Want an Xbox Series X? Buy this bundle deal and get Starfield on the house

Ever since the console released in late 2020, it's been pretty difficult to reliably get a brand new Xbox Series X at MSRP due to the ongoing global chip shortage. The market has improved significantly over time, though, and most retailers have the system in stock at least semi-frequently. One such distributor is Verizon, which not only has new Xbox Series X consoles available, but is even bundling them with copies of Bethesda's new sci-fi epic, Starfield.

Normally, Verizon's bundle goes for $569.99 to account for the $70 cost of the Standard Edition of Starfield. Right now, though, you can get it for just $499.99 thanks to a sweet deal. This means that alongside your Xbox Series X, you're basically getting the first-party exclusive RPG for free. That's fantastic value, so if you're looking to get a Series X, don't miss your chance to take advantage of this offer before it inevitably comes off the table.

Xbox Series X + Starfield Bundle | $569.99 $499.99 at Verizon

Xbox Series X + Starfield Bundle | $569.99 $499.99 at Verizon

Normally $570, Verizon's bundle of the Xbox Series X and Starfield has been knocked down to $500 for a limited time. Take advantage of this deal, and you'll essentially get Starfield for free with your new flagship console.

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's flagship in its fourth generation of consoles, sporting 12 Teraflops of processing power, support for native 4K gaming at up to 120 FPS, 1TB of internal storage, and a disc drive for physical games (and for DVDs and Blu-ray discs). This places it firmly above the less expensive and powerful Xbox Series S in terms of overall capabilities, as that system doesn't have a disc drive, is only capable of 1440p gaming, and comes with 512GB of storage by default (there's a new edition with 1TB, though).

Other bells and whistles include support for up to 8K HDR video, variable refresh rate, an auto low-latency mode, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. In terms of ports, you get three USB-A, one HDMI 2.1 (out), and 1Gbps Ethernet, along with an SSD expansion slot you can fill with one of Seagate's or WD_Black's drives.

The Series X also features Quick Resume, which suspends games in the background and allows you to switch between them in seconds without having to deal with loading screens. For folks who like to play lots of different games in one sitting, this is an incredible feature — especially since the massive Xbox Game Pass library is sure to pull you in many directions, should you subscribe to the service.

You'll be better off with the Series S if you're on a tight budget or if you don't have a 4K TV, but if you do and you want to experience the latest and greatest titles at their best, the Series X is a fantastic console you're sure to love. Starfield, too, is excellent; in our review of the game, Windows Central Managing Editor Jez Corden called it "one of Microsoft's best exclusive games in over a decade."

Brendan Lowry

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