New Xbox controller colors including lovely pink with pearlescent white are available at Xbox Design Lab

Xbox Design Labs Cosmic Shift controller
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What you need to know

  • Xbox Design Lab allows people to customize Xbox controllers with specific colors and features. 
  • Today, four additional colors in the Shift Series have become available for Xbox controllers: Cosmic Shift, Aqua Shift, Lunar Shift, and Stellar Shift.
  • Shift Series controllers are named so for their color-shifting top casing, which shimmers between two colors for a dynamic look. 
  • These Xbox Shift Series controller colors are available for customization and purchase right now. 

Xbox Design Lab is an awesome customization feature on Microsoft's website that allows users to design their own Xbox controllers with the exact colors and features they want. As of today, Xbox released four additional front case colors for consumers to choose from so they can create the best Xbox controllers that match their style. 

Seeing as how these new colors are all part of the Shift Series, they each shimmer between two colors or gradients for a dynamic look. There's a purple-blue Stellar Shift, a gold-silver Lunar Shift, a blue-light blue Aqua Shift, and a lovely pearlescent white-pink Cosmic Shift. According to Xbox's official announcement, Cosmic Shift is the "true highlight" of these new colors.

Xbox Shift Series Controllers | See at Xbox

Xbox Shift Series Controllers | See at Xbox

Four gorgeous new Xbox Controller colors have been released as part of Xbox Design Lab's Shift Series. You can purchase the blue Aqua Shift, the silver-gold Lunar Shift, the purple-blue Stellar Shift or the white-pink Cosmic Shift. 

"Beginning with the ocean and culminating in deep space, the Cosmic Shift encapsulates the endpoint of this grand journey through the universe. The white-pink shimmer is perfectly subtle, reminiscent of a star-filled nebula, providing a unique aesthetic for you to get your hands on." It certainly is gorgeous and it's fun to see the pearly pink and white colors dance as the controller is rotated.

You can start designing your perfect Xbox Series  X|S controller with these four new Shift Series colors right away as they are available as of today. The exact pricing for customizing a controller at Xbox Design Lab varies depending on all of the options you select. The base price starts at $69.99 before tax and additional add-ons. 

Windows Central's take

Building a custom Xbox controller with Shift Series colors. (Image credit: Windows Central)

There's a lot of debate about which console controller is the best, but many argue that the Xbox controller is king. This is due to the Xbox controller's excellent grips that help relieve hand discomfort as well as its hefty, balanced feel. The layout is also an important factor thanks to the large buttons and joysticks that make it easy to press the correct controls even in heart-pounding boss fight scenarios. 

Historically, Xbox has produced much prettier Xbox controller color options for fans to choose from than PlayStation and Nintendo. This is punctuated with several limited edition controller releases that make the collecting process fun. What's more, compared to PlayStation and Nintendo, Xbox is the best in terms of official controller customization. 

Everything from the front and back casings to the specific buttons, triggers, bumpers, joysticks, and D-Pad can be altered to specific predetermined colors so players can create a gamepad that is as unique as they are. I especially love the choice of matte versus metallic D-Pad and Triggers. Coupled with the right Shift Series front casing options, these metallic colors can really pop. So it's nice to see that Xbox is continuing to come out with new color options for players to choose from. 

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