App Update Roundup: Freddy meets Christmas and Snes8x gets MOGA support

There's never a quiet day in the Windows Phone community when we're talking about app updates. Developers enjoy submitting regular releases to the store, introducing new features and functionality, as well as fixing a bug here and there. Today we're covering Snes8x and Freddy. Head on past the break to see what's new in each app.



First up is Snes8x, which now has MOGA controller support - both Pocket and Pro versions are compatible. The popular Super Nintendo emulator for Windows Phone is packed full of features for those who enjoy some retro gaming here and there. The only requirement for the new MOGA controller support is GDR3 (or Update 3 as it's now known).

The controller can be enabled in Settings > Input and you're good to go. Version 1.4 also includes a possible fix for the virtual controller freezing issue, which has caused problems for users.

You can download version 1.4 of Snes8x from the Windows Phone Store for free. It's worth noting that Windows Phone Central does not support the illegal acquisition of video games, including ROMs.

Freddy App


Next up is Freddy, a physics-based arcade game, where players are tasked with preventing Freddy the Frog from eating the poisonous balls, which fall from above. It may sound like a super easy game, but don't be fooled and head in blindly, this game gets more difficult as you progress.

Version 1.1.0 brings bug fixes, general improvements and special Christmas themed levels. We can tease that more levels, language support, achievements and more improvements will be coming in future updates. Be sure to grab this challenging, cute little game over the festive period to appreciate the latest update.

Grab Freddy from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 - Windows Phone 8 only and free trial available. 

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Damn, since it said Freddy has achievements I really hoped for it to be an Xbox Live title xD Never heard of the game before so I got my hopes too high xD
  • Total Conquest was released for WP8 and Win8
  • Can anybody tell me form where i can download nokia story teller beta app for my L720. Im unable to download from India usa and Finland by changing region. It says that app is not available in your region.
  • I've heard it's only available for Nokia Black handsets
  • Is this tge controller that snes8x support? Can i use the clip to secure my Lumia 1020 to the controler?
  • Yeah, Snes8x supports that controller. you can secure your L1020 to the controller but you cannot center the phone due to the bulk in the back of the phone. Feel a little bit weird.
  • Even VBA8 supports Moga controller
  • Umm mogas website shows the controller as no longer available for purchase?
  • They discontinued Moga pocket and Moga pro controller in favor of the new Power series that let you charge your phone while playing. I have no idea if that would works with the current SDK.
  • I have the Pro and the Pro Power. Both work with all apps that claim compatibility support.
  • Can you please let me know if the left joystick of Pro Power works? When I write the code, there is some specific codes for the Pro controller. I wonder if those codes will work with the Pro Power as well. Thanks.
  • Check the other emus by this dev... They have support also.
  • GDR3....L920.... :'(
  • Actually I put in the GDR3 requirement because one of our beta testers could not get it to work on GDR2. However, when I tried the controller with a L520 on GDR2, it worked just fine. So your millage may vary.
  • Interesting. I saw it within the app so I will have to try it again when I get home and let you know.
  • No dice. The controller won't entirely connect or stay connected. I wonder if the gdr3 requirement is for the Bluetooth connection issues
  • Sorry to hear that, you can try to install the GDR3 developer preview if you want to.
  • None of the MOGA controllers list windows devices on the website. Which ones work for a Lumia 920?
  • basically any controller that says it works for android.
  • Not the pocket
  • I tested the Pocket controller on a Lumia 1020 with GDR3 and a Lumia 520 with GDR2. They both worked. Here is the proof video:
  • Hmm... The Wimdows Phone SDK didn't include pocket support, at least from what I've read. Nice though. But just as an FYI, it disconnects because you are not actively transmitting data. Windows Phone does this to preserve power. Why couldn't they make the time out longer, I don't know, but that's why.
  • I really want a moga controller as well. But where can you get them.
  • Online!
  • If you are in the States Best Buy & Gamestop have them.
  • Some of them emus need Lumia Black :'(
  • Not Nokia Black, only GDR3, which can be obtained through the developer preview program.
  • Does Snes8x support NES files or just SMC files?
  • Just SMC file. There is vNesLight if you want to play NES game.
  • Thanks! I'm using EmiNes.