Overwatch 2 Season 9 is called 'Champions' and this is one of the game's biggest updates

Overwatch Moira
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What you need to know

  • Overwatch 2 Season 9 "Champions" is set to release on February 13th, 2024, with a lot of updates! 
  • There will be a large pass on competitive play with a rank reset, and live progress tracking during ranked matches. 
  • It includes new cosmetics like jade-styled weapons, a new Mythic Skin for Moira based on a Lovecraftian-style horror, which is also vaguely reminiscent of a Warcraft Old God. 
  • A variety of new skins and additional features. 

Overwatch 2 has had many updates over the years, especially when it transformed from a 6v6 game in Overwatch to a 5v5 game in Overwatch 2. However, this latest season update is one of the biggest I’ve seen in recent memory. 

There's a large array of improvements including the ability to track your ranked progress for each game mid-match, it's the perfect time for new players to jump in and play. In the teaser trailer, it looked like there is also a new map for us to explore which is great to have, and I am pleased to see the variance in what Blizzard is bringing to the table for this update. 

With the addition of new skins, there is also a full competitive rework. There were a lot of people complaining about Overwatch 2's 5v5 system, so this update could prove useful in adding more substance to what the game has to offer in said 5v5. In addition to there also being a full competitive rank reset to accommodate the new gameplay style. Rumors have suggested that Overwatch 2 will now include some regenerating health even for DPS classes, which should ease the flow of the game and help people get back into the action more quickly. The trailer also showed that Moira has "descended into darkness," as part of what appears to be a new PvE map, complete with a cosmic horror boss and Mythic Skin to match. 

Jade weapons being added are a nice surprise too. At Blizzcon 2023, they were shown, so it's nice to see that they made their way into the game as an actual add-on for players. In addition to all of the new things coming in this new season, Hero Mastery: Gauntlet (which is a new co-op mode with tower defence gameplay) looks fun and is something fresh for Overwatch. 

Overall, a lot is coming to this game that from the looks of it will improve the substance of the package, while also addressing some long-term feedback about how 5v5 has played out so far. We will see what old and new players will think in the coming weeks. Finally, Blizzard also teased what appears to be a collaboration with acclaimed anime series Cowboy Bebop, with the show's music playing towards the end of the trailer. 

Hopefully, there will also be other bug fixes and improvements to address some long standing quirks with the new client. With the launch happening next week, I'm sure fans are waiting with bated breath and shaky controls in excitement.

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Arielle Danan
staff writer and video editor