Fox News updates their app for Windows Phone 8 users, brings new features on board

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve written about Fox News for Windows Phone. The app was last updated, at least significantly, back in late 2011 when it picked up some ‘Mango’ features, including pinnable sub-sections. (Fox News was also one of the first major news apps on Windows Phone 7, going back to January 2011).

That version is still on the Store, virtually untouched but Fox has also co-released a separate “4.0” version strictly for Windows Phone 8 users—a nice move.

Version 4.0 is essentially the same app but recompiled for Windows Phone 8, meaning it should run faster and smoother than its predecessor. While Fox hasn’t embraced all of the Windows Phone 8 features, they did pickup two that aren’t too shabby:

  • Double wide tile
  • Voice commands

The first is rather self-explanatory, but with a more HD, double-wide Tile, fans of the network will be able to have it take over more of their Start Screen for easier access. That tile also flips with the latest images from the site, giving it nice visual appeal.

The second update is for voice commands—something for which we still find more a novelty than useful. You can use it by holding down your Windows Key and saying something like “Fox News…Hannity” where the second phrase is the name of the show e.g. ‘Special Report’, ‘Studio B’, etc.

Fox News has done a decent job with the app, which is nicely designed and runs quite well. It’s not quite as “all embracing” as the CNN one, which makes use of the Lockscreen and even Lens (for its iReport feature), but it’s certainly worth a look if you’re a news junky.

Head to the Windows Phone Store to pick up Fox News for Windows Phone 8, version 4.0 here. For those on Windows Phone 7.x who want the older version, you can still grab that one here. Thanks, Josh H., for the tip!

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Daniel Rubino

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