with those sorts. But otherwise, not even free to play is worth the aggravation.
    PvP and RPG don't mix. At least Cyberpunk 2077 is less than a month a way.
  • You do know that you can enable passive mode in the settings?
  • What I found was that it automatically deactivates after level 5.
    As in: "Fallout 76 developer Bethesda has also incorporated an auto-feature that turns passive mode off once you hit level five in the game. " It can hardly be hard to let players stay invisible and untouched when they ask for it.
  • Yet you can turn it back on again in settings if you don't want to engage in PvP