Yes, Fitbit Ionic and newer Fitbit products will work with Windows 10 Mobile

Earlier today, smart fitness company Fitbit announced its long rumored new Ionic sports watch. Featuring built-in GPS, water resistance for swim mode, onboard storage for music, and more the Ionic looks like all the modern fitness and lifestyle features jammed into one device.

Fitbit has been a big supporter of Windows 10 since day one with arguably one of the nicest Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps around. The app works across PC, Mobile, and even Xbox and holographic, making it a leading example of what Microsoft intends developers to do with its tools. It's also regularly updated and has had a very active beta program.

Still, with Windows 10 Mobile essentially in maintenance mode (a.k.a. "Feature2") some users are questioning if the recently announced Ionic, Flyer Bluetooth headphones, and the Aria 2 smart scale will work with Windows phones.

The answer is yes with no caveats to mention. In speaking with Fitbit's Tristan Rice, Product Manager Core UX and Windows Platform, he stated Fitbit's plans:

I want to confirm that Fitbit Ionic, Flyer and Aria 2, are all 100% supported through our Windows 10 UWP and that includes Mobile & Desktop. If you are using Windows 10 Mobile, you will have the same functionality as on iOS and Android.

Indeed, payments and music especially are a part of the Windows 10 Mobile support. Rice goes on to say that for music "we're working to make that experience best on Windows 10".

While there have been issues in the past with Bluetooth Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) support, which was needed for app notifications in Windows 10 Mobile, most of that has now been fixed with the current Creators Update and forthcoming Feature2 releases (currently for Windows Insiders, due later this fall for non-Insiders). Microsoft and Fitbit have been working closely together to make sure pairing, syncing, and notifications work going forward, and progress is being made.

The current Fitbit app working on Windows 10 Mobile and syncing with the Fitbit Blaze.

The current Fitbit app working on Windows 10 Mobile and syncing with the Fitbit Blaze.

Even with Windows 10 Mobile winding down Microsoft still needs to ensure its Bluetooth functionality in the OS is on par with current trends especially if they ever hope to get back into the mobile space in 2018, whatever form that may take.

How to set up Fitbit for Windows 10

Regardless, Fitbit is committed to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. We'll be sharing more news on the Windows 10 UWP app in the coming months as there is still a lot of significant movement happening.

If you are one of the holdouts using Windows 10 Mobile you should feel more secure if you plan to buy the Fitbit Ionic this fall. Like the Ring Video Doorbell, it's not all sad news these days.

Expect a full review of Fitbit's future products from Windows Central – including how well they work with Windows 10 Mobile – as soon as they become available.

See Fitbit app in the Windows Store

Pricing and Availability

The new Fitbit Ionic is available for pre-order today on Fitbit's web page and will carry a price tag of $299.95. The new device won't start selling in stores until October 2017, and it will be available at retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and others.

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