Overwatch 2 Loverwatch: How to get the secret ending

Loverwatch: Love Never Dies
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Overwatch 2's Ultimate Valentine event is only a day away, and ahead of its launch, developer Blizzard has released "Loverwatch: Love Never Dies," a hilarious and free Overwatch-themed dating simulator. In the text-based minigame, players can chat with and date both Genji and Mercy. Loverwatch can be played on desktop web browsers and supports six languages, including Korean, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, and English.

While playing Loverwatch, fans can earn a variety of Overwatch 2 rewards from it, including several themed titles that players can display next to their in-game BattleTag. However, the ultimate unlock from the dating sim is the Cupid's Kiss highlight intro for Hanzo. To get it, you'll have to achieve Loverwatch's secret ending.

We've completed Loverwatch several times since it was released, and have figured out how to do just that. Here's a quick guide on what you have to do to get the secret ending.

Loverwatch dating sim: How to unlock the secret ending

(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

Note: Make sure you sign in with your Overwatch 2 Battle.net account on the Loverwatch page to link it to your progress!

To unlock Loverwatch's secret ending, you'll need to successfully woo both Genji and Mercy. That means you'll need to complete two full runs of the game, making sure that you select the right dialogue options when dating both characters. Once this is achieved, starting another new game will unlock a short dialogue with Cupid Hanzo in which he awards you the Cupid's Kiss highlight intro.

To romance Genji, it's important to focus on his interests and reassure him whenever he questions himself. Because Genji is sometimes unsure of himself and experiences instances of self-doubt, he likes it when you compliment him and show interest in the things that matter to him. He'll also enjoy if you tell a joke about ninjas or cyborgs in the Laff Attic, and ordering Rikimaru Ramen — his favorite food — scores big points during the Cafe Azur dinner date

Mercy, meanwhile, responds well to kind and thoughtful responses. Avoid saying things that might hurt her feelings at all costs, even if it means you have to do a little fibbing. She loves it when you joke about why surgeons don't like operating on elbows, and she'll get excited if you order Bircher Muesli for dinner

Make sure you select the "Accept Genji's/Mercy's love" option at the end of each route to lock in the romances, and you'll have access to the secret ending. Once you've spoken with Cupid Hanzo in it, you can redeem the Cupid's Kiss highlight intro from the Rewards tab on the main menu.

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