Pre-order Funko's Marvel 80th Anniversary advent calendar and save $20

I know it's still warm out, but it's time to face facts: the holidays are approaching. Soon it'll be Halloween, and then you'll blink and it'll be Thanksgiving, and then December will hit and you'll be scrambling to purchase holiday goodies. Why not get ahead of the curve and order your advent calendar now? Amazon has a pre-order of the Funko Marvel 80th Anniversary Advent Calendar on sale for $39.99, which is a 33% discount. Even better, since this is a pre-order, you'll only pay the lowest price it hits between now and when it ships in mid-September.


Funko Marvel 80th Anniversary Advent Calendar

I'm sorry to be that person, but the holidays aren't very far away at all. It's best to buy things like this before they're in season, because once they are, prices skyrocket.

Advent calendars are a fun tradition that doesn't have to be expensive. This specific one includes 24 different pocket-sized Pops of various Marvel characters. Each Pop is about two inches tall. Open a door for a surprise every day in December or rip 'em all open at once. I won't judge you either way.

If Marvel isn't your jam, don't fret. Amazon has plenty of advent calendars available.

Louryn Strampe

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