Fallout on Prime Video is even more popular than we first thought, with an eye watering number of viewers in just over two weeks

Fallout TV series Maximus and Brotherhood Knight
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What you need to know

  • Amazon has finally revealed some actual numbers around how many people have watched Fallout, and it's staggering. 
  • Over 65 million people have watched the show, though without saying how it's counting those people. 
  • Fallout is now the second most-watched show on Prime Video of all time. 

Well, this one gets a big old okie dokie. Fallout on Amazon Prime Video has been a success, we know that. We've talked about it plenty already, and we've talked about the knock on impact for the entirety of the franchise's games. 

But, Amazon has given us some numbers, now, and hoo boy, it's crazy. As shown off in the post on X below, Fallout has seen over 65 million viewers in its first 16 days on the platform. 

65 million. Yup. 

There is a caveat here, though. Amazon hasn't disclosed how it's actually counting those viewers. Could it be that someone is counted if they watch half an hour, a full episode, the whole season? It's unclear, but regardless, that is a ridiculous number of people. 

Per Variety, Amazon has also now bumped Fallout up from being one of its top three most-watched shows, to its second most-watched show of all time. The same report also says that Fallout is the most-watched show ever in the 18-34 age category, and that a sizeable 60% of the audience is from outside the United States. A special shoutout to the UK, France and Brazil, is in order, too. 

Fallout is popular everywhere.  (Image credit: Prime Video)

It's of little surprise as we see numbers such as these that Fallout Season 2 was confirmed little more than a week after the show debuted. Having been in the works for so long, to see that not only did Amazon do the franchise justice, but that fans new and old are loving it, well it makes this old guy feel warm inside.

As I've previously written, I think Microsoft and Bethesda have missed a trick by not having something new for the gamers to look forward to. We have at least had the current gen upgrade to Fallout 4 (admittedly not everyone is thrilled by it, though), and for folks new to the franchise, there is a healthy back catalog to play through.

But Fallout fever is here to stay. Roll on, the next installment.

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