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Lords of the Fallen
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With nine available starting classes, Lords of the Fallen has no shortage of options for new players to choose from as they begin their adventure in Mournstead. However, there are also four secret starting classes that you don't have access to yet. Unlocked through gameplay, these classes are excellent picks for putting together specialized builds in future playthroughs.

The game doesn't explain how to unlock these classes — or that they even exist in the first place — but fear not, Lampbearer, because we're here to help. In the guide below, you'll find everything you need to know about Lords of the Fallen's secret classes. This includes everything you need to do to get access to each one, as well as an explanation of the strengths and capabilities of each one.

How to unlock secret classes in Lords of the Fallen

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To get access to the four secret classes in Lords of the Fallen, you'll first need to accomplish specific objectives during playthroughs of the game. Specifically, one of them requires you to complete a questline, while each of the other three are tied to one of the three endings you can get at the end of the game.

In the table below, we've listed all four of these classes, as well as their official descriptions and a quick explanation of how you can access them.

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ClassDescriptionHow to unlock
Dark CrusaderA Paladin of the Dark Crusaders, an elite military order in service to the Church of Orian Radiance, spreading the teachings of the church and Orius via whatever means necessary. A physically powerful class suitable for those who favour a more aggressive approach.Purchase the Deluxe Edition or complete Paladin Isaac's questline.
Radiant PurifierA martial priest of the Church of Orian Radiance whose rigorous training in both spiritual and somantic serves them in unflinchingly cleansing anything deemed anathema to the church and Orius. An offence-focused class vulnerable to physical harm but with a greater tolerance for magical damage.Complete Lords of the Fallen with the Radiance ending.
LordGifted with the inhuman strength and ferocity of the Rhogar as reward for their loyalty to Adyr, this exalted warrior carries out the will of their god while leaving a trail of butchery and incineration in their wake. An accessible class which trades mobility and speed for sheer power.Complete Lords of the Fallen with the Inferno ending.
Putrid ChildOne who has gazed into the truth beyond the shroud and been born anew in the glory of the Putrid Mother, revelling in atrophy and manipulating death itself. An advanced class for those certain that supremacy lies in the eternal power of Umbral, not base conjurings or ephemeral flesh of steel.Complete Lords of the Fallen with the Umbral ending.

Under the below headings, you'll find more specific details about each class and their unlock requirements. Note that these details include spoilers, so don't read on if you want to discover each ending on your own.

How to unlock the Dark Crusader class

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The Dark Crusader class is a heavily armored Strength/Radiance class that starts with a powerful longsword and a nifty pendant that gives you an extra two stat points in both Strength and Endurance. To unlock it, you'll need to complete Paladin Isaac's questline during a playthrough

This first entails getting the Flayed Skin item in Abandoned Redscope, which is found on the right side of the forked path leading away from where you encountered the Lightreaper boss there. Then, you'll need to activate four specific Stigmas in Umbral — one in Lower Calrath, two in Fief of the Chill Curse, and one in Path of Devotion — before fighting Isaac himself in the Path of Devotion area. Doing so and emerging victorious will give you the Umbral-Tinged Flayed Skin.

Take this item back to where you got the original Flayed Skin, enter Umbral, and use it to open the large door that appears. Then, acquire Isaac's gear from the platform beyond it. Finally, when you face the Lightreaper again, summon Isaac to help you defeat him. Once he's dead, you'll have unlocked the Dark Crusader class for subsequent playthroughs.

Notably, if you own the Deluxe Edition of Lords of the Fallen, you'll have access to the Dark Crusader class automatically. This means you can use it on your very first playthrough.

How to unlock the Radiant Purifier class

Radiant Purifier has a high starting level, several Radiance spells, and 18 points in Radiance itself, making it an excellent choice for kickstarting a support and buff-oriented spellcaster. To unlock this class, you'll need to play through Lords of the Fallen and get the Radiance ending.

Of the game's three endings, this is the one players are most likely to get. To achieve it, you simply have to cleanse all five of the corrupted beacons in Mournstead, then defeat Adyr at the end of the game.

How to unlock the Lord class

Lord is essentially an Inferno version of the Radiant Purifier, and starts out at Level 24 with a whopping 22 points in Inferno, the tradeoff being fewer points in Agility and Vitality compared to its Radiance counterpart. This class is perfect for those that want to craft a character that fully commits to high-damage Inferno spells, and to get access to it, you'll need to play through Lords of the Fallen and get the Inferno ending.

To get this ending, you'll need to choose not to cleanse any of the corrupted beacons in Mournstead. Then, in the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters, you can find a Rune of Adyr that becomes empowered once you take it to the effigy of Adyr found in Bramis Castle (if the Iron Wayfarer takes it during your fight with the Rapturous Huntress of the Dark, you can fight him in Bramis Castle to take it back).

The rune can then be used to snuff out all five of the beacons entirely, and once you defeat Judge Cleric, The Radiant Sentinel, you can enter her mind by interacting with her true form that remains in front of the beacon in her boss arena. Then, interact with Iselle — the blonde woman wearing a crown of flowers — and Adyr will claim her body as his own, using it to return to and take over Mournstead. This will trigger the Inferno ending, and unlock the Lord class to use in future playthroughs.

How to unlock the Putrid Child class

The Putrid Child class doesn't have many points in anything other than Vitality, Radiance, and Inferno, making it ideal for an Umbral mage setup. This is reinforced by the fact that it starts with an Umbral catalyst and three Umbral spells, allowing you to cast effectively right away. To unlock this class, you'll need to play through Lords of the Fallen and get the Umbral ending.

This ending is very easy to miss. It first requires defeating Harrower Dervla the Pledged Knight and The Unbroken Promise in the Revelation Depths area, which is home to a special well you'll need to come back to. Then, spend 1,000 Vigor to buy the Scouring Clump item from Molhu in Skyrest; when used at the aforementioned well, this item will transport you to a unique new location called Mother's Lull. 

The non-hostile NPC here will give you Seedpods that you'll then need to use on the characters they're for; they will die after you do so, resulting in the creation of new platforms in Mother's Lull. You will get Seedpods for Damarose, Gerlinde, and Melchior, in that order; you won't get the next Seedpod until the one you already have has been used.

When you get the Rune of Adyr from the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters (or from Iron Wayfarer in Bramis Castle, if he takes it), take it to the NPC in Mother's Lull to turn it into the Withered Rune of Adyr. Then, use Melchior's Seedpod on his corpse in the Bramis Castle throne room. Next, look for the Iron Wayfarer in Fief of the Chill Curse while in Umbral, and use the Withered Rune of Adyr on him to kill him and receive Harkyn's Umbral Parasite. This can be inserted into a column near Molhu that has an opening in it.

Once that's done, speak with Molhu, who will then tell you about Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal's Umbral parasite. Interact with her and choose the Soul Flay option to transport to a boss fight against Elianne the Starved; defeat her to get Elianne's Umbral Parasite, and slot it into the column by Molhu. Finally, speak with Molhu and select Enter Mother's Lull to trigger a scene where he uses his own Seedpod on himself; this kills him and completes the fourth and final platform in Mother's Lull. Now, simply walk across all the platforms you've built there to achieve the Umbral ending and unlock the Putrid Child class.

Lords of the Fallen is available to play now on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 for $69.99, as well as on Windows PC (Steam and Epic Games) for $59.99. It's quickly become one of my favorite Soulslikes ever, and is undoubtedly one of 2023's best Xbox games and best PC games.

Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen

With responsive, precise, and challenging combat, innovative twists, stellar grimdark presentation, and more, Lords of the Fallen is one of the best Soulslikes available. Don't sleep on it if you're a fan of the genre.

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