Perfect Dark and Crackdown fighters may come to Killer Instinct

A new survey posted on the official Killer Instinct website asks players which new characters they would like to see in future updates of the Xbox One and Windows 10 fighting game. Among the choices is Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark and an Agent from Crackdown.

Killer Instinct is currently in its third "season" of fighter and content updates. However, the survey posted on the site shows that developer Iron Galaxy and Microsoft are already looking ahead to the future. Aside from Joanna Dark and the Crackdown Agent, the survey also includes the Halo Brute as a choice for a new fighter, along with names for all-new characters like Eagle, Lovecraftian and Eyedol. The survey also asks for opinions on alternate versions of current fighters.

If you want to take the survey, be aware that it is scheduled to end today. Meanwhile, Killer Instinct Season Three is still ongoing with at least one new fighter to be added before it ends.

John Callaham