A hugely underrated PlayStation horror game is launching on Windows PC and PS5 in Fall 2024

Until Dawn PS5 PC key art
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What you need to know

  • Earlier in 2024, PlayStation revealed that a quasi-remake of 2015 horror title Until Dawn was on the way, with development being led by Ballistic Moon, a U.K. team. 
  • This remake has been built using Unreal Engine 5 and includes adjustments to the story, as well as new locations and collectibles. 
  • During the May 2024 State of Play, a new trailer confirmed that the Until Dawn remake is set to launch later in Fall 2024 for Windows PC and PlayStation 5.

You won't spared till' another year. 

The previously announced Until Dawn remake is launching across Windows PC and PlayStation at some point in Fall 2024, as shared by PlayStation during the May 2024 State of Play presentation. You can check out the new gameplay trailer on YouTube, showing off improved lighting and rebuilt scenes with the familiar cast of playable characters.

Just like in the original 2015 experience, players control a number of teenagers who head back to a holiday getaway a year after a tragic accident. From there, players' actions determine who lives or dies, with almost every fate being changeable depending on what happens.

The Until Dawn remake features a number of graphical upgrades, as the team at Ballistic Moon has used Unreal Engine 5 to recreate the dark, snowy environs of Blackwood Mountain. New story tidbits include additional locations to explore, while Mark Korven — a composer who has worked on a number of horror films like The Witch and The Lighthouse — is providing a new soundtrack for Until Dawn. 

Until Dawn first launched almost nine years ago

Sam, one of the main protagonists in Until Dawn. (Image credit: PlayStation Studios)

Until Dawn first launched in August 2015. The game was developed by Supermassive Games (though an early version was explored by the now-shuttered Sony London studio). Until Dawn was generally praised, and while PlayStation opted not to have a sequel developed, its success led Supermassive Games to create a series of smaller spiritual successors called The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Analysis: A neat horror experience comes back around

I loved Until Dawn when it first launched back in 2015, as it was one of the first PlayStation 4 games I owned. It's great that a wider audience will be able to play this now, and as much as the original experience does hold up in many ways, I'm excited to see things like new graphical upgrades and accessibility features in this remake. I was hoping for a more specific release date, but as it's "Fall 2024," I'm expecting it'll launch around Halloween now.

I'm also curious when we'll learn more about the film adaption for Until Dawn, as I'm sure Sony is hoping to achieve some cross-media synergy like we've seen occur for The Last of Us and Fallout

The list of PlayStation Studios games on Windows PC is continuing to grow, slowly but steadily, and I'm curious to see what else is on the way in the coming months. In addition to Until Dawn's remake, God of War Ragnarök is coming to PC on Sep. 19, 2024, and I'm certain there's more following shortly after.

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