Fable gets a new trailer at Xbox Games Showcase 2023

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What you need to know

  • Xbox Games Showcase 2023 + Starfield Direct took place today and showed off several games.
  • A new trailer for the Fable Reboot was also shown.
  • It's being developed by Playground Games and published by Xbox Games Studios.
  • It will be available on day one with Game Pass. 

The Fable Reboot was first announced back in 2020 and there has been very little news about it since. Until today, that is, when the Xbox Games Showcase 2023. A brand new trailer narrated by Dave the vegetable enthusiast (Richard Ayoade of IT Crowd), showed us some humourous new in-game footage.

While talking about the age of heroes being passed, Dave is interrupted by a noise in his home and we come to realize that he is in fact a giant. We then see gameplay of the female intruder trying to get away from Dave and failing. But then she is seen sitting on top of Dave's broken glasses, perhaps indicating that Dave the giant has been defeated in some way. 

We still don't know a whole lot about what the story is fully about, but we do know that Fable will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one. 

What is the Fable series about?

It's been a long time since the last Fable games released, so it's very understandable if you don't know about these games or if you need a refresher. 

Fable games take place in a fictional nation called Albion, a medieval-looking place filled with magic, monsters, and various cities. Players take control of the main character and can proceed to level them up in various ways by taking on different quests, working on different relationships, and making decisions that determine their character's moral caliber. You can try to be the true hero or work on being a despicable villain. 

The very first game was developed by Lionhead Studios and released in 2001 for the original Xbox. It was really ahead of its time with the developers even promising to "revolutionize the RPG" with it (which it did). Unfortunately, this means that it didn't fair well, initially, because people didn't fully understand it. But today, many regard it as one of the best Xbox games as well as one of the most important ones.

Unlike anything at that time, Fable allowed people to make weighty decisions and had many mechanics in place that laid the groundwork for open-world games (which wouldn't really exist until several years later). But as our own Zachary Boddy noted when he played Fable Anniversary for the first time, despite being an aging classic it's still enjoyable and shows how special this franchise is. 

As more Fable games came out, the mechanics became more refined and co-op was also introduced allowing players to explore the fantasy world together. This is something we expect to return in the Fable Reboot. Counting collections, rereleases, and the Fable Reboot, there are currently 11 Fable games total.

Fable | Coming Soon at Microsoft

Fable | Coming Soon at Microsoft

Return once more to the fantasy nation of Albion where you get to make decisions and choose who your character becomes. There is a vast land to explore, magical creatures to discover, and plenty of new adventures to experience. 

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