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Fox News updates their app for Windows Phone 8 users, brings new features on board

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve written about Fox News for Windows Phone. The app was last updated, at least significantly, back in late 2011 when it picked up some ‘Mango’ features, including pinnable sub-sections. (Fox News was also one of the first major news apps on Windows Phone 7, going back to January 2011).

That version is still on the Store, virtually untouched but Fox has also co-released a separate “4.0” version strictly for Windows Phone 8 users—a nice move.

Version 4.0 is essentially the same app but recompiled for Windows Phone 8, meaning it should run faster and smoother than its predecessor. While Fox hasn’t embraced all of the Windows Phone 8 features, they did pickup two that aren’t too shabby:

  • Double wide tile
  • Voice commands

The first is rather self-explanatory, but with a more HD, double-wide Tile, fans of the network will be able to have it take over more of their Start Screen for easier access. That tile also flips with the latest images from the site, giving it nice visual appeal.

The second update is for voice commands—something for which we still find more a novelty than useful. You can use it by holding down your Windows Key and saying something like “Fox News…Hannity” where the second phrase is the name of the show e.g. ‘Special Report’, ‘Studio B’, etc.

Fox News has done a decent job with the app, which is nicely designed and runs quite well. It’s not quite as “all embracing” as the CNN one, which makes use of the Lockscreen and even Lens (for its iReport feature), but it’s certainly worth a look if you’re a news junky.

Head to the Windows Phone Store to pick up Fox News for Windows Phone 8, version 4.0 here. For those on Windows Phone 7.x who want the older version, you can still grab that one here. Thanks, Josh H., for the tip!

PS We’re just going to say it: keep comments on topic and leave politics out of it, otherwise your “witty” contribution will be deleted right quick.

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Cool
  • Yep, now bringing more lies to you!
  • No you are thinking of the MSNBC app, and to a lesser extent the CNN app. you can go ahead and boycott those
  • Would be nice if we could get an OFFICIAL Drudge Report app
  • No, I am thinking of Fox News.
    I know the difference, I read WSJ, NY TIMES, USA Today, CNN and all my other local non-biased news form to cross check.
    Fox brain washes. It's clear channel at it's best.
  • Wow, you are the quintessential low-information voter.  Explains the mess this country is in.  Communist.
  • Lmao, your assumptions are so backwards and completely wrong. Being able to learn and tell what's right from wrong doesn't make me a communist. That mentality and your over glorified racist Republicans are the one's that's screwing up this country.
  • I at one time had the same opinions as you do now, but I also grew up as well....
  • "I read WSJ, NY TIMES, USA Today, CNN and all my other local 'non-biased' news form to cross check."
    While I agree that FOX is biased, the fact that you read the WSJ, USA Today, CNN, and ESPECIALLY the NY Times negates pretty much everything else you've had to say.
    Wow.... just wow.
  • Oh, I also forgot to mention that I also read and subscribe to TED.
  • LOL
    Referring to NY Times & CNN as non-bias. :L
  • Glad to see most major news networks with updated apps. Now if local news stations had quality apps...
  • That really is still a big missing piece of the puzzle. Haven't seen many of those yet...
  • I see commercials for my local news' iPad app all the time. Enrages me.
    Of course, Atlanta news is really just an update on the newest apartment fires/robberies of the day. I would really like to see an Atlanta Journal-Constitution app though.
  • Same here, Philly news programs and sites are all iOS & android only. Good luck getting them to WPx. You might as well make the apps for them.
  • I think networks like NBC develop an app, and put small localizations like network name and whatnot on them. All "localized" NBC network sites I've ever been to have the EXACT same site, so I'm sure the same happens with apps. All that needs to happen is them making Windows Phone versions... (Which they will probably never do.)
  • I actually found my local newspaper app about a month ago, was pleased and surprised, considering I live in Tupelo, MS.
  • there is nothing pleasant about living in MS...and i lived there for 7 years. :)
  • Maybe your experience, I find Tupelo a very nice and beautiful city to live in, unlike other towns in MS.
  • there are no good towns in MS.
  • Let's agree to disagree. :) By the way if you don't mind me asking, where in MS did u live? And yes the majority of towns in MS are very undesirable, with the exception of most of Northeast MS, Including Tupelo, Oxford,(home of William Faulkner and Grisham, both excellent Writers, and the beautiful University of Mississippi or Ole Miss) Tunica, Southaven-Olive branch and the Pickwick lake area on the Tennessee river. Anyway, I'm just happy to see a smaller city like Tupelo support Windows Phone with our local Newspaper.
  • ole miss sucks. you know MSU owns them.
    i lived in starkvegas.
  • To see that happen you need to contact that local entity that you want an app for and let them know a WP app is desired. Don't let that one email/phone call be it, keep bugging them about it, encourage family and friends with WPs to contact them. Once they see a demand, they'll consider making an app.
  • Nice, installing now.
  • Great! Love FOX News!
  • FOX news! #1!!!
  • You must be Republican lol.
    Just messing with you.
  • ^+1
  • Wow...i didn't even know it existed
  • Lol same
  • Ditto
  • I was hoping that this would add a "go to article in web browser" option. Didn't see it. Oh well.
  • That would be good. There is still much covered on the web that is not in the app, too.
  • I agree, and sometimes they have links in the articles that don't actually work, or at least they did in the last app. Maybe they fixed it.
  • I contacted them once about a different issue one time and they replied. An updated minor version came out shortly after. You might give them a heads up.
  • Awesome
  • now all we need are the ABC news apps and Watch ABC app
  • USA Today really needs to fix their app too. Sometimes articles are nothing more than a headline, when you select it there is no content. Particularly sports "articles", the majority of them are blank - ironically I think they did update it recently but did nothing to fix this.
  • Agreed.  Which is why I have switched to the NBC News app.  I love the video playback behavior in it.
  • I agree, NBC app is the best.
  • The USA Today app is better than their website. Sharing a story is a nightmare.
  • Also you can't highlight a sub category on the W8 version :(
    On the W7 version you could hold down the red sports tab for a couple seconds a list of all sports would come up. I always selected NFL. Then my whole sports section would be NFL news. I greatly miss that feature.
  • BTW - Thanks for the shout out Daniel.
  • Fox news is really one a few national brands to voice in their advertising "windows phone". Actually what other companies put in their radio/tv advertising that its app runs on WP.
  • I subscribe to news only on twitter now. Its almost impossible to be slanted in so few words though it still happens.
  • I frequent Fox News, CNN, USA Today, Sky News, the AP and Reuters. Its really the only way to try and get actual news.
  • I couldn't agree more. Every source is slanted, and the slant is usually pretty overt, so I read a bunch of different sources to balance things out.
  • I don't understand why most devs don't branch their apps like this. Seems like the easiest thing to do instead of dropping the WP7 version and going WP8 only. A few of my apps have done that.
  • Looks great, nice video playback. Thanks Daniel!
  • Without ads I just dint see why tv channels and or newspapers don't share a common ap that grabs data from some sort of feed. I'd rather have some sort of wpnews app that lets me select sources.
  • Like an RSS feed app?
    My only problem with those apps are that all the ones I tried sucked up data like a Hoover.
  • Yes or a news hub we have so many apps that are all very similar
  • Wish a UK news company would make a top notch app *cough* BBC *cough*
  • It's weird that the US has better news apps despite the fact that WP's market share is supposed to be bigger in the UK. The Guardian's app is not exactly feature-rich either.
  • Meh. Until I can log in with my dtv credentials to view streaming live news like iOS. Blah!
  • Thanks for letting us know about the update. I had the old version but rarely used it and had forgotten all about it. Now I'll see if this version keeps my interest.
  • I have the Fox and CNN apps next to each other and they both perform well.  It's interesting to see the different ways they word the same headline sometimes.  The Fox has the advantage that it will, even in half-size, display the picture and the entire headline.  CNN will only display the headline if you have it double wide. 
    CNN also does some things that are strange.  It changes settings on its own, turning off live tile notifications and alerts on its own.  Even stranger than that is the fact that alerts still come through, even though they're "turned off."  The live tile updates will not update for several days and I'll have to go in and turn them back on.  I wonder if that's an automatic function of battery saver mode?
  • Yeah, I get the same issue with CNN. It may as well be the battery saver. I'll try leaving it off and see if they that's it.
  • Now where's Huff Post?
  • +++++1
  • I have almost as many news apps as I do Twitter apps! NBC, CNN, Fox, USAToday are the big ones. I also have Time & Newsy. This isn't even counting specialized news sources like ESPN, IMDb and WPCentral. :)
  • I'll stick with News360 for now.  Probably the best written all around news app for Windows Phone bar none.. Still waitng for Flipboard which I read is coming.
  • About time.
  • Luv me sum Fox News and luv the app although like the USA app they do need to have an option on stories to be opened in the browser. My favs are those two and then the two excellent RSS Readers Fuse and Weave. I like to pin different sections from each such as Sports, Politics, World, & Local news and then get constant updates on the Live Tiles so then I know when I need to open it up if something is breaking.
  • It would also be nice to be able to search for news, or customize what you want to see a bit better... But I do like the app.
  • Hard to believe their old, unupdated, version was 3.0... LOL. Here's hoping that this means we'll get some more regular updates now... I also see that Sharing to Social Networks has finally been fixed. Thank God!
  • Don't believe everything you see on the news.
  • Nice to see Fox News App recompiled for Wp8, been waiting for a while for this, love the app. Thanks for the heads up
  • I had no idea this was on the marketplace! Great to see new updates though.
  • Huge fan of Fox News glad for the update.
  • We're very sorty to hear that Lenn. And your mother and I had such high hopes for you too. We still love you, although this does make it much harder to now. 
  • First time I've seen the comments so nice. No Repubicans and Demorats name calling.  But not only that, no trolling or troll-baiting of any kind that I can see about anything.  Amazing :-)  Need that warning on all topics ;-)  Nice, I wish it was always that way...
  • You said demorat
  • I would add The Guardian, Guardian twitter, BBC, Nokia News & Drudge
  • People smart enough to use WP8 are smart enough not to watch Fox "News".
  • That's why they download the app! Who has time to watch TV?
  • Who has time to listen to bullshit? Intelligent people use WP8. Intelligent people don't watch Fox "News" in any format.
  • Intelligent people don't ignore opinions/news just because its not pandering to their point of view.
    Intelligent people use multiple sources, including opposing view points, to form their own opinions on topics.
    Fools dismiss dissenting opinions without considering them. Fools belittle others for simply not agreeing with them.
    Just my two cents, continue walking through the world with blinders if that's what you prefer.
  • That is exactly what Fox "News" does....panders to with that particular point of view. One has to be seriously thick if they think Fox is anything but a schill for the GOP/Tea Party. Search "Roger Ailes" & "Rupert Murdoch". They literally do the GOP talking points. They are as objective as Rush Limbaugh is.  Btw...I don't watch MSNBC or the like either. 
    As far as "walking throught the world with blinders", that is exactly my point. FN is blinders. There is nothing objective about it. My point is that anyone who watches FN and thinks they are getting unbiased objective news is seriously mistaken. Intelligent people will know that they won't find objective news via MSM and FN is part of the MSM. I don't ingest any of it.