Old news new again: Gameloft Windows Phone teaser video and PlayXBLA Windows 8 page

Sometimes information come along that doesn’t exactly seem newsworthy, because we already know it. I mean, if Nokia added a webpage touting Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone to their website right this minute, would we have much reason to go shouting about it from the mountains? But not everybody hears every piece of news the first time around, so when it gets reiterated somehow, it becomes new to them.

As such, we’ve received enough tips on a couple of already-known stories lately that we might as well address them now. One: Gameloft’s got a teaser video for their upcoming lineup of Windows Phone 8 games. Two: Microsoft has dedicated a page to Xbox-branded Windows 8 games on their PlayXBLA site. Read on to find out what this all means for you, the faithful Xbox gamer.

Gameloft’s next

Microsoft has recently added a Gameloft teaser video our Windows Phones’ Xbox Spotlight page. You can head to the Xbox/games tile on your phone and then swipe to the left to see the Spotlight page. The video might not show up every time you look at the Spotlight, but return to it enough times and it’ll surely pop up.

Gameloft originally revealed their 12 Windows Phone 8 games (and the teaser video) back at the end of October. The lineup includes several graphically intensive, major franchise titles including The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, Modern Combat 4, and N.O.V.A. 3. From a technical standpoint alone, each of those games is far beyond any of the currently available Xbox Windows Phone games.


Microsoft sadly refuses to give us a Windows Phone Halo game, so Gameloft's N.O.V.A.3 should hit the spot.

When Gameloft made the announcement, some sites were content to copy and paste the press release and call it a day. But we provided our own impressions of each game in order to help our readers understand their significance. We’re not just here to complain all day, folks! And yes, Windows Phone is currently undergoing an Xbox game release drought, but all 12 Gameloft games are still scheduled to arrive for Windows Phone 8 (not 7) later this year.

Play games on Windows 8

Hey guyz, did youse know we can Xbox games on Windows 8?

Yes, like the Windows Phone platform, the Windows 8 Store offers both Xbox-branded games and non-Xbox games. Think of it as the evolution of Microsoft’s failed Games For Windows Live platform. Unlike GFWL titles, Windows 8 Xbox games are limited to 200 GamerScore apiece (as are Windows Phone games). Their prices range from $1.49-$9.99, which some gamers find expensive. But in fairness, Windows 8 game prices tend to be either the same as or lower than Xbox Live Arcade games on 360.

PlayXBLA Windows 8 games

Microsoft’s new Play XBLA landing page for Windows 8 games consists of a multigame trailer and links for 15 Windows 8 Xbox games. Highlights include Skulls of the Shogun, Gunstringer: Dead Man Running, and many other franchises that have graced Windows Phone. By tapping on a games’ image from the website, users can read a short description and follow a link to its Store page.

Microsoft announced every one of the PlayXBLA page’s games back in August and all but Skulls of the Shogun (due out on January 30th) have been available for weeks or months now. The page gathered a lot of interest from viewers and even other tech sites, so its creation certainly wasn’t a bad move. Just don’t mistake it as some new initiative for Windows 8 or Windows Phone. Windows 8 has always had Xbox games and will likely continue to do so in the future.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us on these subjects!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • So when will we see the first Gameloft game for windows phone?
  • The video says 2012/2013... In truth, nobody knows.
  • :'(
  • Well we DO know not 2012, that much is sure.
  • Lol
  • Shark Dash is already out and ive purchased it for my Surface ^.^
  • Windows RT games don't run on Windows Phones.
  • These games were announced in October I think, the last time high profile games were announced for WP7 it took about 6-12months to come out. Using that, we can probably expect the first games to start appearing in April the earliest.
  • That shooter game would be fun
  • Which one? :)
  • Car sideways
  • That's nova 3. It's a great game.
  • Looks good!
  • Saw the Gameloft video like two weeks ago in the Xbox game hub in Spotlight. You'll be surprised at the little morsels you might find there.
  • Steam needs to hurry and bring their stuff to Windows RT
  • RT is as good as dead.
  • Where do you get that from?
  • Well, according to Valve's CEO, Gabe Newell: Windows 8/RT is a "catastrophe" to gamming. He's also considered to be a "Microsoft hater", considering his numerous false claims on Microsoft and their products...
  • But he stated that before Windows 8 came out and it became more apparent when it was revealed that Valve would start selling software through Steam and moving into hardware. Valve see the Windows 8 store as a threat towards their sales as it is immediately accessible when you start Windows 8. So of course they'd say anything bad about it.
  • Agreed. But he also slams other Microsoft things too, such as Xbox Live w/o any kind of reason, DirectX, claiming its slower than OpenGL but he was talking about DirectX 9, not 11, compared to the newest OpenGL, etc.
  • Steam is great but the amount of times Gabe Newell has been wrong about Microsoft is legendary. By the way, Windows 8 users on Steam in a month surpassed the number of Mac Steam users built up over two years. Some "catastrophe."
  • Family Guy, haha.
  • "but all 12 Gameloft games are still scheduled to arrive for Windows Phone 8 (not 7) later this year.", WHat do you mean with "later this year" ? December 2013? ...omg....
  • Later this year means anytime between now and December 31. We could see one of these games in February - we just don't know, nor does Microsoft or Gameloft - otherwise they'd have announced a release date to drum up some hype.
  • this situation is simply ridiculous.....
  • How is it ridiculous? When have you not seen movie trailers that say the exact date? Plus January is usually dry for releases anyway. I don't get all the panic and fear mongering articles
  • It's not our fault if you're dense, Hit the Lights.
  • Lol
  • I imagine things will be announced at MWC. That makes the most sense. I also imagine we'll hear about WP 8.x software.
  • At least we know we've got at least 12 new games arriving. Considering I thought gaming on Windows Phone was as good as dead not 3 days ago, this is a pretty decent step forward.
  • Actually it is 'dead' compared with ios and android, by the time these games come out, their sequels with better graphics would probably be out on other platforms.
  • These better not be Nokia exclusive.
  • They're not . Only certain EA and Chillingo games are Nokia exclusive.
  • Nokia only has exclusives for EA/Chillingo
  • Ok good. So far i haven't cared for any of the exclusives...
  • Wow I might have bought a Surface on Release day if they had Gameloft onboard at that time! But now even better to wait for the Surface RT... I love Gameloft games they are one of the best for tablets!
  • I think you're mixing the two subjects of this article up. That said, Gameloft is actually onboard for Windows 8. They've released Shark Dash for Windows 8/RT already.
  • Sorry but I think you got me mixed up with someone that plays games like Shark Dash which isn't a game I would ever play... I am referring to games like "Order and Choas" and going back to my point! If games like that were already set for the Windows Surface not RT I would have purchased it! But now I am willing to spend the extra cash and get a Surface RT or a full blown Windows 8 Tablet!
  • You've got the Surface pro and Surface RT the wrong way round there :) RT is the one out now which runs the lighter Windows and is cheaper. Pro will be twice the price, run full Windows 8 and be much more powerful. Just in case you accidently asked for the wrong one at the cash register :)
  • Yeah I meant the one that wasn't out thanks for clearing that up! :)
  • U know what - Each week there must be (At Least) 12 games from XBLA and not during the year !!!! And I don't care if it's hard to put Achievements or not - this is not my problem. If MS team decided to work with Achievements for XBLA Games then they shoud do it Well !!!
  • I agree. One game per week is pretty dreadful. At least one a day and they need to be good titles. A lot of the recent games have been very 2010ish
  • This video has been in the Xbox Hub for Windows Phone for ages...
  • Oh really?! If only they had addressed that in the article already.
  • Windows phone 7 users have been completly forgotten...
  • Skulls of the Shogun and every Nokia exclusive so far say differently.
  • These new Gameloft games use too much GPU for those Snapdragon S2 in WP7 devices.
  • Or because it is not profitable for them having to rewrite all the games in C# and XNA in WP7 for such a relatively small market when its much easier and more cost effective for them to port over the C++ code directly to WP8. Don't underestimate the capability of WP7 handsets.
  • Even if they did come on WP7. They would not be XBL games. So WP7 users, I don't know what to say... Its over for us :P
  • GAME OVER...
  • Maybe we could build a fire...Sing a couple of songs...
  • Gabe is a former MS employee. I highly doubt he hates MS, but I'm positive he dislikes W8 and the marketplace\store. He does run his own successful business and he would like it to continue being successful. Edit: this was supposed to be a reply, and I'm on my Lumia so to lazy to fix it
  • He was a MS employee.
  • Remember to press and hold within our app to reply to individual comments. Sounds like you already know that though.   Anyway, I agree. From Gabe's perspective, Windows 8 is bad. Other people have equally valid perspectives.  
  • But how can I reply from the app with my facebook account name as used in your website...?
  • Hi Bobby, unfortunately we don't support the full passport solution at the moment but once signed in on the site you can click the settings "cog" up top and create a mobile nations password associated with your facebook credentials. You should then be able to log in with that password :)
  • Or press the reply button. :)
  • He makes other false claims about Microsoft products, too.
  • Nobody ever had a problem with a former employer? /snark
  • Yeah like that dorky Rackspace guy who used to work for MSFT. I can't remember his name right now, but he trolls MSFT every chance he gets and then hides behind the fact that he worked for MS as though it means he can't be a troll.
  • BSOD
  • oh well. patience is the main thing for WP users...
  • sigh
  • I think the can remove the 2012
  • And as soon as they get those games I will be getting me the new Verizon Nokia 9xx. I can't go on without my Modern Combat 4. I can't wait because this will put Windows Phone on the map for sure as being on the same level or above that of Android & iOS because of WP new kernel. 
  • kernel is already their.
  • Can't wait to play Order and Chaos (WOW on mobile) again. I bought it for Android and iOS awhile ago.
  • Oh snap...cant wait....till then imma continuing building up my Bing pts for $5 card lol
  • Order & Chaos im looking forward to. The shooters ive tried for Android have made be believe that its impossible to make a shooter that plays well on a touchscreen device. There just seems no way to make two thumbs able to operate fw/back/strafe plus aim plus fire/reload/etc at the same time.
  • You can always connect an Xbox 360 controller--or for android--a ps3 controller. (I'm not sure if Xbox controllers work on android).
  • Are all of these games already available on iOS and Android? It'd be great to see some High Quality exclusives on WP8.
  • Yes, the Gameloft titles are all out on iOS and Android.
  • Nokia I beg you to release fifa
  • Will be nice to have these games but even better to have some exclusives. And good ones at that, not just games like wordament, not that that's a bad game, but along the lines of like Infinity Blade.
  • Oh ya, wordament isn't exclusive any more.
  • Anyone suggest me a game like temple run..
  • Can't you guys get an interview with someone senior at Microsoft about XBox and Windows Phone? Surely the continuous yes they are / no they aren't on this issue, on here and elsewhere on the web, is enough to make them want to talk to you to clear things up, on the record.
    For my part I hypothesise they were right on the limit to get WP8 out in time, hence the late and limited SDK and lack of games. I would expect that if you want high quality games with significant depth (eg Halo) on a new platform, your patience needs to run to more than just a handful of months. It would be nice though instead of speculating or moaning about the current lack, to actually sit down with a Microsoft exec and have them tell you what the deal is.
  • We've finally connected with a more senior manager who is willing to address the drought for us. I don't think we'll get a full interview, but hopefully it leads to a bit of useful information. We'll share what we've learned on Wednesday.
  • Sweet. I really hope this guy can give us a straight answer with no spin. Heck, maybe we might get a game released! I'll stay tuned.
  • Just remember 1 thing remember the arrival a few days ago saying teenager's say apple no longer cool suface is in. Fox business says apple no longer cool. I downloaded the steam tile from the store last week.
  • I always give Gameloft tons of guff, but I think I'm going to start being a lot nicer to them now.
  • Let's just hope none of these games have impossible Achievements when they come out.
  • Or broken achievements! Need to get it right the first time around. Still, nice to see soon fresh titles coming to WP8. Personally I would like to see more racing /flying games that take advantage of this new kernel and gaming platform.