How to disorient enemies in The Division 2

Disorienting enemies in the Civic Center League in The Division 2
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Update March 12, 2024: The Two Bridges league is now active for the next two weeks, and one of the targets is to disorient True Sons enemies. This guide will help you max that out quickly, since you only need 250 to reach tier 10. There are two True Sons missions as part of the league, too, which will give you plenty of targets to grab the rewards fast. 

Status effects can be a big part of putting together a powerful build in The Division 2. But they're also important occasionally when it comes to completing challenges in Global Events and Leagues. Sometimes you need to specifically target applying a status effect to enemies in order to get your rewards. 

A recent example is the Civic Center League, part of Year 5 Season 3 Vanguard, where one of the categories is to disorient 250 enemies for maximum rewards. Disorient is a little less commonly used in builds compared to, say, bleed or burn, but once you know how to apply it you'll be able to crank out related challenges with ease. 

That's where this guide comes in. There are two easy ways to apply the disorient status effect consistently to enemies in the game. 

How to apply the disorient status effect to enemies in The Division 2

There will be times, such as the Civic Center League in Season 3 Vanguard, where applying the disorient status effect is important.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

There are two simple methods I use when I need to apply disorient status effects that can be easily copied by any player. The first involves a weapon, the second involves a skill. 

For maximum speed, especially if you're trying to achieve targets for league or Global Event challenges, you can run both together. 

The Scorpio will apply disorient to enemies you target with it. (Image credit: Windows Central)

The weapon you should turn to is the Scorpio exotic shotgun. That's because of its talent, Septic Shock. Each shot at an enemy applies a stack which will apply a debuff to said enemy. 

At three stacks, so three shots, disorient will be applied. The magazine is fairly small, but if you're clever you can apply the status effect to two enemies per magazine if you fire three times, then move to another, then reload. 

The Banshee Pulse deploys a wave that applies disorient to enemies caught in it, even if they're in cover.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

The skill you need is the Banshee Pulse, which is exclusive to the Gunner specialization. To be able to make use of it, you have to head back to the base of operations and make sure you enable it. 

The Banshee Pulse sends out a wave in front of you that will apply the disorient status effect to any enemies caught by it. Like all skills, it has a recharge time, and that will vary depending on the build you're running it with. To make this go down, stack as much Skill Haste as you can. 

If you'd rather not do that, pair it with the Scorpio mentioned above, as that way you'll be able to keep applying disorient while your pulse recharges. Banshee Pulse also applies the effect even if enemies are in cover, so it's very effective. 

But that's all there is to it. You can target some of the items in the environment that will also apply disorient, but the most reliable method to do it quickly and successfully is by using these two pieces of gear. 

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