Finebits AppPack sale bundles 8 Zip Pro, Torrex Pro, and more for free

Finebits, the developer behind apps like 8 Zip and Torrex, is celebrating its fifth anniversary on the Microsoft Store by offering up a collection of its apps for free. Simply called the Finebits AppPack, the bundle will normally fetch nearly $40. However, the whole package is currently free through Monday, November 6.

Here's a look at the current apps included in the bundle:

  • 8 Zip Pro archiving utility;
  • Files&Folders Pro and Metro Commander Pro file managers;
  • Torrex Pro torrent client;
  • Internet Browser Pro, an Xbox browser;

According to Finebits, more apps will be added over time as it releases new tools on the Microsoft Store. The price is also set to increase as new tools are added, so you'll want to grab the pack for free now while you can.

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Once you download the Finebits AppPack on the store, all Finebits apps in the store should become available to you for free. If you're curious, you can grab the Finebits AppPack from the Microsoft Store now.

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