Diablo 4 is sexy and I'm here for it

Diablo 4's new sexy outfits
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You may believe you're about to read the ramblings of a horny nerd in their mother's basement, and you'd be halfway correct. Except I am the nerd, and I'm the aging mother (of two) and I don't have a basement. What I do have is a penchant for high fantasy games and the need to wear ridiculous in-game outfits I'd never pull off at the grocery store.

Thankfully, Diablo 4 is starting to deliver some seriously risqué and completely impractical outfits in its store. SKIN is officially IN, and as the wise mother Lilith once said, "Be beautiful in sin." Even if it does cost me $25 (😭).

This 'Beauty in Sin' set isn't just an outfit; it's a declaration, a statement to the world of Sanctuary that my Rogue is both slaying demons and the fashion game.

Yes, I swore to all that is holy that I wouldn't succumb to the lure of the Diablo 4 shop. Throughout the game's launch and Season 1, that was an oath I could easily keep, given the lackluster items in the shop. The in-game cosmetics outshone anything you could overpay for with platinum, hands down.

Then, Season 2 arrived, bringing with it not only a vastly improved quality of life and an addictively engaging seasonal theme, but also a shop bursting with tantalizing items. It's almost as if Blizzard deliberately started with mundane designs to make the shop appear more reasonable. But let's not dive too deep into conspiracy theories. What I'm really here to do is confess my feeble self-control the moment I laid eyes on the 'Beauty in Sin' set for the Rogue.

Sure, it's a hefty $25 for just one class, but the Rogue is my main class, and I folded faster than a gooey calzone fresh out of the oven. Regrets? None to be found here. And, folks, this isn't just about the ladies; the male Rogue rocks this outfit as if it were tailored by the sin-demon fashionista Cydaea herself. 

The advent of skimpier outfits in Diablo 4 might ruffle a few feathers (in and out of the game, considering there's an avian outfit for the Rogue, too). But I'm all in for the impracticality. There's nothing more delightful than charging into a battle dressed like you're ready for a beach vacation in the fiery pits of hell. I mean, who needs armor when you've got sass? Diablo 4 isn't just about demon-slaying; it's about looking damn good while doing it.

The Rogue isn't the first to get a skimpy outfit, either, with players posting some interesting outfits from other classes available in-game on Reddit. 

(Image credit: u/huntersood on Reddit)

The Sorcerer has long led the charge on eyebrow-raising outfits in the game, so I'm glad to see the Rogues can finally compete in the sexy stakes. I played most of Baldur's Gate 3 in the stolen underwear of an Incubus, so I'm no stranger to showing some skin in my favorite games. Especially when I'm sat in a dressing gown with unbrushed hair, at least my character can feel glamorous, right?

But it's not just Diablo that tempts our fashion-forward fantasies. Remember those infamous mods for Leon in Resident Evil 4 remake? Yes, in the realm of gaming, where the impossible is only a mouse-click away, I'll continue to embrace these cheeky ensembles. After all, when it comes to indulging in my guilty gaming pleasures, I might as well look devilishly good doing it.

Jennifer Young

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