Minecraft Dungeons has reached 25 million players, well after its final update already released

Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition Key Art
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What you need to know

  • Minecraft Dungeons is a unique, action-RPG Minecraft spin-off game released in May 2020.
  • Since then, the game has enjoyed pretty healthy post-launch support with frequent updates and DLC expansions.
  • However, the game hasn't received any updates or news since the 1.17 update in Nov. 2022.
  • That's now confirmed to be Minecraft Dungeons' final update ever, as the game officially reaches over 25 million players across platforms.

Minecraft Dungeons was the first proper attempt from Mojang Studios to expand the Minecraft universe beyond the creative-survival genre it helped pioneer. It's a unique, approachable action-RPG game that felt awfully light on content at release, but quickly expanded with a ton of DLC expansions and post-launch updates. As the game reaches a brand-new milestone five years after the game was initially announced, it's also confirmed that the final content update already released months ago.

Minecraft Dungeons has officially reached over 25 million unique players across Xbox, Windows PC, PlayStation, and Switch, an impressive accomplishment for any title. That number continues to rise, too, building off the substantial content Minecraft Dungeons already boasts.

Unfortunately, there will be no more content from here on out. Minecraft Dungeons' final update was the 1.17 release, rolled out alongside Season 3: Fauna Faire. Yes, that update was released in Nov. 2022, meaning it has been nearly 10 months since Minecraft Dungeons saw any announcements or new features. Dungeons fans may have hoped to see that change at the upcoming Minecraft Live 2023 event, but it's not meant to be.

Mojang Studios states that the Minecraft Dungeons team has since moved on to new projects exploring expansions in the Minecraft universe, so we may hear more about these upcoming projects in the near future. In the meantime, while Minecraft Dungeons is technically end-of-life as a live service game, there's still plenty of content to explore. There are six DLC expansions available for Minecraft Dungeons (all included in the Ultimate Edition), as well as three Seasonal Adventures that can all be accessed permanently for ever-changing content and challenges. There's a lot to explore, a lot of achievements to earn, and hours of content to enjoy.

It's sad that Minecraft Dungeons won't see anywhere near the same lifespan as its big sibling, Minecraft, but it's still one of the best Xbox games for action-RPG fans. It's a lot of fun to play with friends, and it's approachable enough for children to quickly pick up, too. Minecraft Legends, an action-strategy game that released earlier this year, has now picked up the mantle as Minecraft's current live service spin-off. Hopefully, we'll hear more about what's next for the Minecraft universe at this year's Minecraft Live event.

Congrats to Minecraft Dungeons on 25 million heroes.

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