How to quickly earn Forza Horizon 4 Influence

Forza Horizon 4
Forza Horizon 4 (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft's flagship racing series has returned for Forza Horizon 4, exemplifying the full spectrum of the British motoring. The revived Horizon Festival embraces a familiar arcade formula, packing stunning supercars, dangerous stunts, and breathtaking vistas into a single package. And as with previous games, earning "influence" is crucial to sustaining authority at the show.

Influence is essential throughout all aspects of Forza Horizon 4, while also rewarded for most activities. Your accumulated influence builds your global driver rank and outlines proficiency in specific tasks. Influence is found across all corners of the UK, but we've wrapped up the shortcuts to know.

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Watch Mixer streams for free influence

Microsoft has doubled-down on its Mixer live streaming service, this year deliver full integration with the year's top racer. After linking Mixer and Microsoft accounts, drivers can earn bonus influence, by merely broadcasting or viewing Forza Horizon 4 streams on the platform. And while Mixer-derived influence is deposited only after hitting a certain level, it's a great way to get a significant boost outside of gameplay.

Due to the nature of live streams, this is an ideal low-effort way to boost your in-game influence. Just open a Forza Horizon 4 stream, mute the tab, and leave it running in the background – it doesn't get much easier than this. For more details on this Mixer integration, follow our complete guide.

How to earn Forza Horizon 4 influence with Mixer

Become a car collector

Every car you acquire in Forza Horizon 4 is rewarded with influence, building up your "Car Collection" level. Between randomized Wheelspin drops and spending hard-earned credits, you'll begin building a sizeable garage in no time. Scaling a collection fast comes with comparable rewards, providing one of the best ways to earn in-game.

For those who purchased Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition, the included Best of Bond and Formula Drift car packs will also source influence. Between the 19 available vehicles, you'll receive individual influence drops, delivering that additional boost from the outset.

Explore the roads

As you explore Forza Horizon 4's open world, you'll collect bonus experience for every new location. Influence drops when first driving on any of 531 roads, which quickly accumulates as you experience its offerings. All visited locales are outlined on the world map too, providing further guidance on which streets to visit. There's even an achievement up for grabs after discovering all roads, granting a bonus 20 Gamerscore.

You don't need to drive around the British countryside aimlessly either, with bonus boards, speed traps, and other opportunities for further influence drops along the way.

Spread your skills

To maximize influence gains, pursue activities that benefit multiple Horizon Life skill categories. Free roam offers ideal flexibility, with speed traps, bonus boards, and beauty spots all scattered throughout the world. Alternatively, events like cross-country races feature varied terrain and obstacles, providing natural opportunities to build large skill chains.

It can take time to find what works best for your skillset but finding opportunities to maximize earnings is vital. Find activities where influence for more than one category can be earned, which feed into global level-ups too.

Your influence tips

As you play Forza Horizon 4, be sure to let us know your tips for gaining more influence as you explore the UK. In the meantime, the game is available for preorder starting at $59.99, with an October 2 release, and September 28 early access period.

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