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First impressions of Windows 10 Technical Preview (Build 9926) on the Surface Pro 3

Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3
Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 is the only Windows machine I have in the house, so I was hesitant to install Windows 10 Technical Preview on it. After hearing good things about the recent Build 9926, I finally caved in and decided to install the Preview. Here are my first impressions so far.

The first few minutes were frustrating. I didn't know that Windows 10 had a tablet and non-tablet modes that can be enabled or disabled from the notifications panel. I was frustrated because the on-screen keyboard did not automatically pop up when I tap on text fields. I was also frustrated that the handy gestures I knew from before, like swiping from the top and snapping apps to the left or right, were gone. I felt stupid after realizing tablet mode was off and after enabling things felt more normal.

The app I frequently use on my Surface Pro 3 is Internet Explorer. With the current version of Windows 10 Preview, only the desktop variation of Internet Explorer shows up. The address bar and back/forward buttons are smaller, making them harder to tap. I also can't swipe to the previous page.

After those two major gripes with the preview, I'm mostly happy with the experience. Windows 10 feels more unified. It doesn't feel like there are two separate operating systems.

Attaching a Type Cover to the Surface Pro 3 sends a notification that asks me if I want to switch to desktop mode. The opposite happens when I de-attach the keyboard. It seems like a nice feature, but I find myself sticking with tablet mode even when the Type Cover is attached.

I like the new Start button. It feels familiar especially if you're a Windows Phone fan. You can rearrange the tiles, by tapping, holding, and dragging. You can also pin apps as tiles, but I found that the current version only lets you do that with the trackpad or mouse input.

It's great to see Cortana on the Surface Pro 3. She also sounds better. It's probably because of bigger speakers on the Surface Pro 3 compared to the ones found on Windows Phone devices.

I like that swiping in from the left side of the screen shows all my open apps in bigger thumbnails. It's called Task View. This solution feels faster at switching apps compared to Windows 8.1. There's also support for multiple desktops, but I haven't needed to use them yet.

I think this version of the Windows 10 Preview has poor standby battery. I turned off the display and left for lunch. When I came back, I noticed the low battery warning.

Should you update to Windows Technical Preview?

If you're like me and the Surface Pro 3 is your primary Windows machine, I would not recommend installing the Windows 10 Preview yet. While it's great to get an early experience of Windows 10, my web browsing experience and battery life has suffered. Those are two critical things to me. I'd wait until Microsoft's next-gen web browser, Project Spartan, is included with the Preview. If you need a second opinion, Daniel has shared his first impressions on an earlier build.

Do you like your experience so far with Windows 10 Preview? Let us know in the comments!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Is this a latest build..?
  • Latest public build. MS wants Windows 10 released in June. They've got a lot to fix and smooth over before then. I dont see how they get it done. They're very slow with a lot of this stuff. And then you have the WP10 That's so buggy, that wont be done until fall ill bet. Its gonna be a long slow year for Windows fans
  • First windows 10 phone I planned for May.
  • Never. Ever.
  • Because their internal builds are far ahead of the ones made public. So what you think Windows 10 is at right now is really what it was at months ago for them.
  • True, they are at least a hundred builds ahead of us, hopefully the new one soon will at least be in the 10000 range.
  • OS development isn't exactly trivial. I'm actually surprised at how fast new builds are coming.
  • The UI stuff is throwing a lot of people into a tizzy too. I'm not sure where I fall on my feelings. I feel a happy medium in design phiolosophy and good more animations (which is the crux of a lot of WP visuals) and stronger Aanimation API would have been welcome. Toss in wider API access some redone pivots.  But I dunno, some changes are a bit far out.. still feeling it all out; but that may add to the prolongment of the OS's release, especiallyu if they are truly transparent in the builds to TP (as opposed to stopping them in May and releasing whatever in Sept).
  • It's the current build 9926
  • There is also a separate Hardware update that greatly improves battery life. But it does seem that it is still not hibernating or using connected standby properly because I often leave it at around 20% and come back to find it flat.
  • I installed Windows 10 preview(build 9926) on my Surface pro, and I can't even roll back or factory reset...
  • Microsoft has the recovery images on their website in this case
  • You can install a factory image from Microsoft if need be.
  • So I can go back to win8.1 pro?
  • Yeah, we have a guide on the site. Search for it and it explains the process. I've done it before.
  • Aha! Thanks very much!
  • What do you think the odds are of Microsoft supplying Windows 10 images that we can use to overwrite the Windows 8/8.1 images on our Surface tablets? It's a real pain to have to install all of the updates and upgrades from 8 -> 8.1 -> 10, if you do a recovery. I haven't seen anyone ask this question of Microsoft yet.
  • As I understand it the recover image is updated now with Windows 10 so a refresh/reset would put you back at a fresh Windows 10. 
  • Not trying to be a jerk, and maybe a lesson for others that may be thinking of installing, but... if you don't understand or know the options for recovering, you probably should not be installing a beta os.  
  • Agreed but it can also be a learning experience.
  • Microsoft outlines what you just said on the insider page for the preview. you don't sound like a jerk at all bruh, so many people just honestly don't read and love to complain. simple as that
  • You're not a jerk, you're wise. Shoxrux is not wise.
  • On my surface pro 2, I took advantage of the support for native VHD boot. When done correctly, you can install the preview so that it stays contained in a single file, as opposed to repartitioning or upgrading your current OS, but you can still boot directly to either OS, and your documents are easily accessible from either OS. A web search should turn up some walkthroughs.
  • Yers you are correct. MS had that posted when I downloaded Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview. However, I decided to download it to my Surface Pro 3 anyway. MS will make Windows 10 free to Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 available from their apps store for free when it is available. The way I am using Windows 10, it seems to be pretty much solid on my Surface Pro 3. 
  • You can pin apps with touch you just hold it then select pin to start
  • I am also running it on a SP3 and I agree with your main gripes. Using Google Chrome you can get back/forward swipe support, so I have found myself using that instead most of the time. I'm very excited for Project Spartan though, because, like you, I generally liked using Metro IE on my SP3 for internet browsing.
  • I still find that Chrome sucks battery life and has many resolution issues in Modern mode.
  • Modern mode doesn't exist in Windows 10 at the moment, so I was strictly talking about back/forward swiping in the desktop version.
  • Agree fully with this assessment
  • Mark or anyone else that knows. Does flipping the type cover back or foward prompt you for tablet/destop mode?
  • This is a good question! Does it detect a keyboard being flipped back on Yoga laptops?
  • Yes it does do that. I'm on surface pro (1st Gen) and it tells me "do you want tablet mode?" Far tooooo frequently. If I accidentally tap the keyboard. I think it's just sensitive
  • Yes it does. At least on my Surface Pro 1 it does.
  • I have this build on my laptop, and aside from a few small bugs and things I'd like to be different, it is pretty good.
  • Did anyone try installing Visual Studio 2013 Community on latest Windows 10 build? I only tried installing it on the last year build but the result was - Windows 10 not booting any more.
  • Yea mine works every so often the background tears into my wallpaper so my white space shows whatever wallpaper, had to switch to dark and can't maximize the window
  • Meh.
  • I used it for a couple of days on my surface pro, I really missed the charm bar and the usability of w8.1 so I went back to the previous version.
    I really hope they implement something similar to the charm bar:
    - I used to Miracast my surface on the tv with the Asus dongle and I did it with a swipe and a tap now I've got to find it in settings.
    - adjusting brightness/volume is harder
    - hitting start on the charm bar is perfect if the keyboard is attached and while sp3 and some Asus tablets have the physical button on the right side, many others have it on the lower side and the physical button position is fixed while the charm bar used to rotate with the screen! (and this bring me to:)
    - I didn't know how to lock screen in position... Maybe there's a way but I didn't find it.
    I wouldn't recommend the upgrade if it's something you use for productivity or if it's your main device.
  • I love my charms bar!
  • I'm kinda baffled by this review. "I like that swiping in from the left side of the screen shows all my open apps in bigger thumbnails. It's called Task View. This solution feels faster at switching apps compared to Windows 8.1. " How the hell is a combination of swipe + aimed tapping quicker than just swiping? I feel like I'm reading a shill's perspective or something. Microsoft could easily have retained the old gesture while replacing the "swipe in and out" gesture with Task View. It already did basically the same thing as Task View, after all.   And yeah, the Charms Bar definitely had its purpose. I wonder if the Charm APIs will still work for Windows 10. People whine about the additional Start button in the bar, but it's clearly meant for devices that may not have a Windows button.
  • I might be totally wrong on this (and my machine with 10 on it is at home, so I can't reference right this moment), but I think the charm icons have moved into a new menu that appears in the upper-left of the title bar on Store apps.  Can anyone confirm this?
  • Be thankful you are just installing it now... When 9926 was first released it was very painful especially with the graphics drivers. It is mostly stable now...
  • Thanks allot for the update on this. I have an SP3 and this is EXACTLY the sort of feedback I've been wanting to hear. I have been holding off for now with W10 on my SP3 until a few more builds and I hear it's worth the switch.
  • Well it was expected touch experience would need some more polish. but it's nice the way it's working, like now you can close apps desktop or store apps by swipe down. I haven't used windows 10 in a while, so much work and no time or space to keep testing it but it looks nice and the experience is getting better.
  • I need the start screen back. Not a fan of the start menu. Feels lifeless. Not personal like the start screen.
  • I love my start screen on my touch device, but on my work PC (monitor, keyboard, mouse) I really prefer the start menu. I haven't tried the new fullscreen start menu but I hope it's good as the start screen is now. I don't like to upgrade my software and loose features.
  • Currently, the full screen start menu is not as good as the current one. Tapping "all apps" just gives you a narrow list on the left side to scroll down and doesn't let you tap the letters to jump through the list. Definitely a downgrade for touch.
  • I love the start screen on my desktop. The only reason I ever go to desktop mode is that it makes me.
  • I think there will be an option in the final build to return to something similar to the W8.1 start screen, since it is way more useful in a touch environment. Just being able to minimize the left gutter column would go a long way.
  • Tablet mode is horrible comapred to standard Win 8.1 on tablets, always on tackbar and removed swipe commands and the start menu are far worse for tablets on win 10
  • Yeah, it's heartbreaking that the touch experience has degraded. :-/
  • They added new more intuitive swipe commands
  • The downgrade is very apparent on smaller tablets. I have it on a Dell VP8 and the touch experience is not very good.
  • People, if you don't like the current state, GIVE FEEDBACK. Microsoft will not recover the good aspects of Windows 8 if you don't speak up. Post in the Feedback app and Windows.Uservoice to get heard!   Maybe we should assemble a list of things that we miss from Windows 8. What bothers me the most is the quick switch gesture. In Windows 8 you could switch apps with a single sliding gesture, but in 10 it opens an entire menu where you have to click at the app that you want to have. They already had a gesture for opening that kind of menu in 8. Why did they make it the default?   I like the idea of having the task bar open like the app bar, though, as Windows 10 seems to be removing the app bar gesture from apps.
  • ​I got hung up on the first sentence. Only one Windows machine? Hmm. In other news, my financial advisor admitted to keeping all his money in a coffee can. : )
  • Well he is the main media guy for the team so it makes sense that he does not have numerous Windows machines.
  • If you're implying that other systems are superior for media purposes, then no, it doesn't make sense. Such notions are a myth. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • As mythical as it sounds, not tying oneself to one platform is a pretty wise decision in this business..
  • I'm using it right now on my surface pro 3. The system synchronization process cab really heat it up but you can kill it in the task manager so no problems really. I would like for project spark to start working again though.
  • No, I don't like it.
  • I've got it on my SP3 and find it largely very stable. The Start Screen is currently quite amateur in look and design compared to 8.1, the taskbar gets in the way for example and the list on the left hand side looks stupid on the Start Screen though works well as it should in the Start Menu on the desktop.
    App switching is indeed very nicely done in W10 as is the Action Centre (the charms replacement on steroids lol).
    In app controls on full screen apps in tablet mode are now hidden and buried in ridiculously small menus in the title bar, a minium of 4 taps to achieve what previously was achievable in 2. The other real oddity is you now have to manually engage or disengage to get at anything on your desktop as although in tablet mode you can see desktop icons, you cant activate them, the desktop is sort of 'fogged out' in 8.1 you simply swiped the desktop in like any other app and tapped what you wanted, so it's a bit crude at the moment. But that's what previews are about, ironing out the rough and polishing the smooth :)
  • I have the current preview build 9926, installed on my laptop had no problems touch wood. I did try the About/flags with the Experimental Spartan Browser enabled, it was ok at first, then it started not opening,responding then crashing, stopped using it everything is ok now, but I wouldn't use again till it included properly.
  • I don't find anything in WIN10 so far as an improvement over 8.1. It's just MS attempting to appease the whiners.
  • I agree. Windows 10 seems like a screw up. I hope they bring back the start screen. Did make my feedback to them through the preview programme.
  • Eh, windowed apps are a tremendous upgrade on desktop usage. But yeah, everything else is pretty pointless, aside from the improvements to CMD.
  • that's how is hilarious lmao ;D
  • Does that ugly sh%* on the left side of the screen stay there? What hell is that crap?! Where is the beautiful Windows 8.1 start screen?
  • Yeah it stays and yes, it's ugly. Really hope they change it.
  • I installed Win10 on my surface pro 3, five times. The first time, there were issues with the intel graphics driver. Then, several programs will kill the OS once installed: 1) Cisco VPN 5.0, and Forticlient VPN 4.0, and 5.0. This is my 5th fresh install, so far, so good....
  • I too don't find much a real improvement over 8.1. They should have left most things alone and given the start menu back to those that selected it. I had this build on my SP2 for a total of about 1 day before I realized how absolutely slow it was to use compared to Windows 8.1. Not that it performed slowly, just that the UI is so very unfriendly to touch now.
    Unless things come much closer to 8.1, I may not update.... Who am I kidding I probably will, but I'm not thrilled with the direction MS is going with W10 on surface or phones. I understand, I'm probably a minority in these feelings.
  • I am in complete agreement with you. I only hope that the final builds address these issues.
  • I don't like the tablet implementation of windows 10 right now. When in tablet mode mode, I don't wanna see the taskbar what I want is windows 8 start screen.
  • The lead image distresses me so much; it looks terrible! Windows 8 improved Metro in some ways and messed it up in others but overall it made using Windows on a tablet both look good and work well. Everything I've seen of Windows 10 on tablets so far seems to eviscerate all the good work from the last release. It looks wonderful on laptops and desktops and I'll be upgrading my laptop this week but it's not having my Surface Pro 3, lol! I (apparently wrongly) assumed that Microsoft would have designed Windows 10 by using a laptop, desktop, Surface Pro 3, and a small tablet in order to make sure the user experience is great on all device types but everything I've seen in reviews, images, and videos seems to suggest they stopped testing after laptop and desktop. I'm sure there's still lots to come but so far it looks like a badly designed mess in tablet form. People throw a lot of shade at Steven Sinofsky's doorstep but Windows 8 (and 8.1 especially) is a joy on tablets, and I find it a nicer overall experience than my Android and iOS devices, it works with how these devices are held rather than expecting you to use it like a phone or like you would with a mouse and keyboard. I've often wondered if Microsoft fired all their designers and user experience people after Windows 8.1 was released, as that's the last product they released that was well designed, and Windows 10 just compounds these thoughts even more... Fingers crossed we see some rapid development on these fronts soon, I'd love to be providing direct feedback but right now I'm unwilling to sacrifice my Surface or my Lumia to do so, which is a shame. On the laptop though, I'm excited to see the improvements (even though the design still looks terribly clunky) and get it installed! :)
  • Maybe they replaced the tablet people with the Windows Phone team.
  • Similar to a lot of comments, I have it on my SP3, I think the current build is nice for laptops but it feels like the went too far in the opposite direction of windows 8. Using the tablet without the keyboard is extremely difficult and reminiscent of the old convertible laptops of the 90s/00s. The build goes back to a desktop OS running on a touchscreen device. Not pleased.
  • Have you even used tablet mode?
  • The tablet mode isn't very touch friendly, have you used it?
  • Of course I have. Features from windows 8 like swipe down to close an app and swipe in from the left are still there. Task view replaces the old app switching gesture, which I find to be extremely intuitive. Snapping apps is also absolutely fantastic. You drag one from task view to one side then switch to another using the task view menu. What's not touch friendly about that? The only touch issues I find are with the in app options that you'd usually swipe up or down for which I assume will be fixed soon, and with the lack of internet explorer which will be fixed soon as well. The action center provides easy access to your notifications and provides quick toggles which make life so much easier.
  • I think the task view not very friendly. I actually miss swiping in from the left as a "back button" when multitasking. On my surface pro I have to be very precise to hit an X to close a program in the task view. Also, the all apps section was taken from being incredibly useful to a serious pain. There is no jumping from one section to another... Having a desktop apear that doesn't do anything in tablet mode is ridiculous. Not to mention, they haven't don't anything to truly replace the function of the charms. Whoever called the notification center farms "on steroids" must be joking; to share, change volume, brightness and a number of other things has become much more cumbersome for touch users. To each his own, but I think the majority of people using windows 8.1 for tablets and have tried this current version of 10 would agree with me that it is far inferior to 8.1 as a tablet interface.
  • It takes a fraction of a second more to use the task view to select the app you just used. 1, hitting the X to close apps isn't as hard as you're making it out to be and 2, that's not the primary way you're meant to close apps in windows 10 tablet mode. You're meant to close them by swiping down from the top of the screen.
    Instead of worrying about the all apps section, pin all the apps you use regularly to the start screen. I do, however miss charms and feel that settings cannot replace charms like it's trying to and that some of my favorite toggles are now gone. But this IS a tech preview, and if you have these opinions, share them in the windows feedback app.
  • Of course I did. It doesn't really change much in my opinion. It's very much like Office 2013 touch friendly mode to me in terms of a "tablet mode." I would dred using the current tablet mode on my Asus tablet that doesn't have a type cover. It just feels like they've overcompensated the 8-naysayers (I understand it's still tech preview).
  • Will wait for the final release
  • I am running build 9926 on my Surface and for the most part it is great. I think that they need to optimize the Tablet Mode Start Menu/Screen more for touch. Specifically the All Aps list is clunky (I wish you could swipe to that list, I wish that it was faster to load the list, and I wish that the icons were a little bigger). I also wish that more features from the 8.1 Start Screen were there, or, better yet, I wish that for Tablet Mode the Start Screen from 8.1 was an option. The biggest issue with 9926 is the lack of a more touch friendly browser. IE 11 is not touch friendly. It is a good browser, but Google Chrome is more touch friendly to use. I miss the swipe actions from the Modern version of IE in 8. I also wish that all apps in tablet mode defaulted to full-screen (and wish that full-screen IE 11 was touch is even less touch friendly in full-screen). I really only find one major issue. Oftentimes, maybe about 50% of the time, if the Surface falls asleep when I wake it up the screen stays black and I have to shut the machine down hard (hold the power button down) to reboot it to use it again. To work around that issue I either shut the system down or manually put it into sleep mode when I am done using it. It seems to not happen when sleep is starteed manually. A few other issues, though less major, are that the fan runs a lot due to the processor running too hard (I assume caused by lacking optimization due to the nature of alpha software) and the new version of Modern One Note is almost unusable with the pen. I have considered restoring the system to 8.1, but I enjoy helping debug 10 and hope that my feedback helps keep the Surface Pro 3 great for tablet use. I hope that the next update fixes some of the issues that I have and I hope that they release Spartan sooner rather than later.
  • Thankfully I'm not the only one with the "sleep" problem. Think they loaded it up with Ambien?
  • I have the Surface 3 as well and good what you did, tried and then removed
  • The preview build doesn't support standby at all from what I've found. I press the lock button on my surface pro 1 to put it into standby mode and it just locks, turns off, then turns back on.
  • You didn't know about tablet mode? Did you miss the last Microsoft event?
  • Yeah, maybe he should read his own websites articles.... Also, only one windows device? Why does he bother to write about Windows then...?
  • I've had it on my SP3 since the initial release last year. Been pretty good so far. I've only had a few problems with this build (9926). Some start menu jitters, then I constantly get the "switch to tablet/desktop mode" prompts even if I'm not attaching/detaching the keyboard and if I let it go to sleep, it doesn't seem to want to wake up without a two button reset. So I have ended up just shutting it down every day before I go to work to keep that from happening. Anybody else have the sleep problem?
  • Microsoft ruined the Start screen. For God's sake Microsoft, get ride of the task bar and get rid of that damn recent apps list on the left. That crap looks hideous compared to Windows 8.1 on a SP3. It looks cluttered and disjointed.
  • I have to say, I wouldn't mind seeing all of that recent app stuff go away either because it makes it impossible to make it appear symmetric.
  • It's not to the point where I would run it on my SP3 or any hybrid until the changes to make it touch friendly are ready. As it is now it is too annoying to use in tablet mode so eagerly awaiting the updates.
  • I hoping all the "feedback" from the wonderful Windows Central community concerning the Start screen is being sent to Microsoft but I'm probably hoping for too much. Unfortunately, most prefer to complain rather than fix.
  • Microsoft got a ton of feedback from me in the day and a half that the OS was installed. I imagine most others are doing the same.
  • My dream machine.
  • My impression so far is that it still has a long way to go. Some things are easier, some are harder, and there are a lot of inconsistencies. Some examples, all of which I have submitted to Microsoft via the feedback app. 1) Search bar only shows on the taskbar if it is docked at the bottom of the screen. 2) Power button is poorly located if you go full screen on the app menu. 3) No longer a quick way to adjust screen brightness. In Win8 it was a simple swipe from right and drag up/down. Now it's hidden in system settings instead of in the quick settings in the notifications fly out. 4) Still a lot of work to do with icons and styles. Lots of inconsistency at the moment. 5) I personally don't like the new Start Menu/Screen. Even large tiles are too small even when in full screen mode and the whole compromise thing I think is a step backwards to appease the lowest common denominator. 6) Installed apps/applications don't always show in the app list. 7) Notifications are still clunky, swipes don't always register and such, tapping when it tells you too doesn't always work, etc. 8) For a bit videos wouldn't play in IE, but I think they fixed that. Windows Central wouldn't even load because of all the videos on screen. This was on a fresh install. And there were others, but I don't remember off the top of my head. I know it's early, but I think they still have a long way to go to get to an acceptable final product. If they released this today it would be a disaster I think, worse than Win 8 (although I've always liked Win 8).
  • Tablet mode is very lacking in the latest build. The taskbar, "new" start menu and title bars are all unnecessary "additions". Windows 8.1 had the tablet interface right: It was fast and fluid. This feels like Windows 7 with a tablet shell tacked on.
  • I find the build ok. I agree with the post but I also would like the charms bar back. I hate that huge notification center. The charms bar for me generalized the experience. Isn't that what Microsoft is trying to do. One experience through mobile to desktop.
    Also, I would love windows 10 to be made for watches so OEM'S can use that software for new watches. The concept of the Microsoft Band is great, just the execution could have been done better
  • Reverted back to 8.1 within a few hours of installing & updating mine. Just did not seem ready for my use case and I have no complaints with 8.1 really. I also am really hoping that MS rethinks this whole OneDrive decision to go with individual folder syncing. I want to be able to see my placeholders and make new files Online only after they have synced.  
  • I've got the build installed on a touch enabled ultrabook (Lenovo) and an 8inch tablet (Dell). On the ultrabook it is fine, though I miss the charms bar (the notification bar is too busy for most uses). The small tablet really shows the limitations of the redesign of the system. The windowing of modern apps makes the small screens less usable.
  • That is my concern about my sp3. I use it in touch tablet mode more than in keyboard/laptop mode. It seems most people really like it for desktop mode but are also saying that it seems like a step back using tablets or touch devices. I really hope they can find a good compromise for the tablet mode.
  • It definitely compromises what was a superior tablet interface, but the direction that it appears that they are going should work well too once it matures. I think that the Start Menu/Screen for tablet mode needs a lot of help right now. If they seriously want to RTM by June they need to improve it fast, but, as long as it took for them to make the improvements from 8 to 8.1, I fear that it is likely to be a downgrade on 10 for using the SP3 as a tablet no matter what. I really hope that they kill that existing mail application. It was never good on 8 but with the swipe actions missing it is really terrible. They are supposed to replace it with Outlook though, right? Hopefully the new Outlook will work correctly with all Gmail functionality. Also, Xbox Music still needs a lot of help. I hope that when they add the One Drive support they also improve it for working with music locally. I also miss the Modern One Drive app a lot. Explorer just doesn't cut it for tablet mode.
  • Mail is atrocious and little has been done about it since windows 8 first arrived. Outlook is  developed for tablet mode but has not been released yet. Good luck with gmail. That is more on Google though. I think they make it specifically not to play nice with other mail clients.
  • I am in agreement with you on Gmail. Although the new Accompli/Outlook client on iOS handles Gmail better than Gmail does in my opinion.
  • Thanks for this ^. I will hold off on this build but can you please post another windows 10 sp3 review for the next build preview. I am not afraid of installing 10 before the rtm version is released but I would like to know when future version(s) fix most of the current issues.
  • I have upgraded to Windows 10 on my desktop PC, it's currently running very smoothly being a preview version, but the only problem I have with Windows 10 is OneDrive integration... Removing place holders/smart files is the worst move... On my SP3, place holders for OneDrive is the perfect solution to keeping your hdd drive space by selecting "online only"and only downloading the files you need. When done, send them back online...
  • Where is the video?
  • They definitely need to bring back the flip ahead and back feature in Spartan. It's a pain to use a desktop browser on a touch device. Also, it'd be nice to not have the left pane of apps and have the option do disable this on a tablet. In all, it's ok. Still missing easy brightness slider in action center like we used to have in 8.1.1.
  • I think this version of the Windows 10 Preview has poor standby battery. I turned off the display and left for lunch. When I came back, I noticed the low battery warning.
    I believe Standby mode does not work with Windows 10 on the Surface Pro 3 (I read it somewhere...). I always turn off my SP3 with W10 installed for that reason.
  • Windows 10 still needs a couple things other than bug fixes. It needs a non-stupid handling of snapped windows and app switching (i.e., don't unsnap everything the first time you switch apps). It also needs to replace the removed charms and app bar with a solution that isn't super clunky and much worse (especially for touch, but the charm bar was better for mouse as well). To get to app menus, you have to click hamburger to get a tiny charm menu, and then hit an option to bring up the app bar. That's compared to the old right click or swipe. For tablets, the UI ease of use has gone from better than iOS to worse than Android. Ginormous step back, but hopefully that's just because they didn't put in the real tablet stuff yet, nor realized that making it look like something windows 98 would have doesn't mean it's easier for mouse users than Windows 8 was.
  • Yeah, snapping works great sometimes and other times it makes no sense at all. Like when you use the (terrible) mail application and want to work with a message in a seperate Window. I could write a whole essay though for ways that the mail app is terrible. Yes, it does kind of appear that Microsoft has given up regarding having tablet use on a large tablet like the Surface be simple which is quite sad. I like the new direction, but I don't think that it is going to help Microsoft get more tablet marketshare. I am Microsoft certified, but I am not convinced that I would like the SP3 as much if I didn't already know Windows so well.
  • Why wouldn't you guys just enable hyper-v and run it as a virtual image so you don't lose your current desktop but still get to play with 10? That's how I did it on my sp3. Works great.
  • Works fine for me on my SP3. Would just like to have full use of the pen again.
  • I really need the correct integration of OneDrive before I upgrade to win 10
  • Is anyone else having trouble with IE not launching from pinned start menus menu icon. I have to launch it from the task bar
  • I forgot about that issue, I have that too. Small annoyance though, but it is alpha software (not even beta).
  • I've installed Windows 10 on my normal PC and I'm pretty happy with having all the tiles and Windows8-themed stuff gone from it, with the start button back to its functionality.   On my SP3 though, I've decided to keep Windows 8.1 as I think it still works better than the Windows 10 preview where tablet hybrids are concerned. I also use Chrome instead of Internet Explorer so I didn't want to risk any further battery life losses. I'll probably wait until September to upgrade the SP3 OS. The PC one though, it's already on W10 and it's not leaving Windows 10. Period.
  • Have used windows 10 for a bit. Haven't provided feedback yet but I know MS read these sites so here will do for now. I agree with many comments that the step back from windows 8.1 is frustrating. Using a tablet is harder in its current release. The charms bar was great for so many things yet it is now gone. The inconsistencies in menus is annoying too. I hope by release some of these things will addressed but we already know charms ain't coming back :( the annoying thing is I've trained many to use it, and now when they upgrade they gonna be like why is charms not working.
  • If charms is dead going forward, I'm getting a cheap atom tablet to preserve windows 8.1 on forever :-). Then all my other devices can get W10 without any worries. The goodies on W10 are waaay too many to pass up!
  • Its not my only pc but I use it when travelling on business. Tempted, very tempted... But still holding off until consumer version comes out. Should I?
  • I've been using the TP on my main pc at work since day one, and have found it to be very reliable. Originally I was going to wait for cortana before installing on my sp3, but when I learned that there was no spartan browser, or even modern ie, I decided to pass. REALLY anxious to try out spartan. I am glad that they are reading and acting on much of the feedback and I do provide it when i can.
  • please make a video
  • tablet mode should be win 8.1 way. thats the best for mobile experiece. fast app switch, app snapping and multi window, everything full screen, no task bar, hidden app list. oh please this tablet mode is the only thing that hinders me in trying this preview on my sp3.
  • I initially installed W10 on my hardware to do some paid testing for a large CAD company. Afterwards I was going to uninstall. Keeping it now. Very happy with the latest build. The final release will be awesome.
  • I have often noticed similar battery life issues, but it is inconsistent. Some days I get my normal 6-8 hours of battery life when in use, while other days I am lucky to get 4-5 even with the same workload. For sleep power it is more or less consistently bad. Updating drivers helped a lot, but it is still much worse than it was with win8.1. I am chalking it up to bugs and changes that I am sure will get better with time, but for now I just leave the laptop plugged in at night.
  • I use Win10 on my SP3 as well, but I noticed one problem... When closing the 'lid' (Witch is the type cover) it will ask if I want to enter tablet mode... Apparently when you close the Surface against the type cover they keyboard detaches... Sending that "Want to enter tablet mode?" notification and Sound... It gets quite annoying... Hearing that tune played everytime I close it... Aldo I randomly gear the error tune play... As if you tried to delete another users file when not a admin... It started after installing Steam though, so I'm assuming its that.
  • pratically you find good everything we users found jarring. I'm beginning to think that the press this time has been bought, cause i see the same all over the internet. I would like for you to join the discussion here or here
  • Installed it on my primary and only Surface Pro 2 machine. Little to no bugs, highly recommend it. Loving Cortana especially if you have a WP
  • Hmm if Microsoft Folks are reading these complaints I think that they will be addressed within a month or 2 . I read that Mirosoft wants Windows 10 on OEM devices by School shopping season so folks look for some fast and furious updates to the Technical preview version build 9926. i look for the next release of Windows 10 tech preview to be so close to what the OEM's will get that it will blow everybodies mind. I think it will be super stable needing only a few touches to be Ready to go RTM release to market. let's hope so anyhow
  • No, they are not reading these complaints.  They are only reading input on the Insider app/forums, and the only ones they care to pay any attention to are the enterprise users who couldn't live without the old Start Menu and want everything on the desktop.  They've given the finger to the few of us who actually GOT Windows 8 and fully adapted to it.
  • Just to share: Installing w10 in dual boot works great. That's what I did so I can work with 8.1 for my job and enjoy w10 when I have time.
  • You like the new trash switcher!? I feel it's a huge step back from 8/8.1 the apes might actually switch faster now but having to swipe in and then potentially tap something farther away than a thumb can reach is pretty awful, and that's my experience coming from a surface pro 2 let alone the larger 3.
  • This build the least stable of the preview builds. Is on laptop but I have Encore2 tablet and a desktop to fall back on.
  • Installed on my Surface Pro 3 and so far, it feels like they have completely broken the UI for touch. Tiny icons/menus everywhere. That idiotic placement of the new settings/charms menu is really unintuative.   Most of the installed games/appsI have don't work and resuming apps after the tablet sleeps doesn't work etiher. Very strange, esp when other SP3 owners here are saying it is working great :/
  • This is not for rookies.
  • "I didn't know Windows 10 had tablet and non tablet modes that can be enabled or disabled from the notifications panel"
    You are taking the piss, right?!
    This has been known since the earliest look at Windows 10, when it was shown as a concept.
  • I've gone for the safest option and installed on a vm there's a lot I really like about 10 and as this is a preview build there's not a lot I don't like but would I recommend installing straight on to your main machine? No not unless your really happy to accept the risks.
  • Nice user input Mark. Thanks for sharing. I've tried windows 10 for a couple of weeks now, but I still cannot get used to windows 10 on my surface pro. The Continuum mode remains a frustrating experience with the notification asking me if I want to engage or stop tablet mode. I use my surface pro a lot for tablet use. And I feel that was what the surface pro was made for and how I use it daily. With the arrival of office apps, I makes the need for the desktop almost obsolete. I think currently it is quite ready for a laptop or a desktop. But for a surface, surface pro or (hybrid) windows tablet device it still needs a lot of work with the user interface. As you pointed out correctly a lot of buttons are small and not touch friendly. Other important issues are the added value of a notification center. I currently don't use it because thelive tile counters on the start menu to browse my notifications. The notification center also reminds me of back in windows 7 that notifications drove me to frustration to the point I actually used a code to turn off the notification registry key. Other issue is the access of settings. This is more user friendly and accessible more quickly with the way it currently happens in the windows 8 charms bar. I would rather have an option where I can choose to access settings within the action center instead of seeing notifications. That would be a better tablet experience. Notifications works on a windows phone for me, but not a desktop. It becomes a distraction. Other issues are that accessing (cortana) search is buggy in tablet mode, snapping windows takes more gestures than in winodws 8, it is not possible to snap apps to sizes smaller than 50% of the screen, snapping apps in portrait mode is buggy and the question is snapping vertically is better than horizontally in portrait mode, and the option to hide most recent apps and locations in the start menu becomes a relevant point in tablet mode, in favour of more space to pin live tiles. Lastly I would like to see a futher integration of more pen input functionality in windows 8. Windows has put the pen and note taking back on the map as a main feature of the surface pro, especailly the surface pro three. But the pen is very limited to just a handful of apps. Lenovo has shown with WriteIt that you can do more with the pen that could increase the users workflow when using the pen on a surface pro or winodws 10 tablet device. In winodws 2005, vista, and winodws 7 there were options to download add-on to office where you could literally write handwritten notes in outlook, wirte numbers and symbols in excel cells and really markup in word and powerpoint. These need to come back and be part of the OS. That will make it a more unified experience.
  • How does one drive work on this build? Does it have placeholders or anything similar yet?
  • Are you NUTS?  How can you even BEGIN to equate the idiotic Start Menu on Windows 10 with Windows Phone?  It is HORRIBLE!  There is absoutely NOTHING good about the Start Menu!  The Start SCREEN on Windows 8 is much better and much closer to Windows Phone.  Your credibility has dropped to zero as far as I'm concerned.
  • Nothing wrong with disagreeing and debate, but why the harsh tone? When you are discussing pure opinions, there really isn't a right or wrong. Personally, I like having a start button back in 10. I haven't tried it on my surface pro yet, but liked it on a desktop. As for what is and isn't close to windows phone, I can't comment there as I only used a windows phone briefly because of too many of the apps I use not being there (okay, too many of the games I play, but still).
  • Try one of these on it:  
  • I like the direction windows X is taking. Wish they would have called it windows 9, but anyway. I also like the direction the surface pro line has taken starting with the 3. Now if they can just leverage a little more power, or reduce heat enough to prevent throttling, I'm all set. The surface pro 3 has actually made me move away from Mac, well that and the direction they are taking OS X. I loved windows 7, couldn't stand 8 on anything without a touchscreen, but am loving the technical preview of 10. It truly is amazing how much difference putting the start button back can make.
  • If I designed Windows 10  there would be 2 buttons on the left side of the taskbar one  that reads START for the start button and the windows icon that will always get you to the old style windows 8.1 start screen. the start button would give you the Windows 7 type menu plus the section with the mini tiles apps on the right like in windows 10 build 9926 but the white Windows icon would give you the fullscreen windows 8.1 experiece including being able to set the windows computer/Tablet to boot directly to the desktop and the have the full screen tiles apps screen have the same wallpaper as the desktop so it's less jarring to swithch screens. The touch tech would be improved too to remov the complaints people are now having with windows 10 build 9926   d   
  • The Programs vs. Apps in the OS has been problematic. For starters, Pograms run anywhere from $40 - $10,000, while apps are free to $5. Which do you think are more important? It creates a myopia for navigation that just doesn't work in a business environment. Rainmeter does a better job than a live tile and it's on the desktop, instead of distracting from navigation. It's ok on my Acer R7 hybrid, but the Start Menu does not work in any build on my Surface Pro 3 since they began this XHTML Start menu interface without any options.  I have to say, these new builds 100041/100049 are the ugliest versions of Windows since 3.1