Game in style with $130 off these Akracing Core Series SX chairs

Akracing Core Series Sx Chair
Akracing Core Series Sx Chair (Image credit: Amazon)

Never underestimate the value of where you sit! Especially if you end up sitting there for several hours a day! One of Best Buy's deals of the day today includes the Akracing Core Series SX gaming chair in six different colors all available for just $299.99. That's $130 off what they normally sell for at Best Buy. You can even find a few of these colors available at this deal price on Amazon. Today's sale price is the lowest we have seen at either retailer in nearly a year. The same chairs sell for $370 or more at other places like B&H.

Akracing Core Series SX gaming chair

Akracing Core Series SX gaming chair

Get the same price on six available colors. Easily adjustable seat height and backrest. Includes lumbar support cushion. Molds to your shape. Made with a strong metal frame for durability. This chair supports up to 330 pounds.

You need a good chair. It's right up there with a good desk in terms of one of the more underrated parts of a great gaming setup. The Core Series SX gaming chair is ergonomically designed for both long-term comfort and durability. It's built with a strong metal frame and uses stain-resistant, high-quality PU leather. The chair will keep you supported, and it includes cushions for your head and back so you get the right support. The cushions are mold-shaping and foam filled so they last forever and keep you engaged at all times. The leather is also easy to care for and clean.

Adjust the seat height using a pneumatic system that lets you get it just right by pressing a lever right below the seat, which can support up to 330 pounds. You can also adjust the backrest by pulling a lever on the side of the chair. Set it upright for gaming and lean back when you just want to chill and watch a movie. Even the armrests are adjustable so youcan find the best position for your arms. The seat includes casters for easy movement as well.

The chair weighs 49 pounds and requires some assembly when you first get it. It is covered by a five-year warranty for both parts and labor.

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