Forza Horizon 4 'Hot Wheels' car pack leaks ahead of launch

Forza (Image credit: Microsoft)

One of the most popular DLC packs for Forza in recent years was the Hot Wheels expansion for Forza Horizon 3, so it shouldn't come as too big of a surprise that Microsoft seems to be, once again, teaming up with the toy car manufacturer.

Uncovered today on Twitter by AR12 Gaming, the six-car pack features a 2Jetz 2018 Hot Wheels, a Chevrolet LUV 1972 Hot Wheels, an International-Harvester 1969 Hot Wheels, a 1957 Nash Metropolitan Hot Wheels, an AM Roadster 1957 Hot Wheels, and a Ford F-5 Dually Custom 1949 Hot Wheels. All of these cars will expand the growing lineup of cars available in the full Forza Horizon 4 car list, which is already fairly sizeable.

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Although it's always worth taking unofficial sources and rumors with a grain of salt, this particular DLC has been known to us as a possibility for some time. However, we were unsure whether or not it was going to be a full expansion as seen with Forza Horizon 3. Still, this car pack doesn't completely rule out the possibility of another full Hot Wheels expansion for Forza Horizon 4 down the line. We'll have to wait and see.

At least for now, it looks like we'll get this car pack sooner rather than later, given the fact that it seems to be already live for some users.

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