Final Fantasy becomes the first Xbox Live RPG on Windows Phone next week

Battling the Kraken

The mobile Xbox Live lineup is getting better and better lately. This week we got Battleship, the first Live game with true online multiplayer, and next week’s game… Wait for it… Final Fantasy I from Square Enix! Why Microsoft chose not to demo the game at E3, we’ll never know.

Final Fantasy will be the first traditional RPG in the Windows Phone lineup. A direct port of the iPhone game which was a port of the PSP game which was a remake of the original Famicom version – it’s like seven degrees of Kevin Bacon but with black mages and imps. Players will assemble a party of four warriors from a pool of iconic classes and then set out to save the world from the dastardly Elemental Fiends. Overworld and underworld navigation utilizes a funky-looking virtual pad for movement while the battles are more tap-focused. Numerous hours of role-playing goodness will ensue.

Windows Phone Central received these exclusive first screenshots of the mobile Xbox Live version of Final Fantasy I in action. You might be wondering about the black bars on the sides of the screens... It seems that Square Enix simply increased the lower resolution iPhone version of the game to match Windows Phone 7's vertical resolution without tweaking the the aspect ratio or UI elements for a wider display (I even did some resolution tests to confirm this). In other words, the original game ran at 480 x 320. The Windows Phone game's display has been resized to 720 x 480, leaving 80 pixels of dead space. Let's hope the screen will at least be centered in the final build - we'll find out in less than a week.

Final Fantasy I launches on Wednesday, June 13th and will cost $6.99 (two dollars less than on iPhone (opens in new tab)).

Garland the rogue knight has kidnapped princess Sarah.

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  • Woooot!
  • Great I'll buy this. Hey did you hear gMaps Pro is free? Lol sorry had to. :) im so tired of hearing about that.
  • I saw an ad on Duudle. Gmap pro for free
  • Awesome!
  • Finally
  • HELL YEAH!!!!
  • Awesome=)
  • Would like to of seen final fantasy III ported from iPhone instead.
  • It's only logical to start with the first one. Most of us want the later ones in the series but this is a good start. If this sells well I'm sure the other ones will follow eventually.
  • This in fact may be the first day one purchase. Awesome. Thanks east! Love the Kevin bacon comment. It is always a good thing if you can interject Kevin Bacon humor in an article. Kudos!
  • Btw-it appears we only know wp7 games a week in advance lately. Will this trend change like on the console?
  • Next week!! Yesss!!
  • WOOOT!!!! I'm there =)=)
  • Yes! :-D
  • They couldn't even take the time to get the resolution right for the Windows Phone port? Pitiful, not buying till they fix it (or it's DOTW :P).
  • I think a final fantasy 7 port would look beautiful on my Lumia 900. I'm willing to even go in order 1-7 to get there ;)
  • FF 1-6 were ROM cart games. Easily brought to mobile. FF7 was a multi-CD-ROM game. That might be a bit too big to bring to phones.
  • Well peeps can dream! Lol don't ruin my dream :P ffvi is my fav tho
  • I want this so much but unfortunately I don't have a creditcard.
  • Carrier billing
  • Lots of carriers don't offer that option. I'm looking at you, Sprint.
  • Yup carrier bill but be careful it can add up quick lol
  • I live in the Netherlands and we don't have carrier billing here. Prepaid credit card us the only option I think
  • Can't you buy prepaid credit cards in your country?
  • What do you mean by pre paid cards? Virtual credit cards via debit card (in arms) ?
  • Atms not arms...
  • They're like credit cards but you don't have to pay interest, it's not tied to anything, and all you have to do is add money to it. It's really simple.
  • VISA gift card...
  • can you use one of those prepaid 'credit' cards?
  • You should be able to, there was a visa gift card offer in the US around the holidays, and it worked fine in the marketplace. Just have to monitor how much is left on the card.
  • Sweet can't wait
  • Yeah i was waiting for this game.
  • Not seeing the attraction. Waiting for a Halo game.
  • >_> There will never be a Halo game on WP IMO. At least not this, or next generation.
  • That's probably for the best, can't imagine how a fast paced fps would properly work with with touch screen controls.
  • Prolly really crappy controls. No thank you. Would love more turn based
  • I think the closest to that will be NOVA games for a good while.
  • Glad to see games like this coming to WP7.  Don't know how much I'd play this though at the moment, so not sure I'll plunk down the $7, but nice to know it will be there if I ever feel like I want it.
  • Well, it's cheaper than what iOS users are paying for ($9) and we get a trial version :)
  • Any know if battle ship have a leader board or do you just play to see who
  • Battleship has both single-player and multiplayer friends leaderboards.
  • June has been a hella month for Windows phone thus far.
  • I won't buy this, but it's good to see the library of wp7 expand.
  • Good to see the OS getting more love!
  • If enough people buy this game it'll only help square enix realize that it's profitable for them to port more games to windows phone! So I'm pleading with all you cheap skates to please buy this game!!!!
  • As a big fan of Final Fantasy I'll be buying and I definitely want Square Enix to see Windows Phone as worthwhile!
  • Ditto. I wanna see chrono trigger too!!
  • This is off topic but anyone else notice the IGN app is gone from market place ?
  • Probably because they realizes the app was garbage...dont get me wrong, the UI was beautiful...but the app itself wasn't too functional. Plus it didn't give you access to all the sections such as movies,tech,comics etc etc
  • Perfect its exactly what I wanted I hope square enix will bring more games
  • I wish FF Tactics would port over. I saw it was released on the iPhone and I would snatch that up on here.
  • That would be am insta buy for me. I'll probably buy this one just because I like tactics so much
  • I want to buy this so bad, but here is why I won't. I'll get weeks of time invested in playing it and then break my phone or upgrade to a different one and goodbye saved game. :( That really needs to be a huge priority.
  • Dude....dude... You had to get me thinking about that and make me doubt the purchase... You are right that needs to get fixed
  • That is definitely a problem. But unless you plan to replace your phone in ther very near future, you should be able to complete the game before the need arises.
  • They have cloud saved games on xbox... Hopefully that'll come to WP
  • That's actually a very good point pueblo... This needs to be addressed asap.
  • You make a really good point. I hope this will be coming natively in a future update, not just for Xbox Live games but for apps too.
  • Good thing I just upgraded. Now I get to play this on a titan
  • Why are you yelling? Anyway, Pokemon is a Nintendo property so there will never be an official Pokemon game released on Windows Phone.
  • You can play Pokemon Blue, Red, Yellow as well as Silver and Gold (by changing the file extension from .gbc to .gb) on the Purple Cherry app (gameboy emulator).
  • it's the one thing I hope is added to Wp8......I should be able to back up app data at will....but I'll still be getting this game, cant wait
  • Really resolution issue and MS is ok with that? One reason I dropped Android was bc some apps where made for only some resolutions. What is next? A big market with crappy apps?
  • This will be a day one purchase for me because
    1. I'm going on a long road trip with friends in two weeks to Disneyland and will need something to pass the time
    2. Showing Square Enix that there is a market for these games on WP will hopefully encourage them to port that new FF game announced for the Android and iPhone to WP!
    But oh no... will the graphics be blurry?
  • I am so totally thrilled! I have been waiting for this game since I heard rumors about it a few weeks ago. Exciting times for WP!!
  • While I am all for some Final Fantasy, I really would like to know where a lot of the games revealed months ago are?  I have been waiting for Carcassonne for what seems like forever.  Can we get some news on that?
  • We definitely have something related to Carcassonne in the works. Just stay tuned. :)
  • TY!
  • Looks like better games for XBL are coming. Can't wait!
  • $6.99 is pretty steep. If I bought it that would be the only game I could get for the month on my phone.
  • Buy it!!!
  • It's a start, but I've already played FF1 thanks to Final Fantasy Origins for the PS1. What I'd like to see is a WP7 version of the new Final Fantasy Dimensions that's coming to IOS and Android soon.
  • as said that may come this is more of square enix testing the water with a tried and true game I could see this being successful us getting the ff2, ff3, secret of mana and tactics over the course of a year or so but if this dosn't sell square enix would see no reason to port anything else.
    I also see everyone saying 6.99 is steep it is actually cheaper then the 8.99 for the ios verison so we are getting ti cheaper for once :S
    screen resolution is kinda a drag but I can see them not wanting to put the extra work into this port
  • Day one!!!!
    Then bring all the rest.
    Everyone needs to support this.
  • Definitely a day one purchase for me. I can only hope Square-Enix starts bringing over their other titles, and considers putting Final Fantasy Dimensions on Windows Phone as well.
  • I can't wait! Never played FF1 before.
  • I own this game for just about every possible platform....and yet I will shell out the $6.99 to but it again. I think it's like reliving my childhood - 25 hours at a time.
  • +1 childhood memories ftw
  • Downloading right now :-)
  • Its LIVE go get it!
  • Just downloaded it!!! go get it everyone!!!!
  • Got mine about 30 mins ago!! :)