Yes, Fitbit Ionic and newer Fitbit products will work with Windows 10 Mobile

Earlier today, smart fitness company Fitbit announced its long rumored new Ionic sports watch. Featuring built-in GPS, water resistance for swim mode, onboard storage for music, and more the Ionic looks like all the modern fitness and lifestyle features jammed into one device.

Fitbit has been a big supporter of Windows 10 since day one with arguably one of the nicest Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps around. The app works across PC, Mobile, and even Xbox and holographic, making it a leading example of what Microsoft intends developers to do with its tools. It's also regularly updated and has had a very active beta program.

Still, with Windows 10 Mobile essentially in maintenance mode (a.k.a. "Feature2") some users are questioning if the recently announced Ionic, Flyer Bluetooth headphones, and the Aria 2 smart scale will work with Windows phones.

The answer is yes with no caveats to mention. In speaking with Fitbit's Tristan Rice, Product Manager Core UX and Windows Platform, he stated Fitbit's plans:

I want to confirm that Fitbit Ionic, Flyer and Aria 2, are all 100% supported through our Windows 10 UWP and that includes Mobile & Desktop. If you are using Windows 10 Mobile, you will have the same functionality as on iOS and Android.

Indeed, payments and music especially are a part of the Windows 10 Mobile support. Rice goes on to say that for music "we're working to make that experience best on Windows 10".

While there have been issues in the past with Bluetooth Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) support, which was needed for app notifications in Windows 10 Mobile, most of that has now been fixed with the current Creators Update and forthcoming Feature2 releases (currently for Windows Insiders, due later this fall for non-Insiders). Microsoft and Fitbit have been working closely together to make sure pairing, syncing, and notifications work going forward, and progress is being made.

The current Fitbit app working on Windows 10 Mobile and syncing with the Fitbit Blaze.

The current Fitbit app working on Windows 10 Mobile and syncing with the Fitbit Blaze.

Even with Windows 10 Mobile winding down Microsoft still needs to ensure its Bluetooth functionality in the OS is on par with current trends especially if they ever hope to get back into the mobile space in 2018, whatever form that may take.

How to set up Fitbit for Windows 10

Regardless, Fitbit is committed to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. We'll be sharing more news on the Windows 10 UWP app in the coming months as there is still a lot of significant movement happening.

If you are one of the holdouts using Windows 10 Mobile you should feel more secure if you plan to buy the Fitbit Ionic this fall. Like the Ring Video Doorbell, it's not all sad news these days.

Expect a full review of Fitbit's future products from Windows Central – including how well they work with Windows 10 Mobile – as soon as they become available.

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Pricing and Availability

The new Fitbit Ionic is available for pre-order today on Fitbit's web page (opens in new tab) and will carry a price tag of $299.95. The new device won't start selling in stores until October 2017, and it will be available at retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and others.

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  • I suspect Fitbit is hoping to get bought by MS.
  • I mean, there's literally no indication of such a purchase. Nor does Microsoft have a big history in buying hardware companies that make popular consumer products, so I don't subscribe to this idea.
  • No,  me if fitbit were a useless website like LinkedIn for example,  then yeah...MS would toss billions at them!
  • FYI, LinkedIn sales hit $975 million in the first full quarter since Microsoft bought them. That's nearly a billion in revenue for three months. Fitbit made just $300 million in the same quarter.
  • Fitbit is a useful product...LinkedIN is business facebook.
  • You're comparing a consumer fitness pedometer to a professional, business social graph. In no world do those things relate or compare. It's like saying "The Tesla Model 3 is useful, but Amazon AWS is just cloud stuff". What you are saying is "I find Fitbit interesting, but LinkedIn not so much...even if it makes three times as much money". That opinion is of no use for a company like Microsoft who makes billions. It's just a juvenile, sorry. I get it, LinkedIn is boring. It's also making money and vital to Microsoft's enterprise ambitions. Knowledge is power and the 433 million users of LinkedIn is where that data is at. There is no other company on the planet that does what LinkedIn does, which is why so many companies were bidding for it.
  • *Cough* Nokia *Cough* ;D
  • I'm not saying there's talks going on or any such thing.  But why bother supporting Windows?  Fitbit get no users out of the deal, so they must see value somewhere else. My suspicion is, they saw MS drop the Band line and thought, "Hey, if we make it easy on them, maybe MS will want us." It's not like the idea hasn't been tossed around.  And Fitbit are hurting.
  • I'm sure most are just happy that SOMEBODY still cares about us post-Band abandonment. Garmin had a chance with their name and waterproof device but dropped the ball already.
  • That's because Windows on pocketable mobile devices isn't, and won't be, dead for the foreseeable future....
  • What are you talking about?  Windows mobile has been dead for several years already.
  • Jason Ward mixed up some kool-aid & that guy drank the whole punch bowl.
  • Not technically, no.
  • On 8 July 2015, MS wrote off the entire book value of Windows Mobile, to the tune of 7.6 billion dollars.  That's as official as it gets and was over two years ago.
  • Just downloaded they FitBit app for my new FitBit yesterday... We both have a different idea of what dead means....
  • Why would it work with windows phone now? Look at the Fitbit app reviews in the windows store. slow, notifications not working, syncing problems, .... Why would it work now for a mobile that is not being sold anymore in most countries.
  • That's good! I think the watch is an eyesore but it's great to have the choice of one that will work with Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Agreed, their products look like a 9 year old designed them, I don't get it.
  • I think it looks great. Going with the burnt orange, and dark active band. It's mine!!
  • I'll be getting this.
    The pre order page says it ships in 3-4 weeks. That would put the release in Sept, not October. I guess we'll see
  • Finally a Band replacement
  • I'm on my third Band 2 and just purchased the last one for $40 slightly used.  I almost purchased a Garmin instead, but was concerned about sync issues and lack of win 10 support.  I will definitely purchase the Ionic when my final Band 2 fails in 3 to 6 months.  Glad to see Fitbit is supporting Windows 10 Mobile!!  I love my win10 phone and will hang on until the end.
  • Actually, the Garmin is not too bad. I have the Vivoactive HR and while I do have some issues with syncing every once in a while (Garmin keeps fixing it) it does everything that I would want. And when the notifications work, they work really well. This issue of notifications not working I also had with my Band 2 so I am pretty used to it and I have heard Fitbit has the same issue (I suspect W10M is the real problem here). Also, just found that there was a huge software update for the Vivoactive that was not installing through the app (3.50 to 4.00), but the Garmin Express app on the desktop worked great and ever since then my 950XL and Vivoactive have been talking to each almost non-stop. I get even better connection when setting the Garmin Connect app to always allowed in background, but that chews through my whole battery in like 30 min (ok so really like 6 hours, still...). I think $300 is a little bit steep for pricing on the Fitbit, but otherwise it does look good. Just saying give the Garmin a second look/second chance
  • Yes, I was very close to purchasing Vivoactive HR but jumped on the cheap used B2 on Craig's.  I did install the Garmin app and started playing with it using data from my old Garmin forunner gps watch.  Seemed adequate.  I do use my band to respond to texts and also use the music controls.  Not sure ifGarmin app can do that.  The VivoHR seemed to squarish.  I like the look of Ionic, but it also seems squarish and bulky.  The B2 is sleeker, assuming you can get used to bulky clasp.
  • The VHR does have music controls and I have used them before and they do work assuming the Garmin Connect app is actually working. So it is a little hit or miss. Honestly the features that I miss from my B2 is Cortana and the ability to reply to texts. I really really miss having those. But my B2 was not even really working with those features when it died and Microsoft refunded me $200 for it. You are right, I really liked the design of the B2 and I actually really liked the clasp. I would have bought the B3 in a heartbeat (get it? :P). But overall the VHR does have some features that are really nice compared to the B2, the biggest one being swimming. Which I think the Ionic is capable of now and is what prevented me from buying the Charge. But I think the Ionic is asking too much as a base price.
  • But it has about half the features of the Band 2.  I like the Bike and Explore functions.  I didn't see an equivalent on the Ionic.  And yes I know the B2 had its problems.
  • I Sugrued my last B2 to extend life another 6 MThs until it developed the fatal battery issue.  Doubtful I will be able to find another used B2 6 MThs from now.  Maybe the next Vivoactive HR will be sleeker and more capable.
  • Hopefully the Ionic will fall under my company's program for discount Fitbit activity trackers. All the other bands are, so I'd expect this to be included. Will have to wait and see closer to launch. Not far away now.
  • I read a decent review of the Iconic here from a guy who has had it for a week. Currently I'm using a Garmin Vivoactive HR, but I'll be keeping an eye on this guy.
  • Pre-ordered mine earlier.  As ugly as it is (and most of these smart watches tend to be), I am looking forward to having a functional smartwatch for notifications and some fitness stuff working with my Lumia 950.  Love my Vector Luna, but the fact that it no longer reliably receives notifications is disappointing.
  • First off, Daniel... thank you for keeping us in the loop on this stuff. You've kept me aprised of every action for the GATT Server delivery along its journey and that info was/is appreciated! I bought a Fitbit Alta close to two years ago. I bought it because Fitbit has stated clearly in their ads that the Alta “Notifications” worked with Windows Phone. Alas this was not true, in fact only until this year has this feature come to fruition. Now I realize that this was Microsoft’s problem of not making GATT Servers available, but Fitbit shouldn’t have advertised the Alta as having this feature when in fact it did not. Two years later, we have our GATT Servers and Fitbit is slowly bringing this to fruition… but it has taken two years and the feature is still half-baked in that it doesn’t work even 10% of the time between my Fitbit Alta and my HP X3 Elite. To add insult to injury, because the Alta would not give me “Notifications,” I bought a Vector Watch. Vector Smartwatch has had its own share of disasters too long to go into. But they were bought out from Fitbit this past year, boy can I pick 'em! Vector is a kick ass smartwatch. And no ONE in the world can beat its 30-Day battery life! The quality construction and simplcity along with 30-day battery life is what hooked me. Today? I would not buy another Fitbit product or any “Smart” device that supposedly links with my Windows Phone ever again, especially this late into the life-cycle of Windows Phone. I may visit “smart” devices sometime in the future if and when I ever change my OS, but that’s a long time out provided my HP X3 Elite keeps ticking…
  • I really hope notifications and such do work flawlessly once the GATT app goes public, because the Alta is by far the best looking Fitbit in my opinion.
  • ^ This. With an important distinction. Other functions may work, it's the NOTIFICATIONS that will NOT currently work. And as Fitbit have some affiliate arrangements with Windows Central, they won't point this out to you. Don't base hundred dollar purchases on partially inaccurate articles people. I bought a Vector on Windows Central's recommendation and what a piece of crap that was.
  • I bought my Vector Smartwatch after having a bad experience with Fitbit Alta and their blatant lies of Windows Phone 10 compatibility. I did my own research on the Vector Smartwatch and based my purchase on reading a plethora of positive and negative reviews/issues/problems and kudos for the product itself. I LOVE the watch and to this date with me being on Windows Insider for my HP X3 Elite and using the current Windows 10 Vector app... I have damn good "Notification" updates on my Vector watch, certainly more so that my Fitbit Alta! Occasionally I have to "forget" my Vector Bluetooth settings on the phone and reset the connection... but it works. After buying my Vector watch, only then did I read the WC articles on it. The articles were 100% correct in their "personal" evaluation in my opinion. I don't fault any reviewer for the lack of foresight seeing this GREAT product (Vector Smartwatch) going defunct! But I can say that Vector has been responsible to their best extent in keeping the Windows 10 app alive and having done updates in the past. So as of today... my Vector Smartwatch and HP X3 Elite WORKS, which is far better than I can say for my Fitbit Alta and Windows 10 phone. Now getting back to this article, they're just "informing" us of NEW products and innovations, and it's UP TO US... to do research and make intelligent decisions for buying a product for a collapsing platform.  
  • Where is Steve?!  :-)
  • I'm Right here....and Stated above that it's awesome that fitbit finally got a device to play nice with windows 10 mobile...too bad its 2 years to late!  
  • Better Late than Never!
  • least someone gets my obvious humor!  ha ha ha.
  • What exactly do they mean by "notifications"? I only get calls and texts on my x3 from my Blaze. No email, no calendar, no nothing.
  • The website says notification from calls, text messages and google calendar. Does not say anything about Outlook mail and calendar....
  • Netman is this true?!?! The Massively Screwed-up dys-Functional Team (MSFT) will have a Windows 10 Mobile device pass Google calendar information but won't pass Outlook? Who in their right minds would do that?!?! Oh right, we are talking about the Massively Screwed-up dys-Functional Team!  Now it makes sense!
  • I am sure Outlook will be supported if not already...
  • Great news! Now if only my 950XL's Battery can last just as long as the Iconic's battery, I might be able to complete a full workout program.
  • Yup..been pretty bad on the last few builds.
  • So as long as it pairs with your Windows 10 Mobile you can get tap to pay through the fitbit correct?  Or is it stand alone tap to pay without the mobile near by too?  This is good news.  For those that like wearables such as this.
  • This is one question I am watching?
  • "This is one question I am "watching" "  ahhhhhhh i see what you did there!  
  • You can setup Fitbit pay through the app, but it does not require being near your phone to work. The idea is that you can leave your phone & wallet at home and take your Ionic for a run, and purchase something if you need to. :)
  • Tristan, what payment devices in stores are compatible with ionic?
  • Fitbit Pay should support any NFC wireless payment terminal, similar to Apple Pay and Android Pay. I know that supported Banks are still to be announced. I believe the press release detailed this.
  • Totally ready to experience the Ionic on W10 mobile!  
  • This will be great on my 30 mile bike rides
  • Bike riding tracking is my intention as well...
  • Maybe I missed it, but I didn't see a Bike mode on the Ionic like the Band 2 has.  
  • Bike mode is in deed supported...
  • Citation please.  I could not find a reference to a bike mode.  TIA
  • I feel bad for fitbit wasting their resources on W10 mobile. Let it go. Everyone should at this point. I miss my Windows phone, but my Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Gear S3 work really well.
  • It's a UWP app. Even if W10M dies, the app will live on in the rest of the Windows 10 ecosystem, so probably very few wasted resources.
  • I don't understand why converted Winfone-to-Android-&-iphone folks try to persuade the remaining Winfone fans to switch over too!!! You got your new fone, enjoy it and leave us be!!! 
  • W10M Insiders: How well do the notifications work? What notifications are you receiving? Does it work on Fast or Slow ring, or both? I've been thinking about joining one of the Insider rings, but I use my Lumia 950 XL as my phone, so are they stable enough to use with a daily use phone? Thank you in advance for your responses.  
  • It doesn't. Notice Daniel's carefully worded caveat about "future releases". I have a Blaze and an up to date 950XL and have never been able to get notifications. Ever. Past Windows Central reviews lazily claim notifications work but they do NOT at this point in time. If someone's is working, chime in.
  • If you notice at the top of the questions, I directed the questions at W10M Insiders. I had heard that the notifications were working on the Insider rings. It seems like none of them are in the forums, or are willing to answer questions though.
  • Notifications are in open beta at the moment so they may not work correctly, I had problems with them on the Blaze but when they do work they work well enough.
  • I am still confused about 3rd party notification.  I hear i works on insider bulids, or it doesn't or it not working reliably.  which one is it?   probably the most important function for me to clarify before buying. 
  • It doesn't. Like Neo158 said, it's pot luck. Your mileage may vary. It reminds me of that accursed Vector watch I also bought that stopped working every time Microsoft did a major update and Vector then took months to catch up with their own update. Don't fall for these articles, getting one of these wearables to work with Windows phone is like spotting a unicorn. The ONLY device whose notifications work reliably with Windows Phone is the Microsoft Band.
  • I got the Charge 2 after my Band 2 ripped, it looks like I am looking at the clear winner when it's time to upgrade :D
  • When mine ripped I switched to the Samsung Gear Fit2. What a waste. Thank God I got it on discount. Still a waste.
  • I think this will be the replacement for my Band 2. It still holds up, but after 2 years of service I guess I will retire it :). Glad they will support Win 10 Mobile so I can still hold on to my favourite platform!
  • There is no use in buying this watch if you are a windows phone user. The reviews for the Fitbit app in the windows store says it all : Slow, notifications not working, syncing problems, ... I am currently using a Garmin Fenix HR3 which has basically the same problem mentioned above. If the fitbit app would not have those problems and the watch would be even 3/4 the quality of my garmin I would buy it.
  • A lot of reviewers are hating on the square design. I don't mind a square design. I don't need my smartwatch to look like the classice round face. It seems as if some of the software copies a lot from the Microsft Band. I wouldn't mind it being $250 either, but will pay the $300 anyway. Hope it will be worth it. If this is crap I will go back to the Garmin Vivoactive HR with all of it's wonderful bluetooth connectivity issues. #HateRichDeMuro
  • So this article on the Ionic is on the mainstream Fortune site. Doesn't talk about phone synching, but does mention how poorly Fitbit is doing and how butt-ugly the watch is. Won't stop me from getting one, as I'm one of you masochists who still want to use W10M with a fitness device, but it still makes me wonder why we're still so behind everybody else. :-(
  • How long will this app be supported for mobile or even Windows in general? Do you really need your watch to pair with your PC? Can it pair with your iPhone and PC at the same time? I have a feeling it won't be easy to switch between devices. I can't imagine that fitbit will still be supporting Windows a year from now. W10M is dead and the few users left will start dropping fast. I can't think of a time when I needed my watch or fitness band to pair with my PC. The cloud makes the data accessible anyways, no reason to directly pair. When Fitbit sees how few users are on Windows, no way they continue to put resources into it.
  • having it pair with the home devices is cool because you can download your information to the desktop app and keep track of stuff.  SO...Fitbit will support mobile?  that could die rather quickly.
  • If you read the web site the little * at the bottom of the pre order page says "Smartphone notifications unavailable on Windows devices" now I'm not sure why fitbit is saying that it does support windows phone and then posts that at the bottom of the web site but I'm thinking it can't be good or its a mistake.