Hello Games reveals new game, Light No Fire, at The Game Awards

Light No Fire was revealed by Hello Games at the 2023 Game Awards show.
(Image credit: Hello Games)

What you need to know

  • Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, was interviewed by Geoff Keighley about the 10 year anniversary of No Man's Sky.
  • During the interview, Murray revealed that Hello Games had been working on a new game the last 5 years, called Light No Fire.
  • Light No Fire will be a procedurally generated Earth with fantasy open-world elements and multiplayer gameplay.

Hello Games founder Sean Murray was interviewed by Geoff Keighley at The Game Awards 2023 where he revealed the studio has been working on its next game for the last 5 years. The upcoming game, titled Light No Fire, is an epic fantasy game set on a procedurally generated planet. Murray described Light No Fire as "Something very different, something more ambitious" than No Man's Sky.

While No Man's Sky is an entire universe filled with sparsely populated planets, Light No Fire focuses instead on a single planet. Murray describes the studio's desire to create mountains that are miles high, surrounded by rivers, canyons, and continents. The goal for Light No Fire is to create a real open world without boundaries where "everybody can play together." The game was developed by a team of about a dozen people. "This is a game I would like to still be updating 10 years from now," said Murray.

The trailer for Light No Fire shows multiple unique creatures, roaming skeletons, and even anthropomorphic rabbits along with detailed underwater exploration. Players are seen foraging for resources, constructing buildings, and even flying on what resemble dragons and giant hummingbirds. The trailer also reveals weather systems and expansive, diverse ecosystems.

Murray is known for his exaggerations when it came to No Man's Sky pre-release. However, the game has continued to be supported with new content and free updates the last 10 years, and has even gone on to receive awards for its ongoing development. 

Light No Fire has been announced for PC at this time, though no official release date was given.

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