Get an Xbox Series X for just £310 with this limited-time trade-in deal

Xbox Series X
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UK retailer GAME has launched a new limited-time offer on Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series X console, providing buyers with additional trade-in credit for old consoles. The promotion offers Xbox Series X consoles from £310, depending on your previous console, presenting a compelling opportunity to upgrade. The deal applies to those with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch consoles to trade in at physical GAME stores in the UK.

The latest offer, valid from Aug. 25 through Sept. 8, promises up to £140 off Xbox Series X, though pricing varies between consoles. Base PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S 1TB models will secure an Xbox Series X for £350, while PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X slash the price to £310 and £340, respectively. The deal is exclusive to physical GAME stores on UK high streets, with no online counterpart announced at this time.

Xbox Series X from £310 w/ trade-in at GAME UK

Xbox Series X from £310 w/ trade-in at GAME UK

This latest Xbox Series X offers more credit for your old Xbox One or PlayStation 4, making the next-gen upgrade just a little more affordable. It's available in all UK GAME stores, with full details on the retailer's website.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console usually costs £450 in the UK, offering leading visuals and performance among the current Xbox console family. The console marks the latest generation in console gaming, positioned alongside Xbox Series S, offering reduced load times and more complex worlds than Xbox One. The Xbox Series X offers 4K resolution gaming up to 120Hz, plus features like an optical disk drive, making this the must-buy for Xbox enthusiasts.

Xbox Series X, like other gaming hardware, has proven challenging to buy through high demand and stock shortages during its early months on the market. While Xbox Series X availability has improved in some regions, supply remains uncertain, especially with the holiday season soon approaching. It means price cuts on Xbox Series X won’t be happening, unless you go refurbished — with Sony's PlayStation 5 even increasing in price just earlier this week.

This latest GAME offer might make sense for those looking to switch, providing a hassle-free upgrade for the latest and greatest on the market. GAME recommends those interested should visit in-store and secure a quote to take advantage of the offer.

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