Palworld: How to get Pal Fluid

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Getting Pal Fluid in Palworld is quite simple (Image credit: Pocketpair)

There are a few resources that are a little less intuitive to find than others in Palworld. For instance, I didn't know that leather came from Foxsparks until I had to look it up. Likewise, while it makes sense, there is always the issue of not knowing what you don't know. If you're looking for Pal Fluid for a recipe you need to continue leveling up your base, look no further. 

Pal Fluid is similar to other elemental items in Palworld, like Flame Organs, Ice Organs, and Electric Organs, which drop off Pals with that type of element. Luckily, Pal Fluid isn't something you will need to farm a lot of as it's only necessary for a handful of recipes, but it's still helpful to know how to get some easily when you need a few. 

How to find Pal Fluid in Palworld?

In the beginner are of the map, you want to head to a beach area to find water Pals. (Image credit: Pocketpair)

In order to get Pal Fluid in Palworld, you'll need to either defeat or capture Pals that have the water type. You can typically find these around beaches, and you can tell you have the correct type of Pal by looking at the icon over their heads. It should look like a droplet of water. See the image below. 

When you kill or capture a water-type Pal, they should drop Pal Fluid, which can be used for crafting recipes and structures. Here is a list of items that need Pal Fluid to craft.

  • Celaray's Gloves
  • Cement
  • Witch Cauldron
  • Tomato Plantation
  • Hot Spring
  • Azurobe Saddle
  • Water Fountain
  • Surfent Saddle
  • Lettuce Plantation

Palworld is a fantastic game; my biggest complaint is that I don't have enough time to play. It's enjoying immense success right now and shows how games can be fun and don't need to be MMORPG Battle Royales with microtransactions and live events to succeed. 

Palworld is now available on Xbox series X|S, Xbox One consoles, and Windows PC via the Microsoft Store or Steam. It's quickly become one of the best Xbox games and best PC games of 2024 so far, and notably, it's also playable through Xbox Game Pass.

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