Palworld interactive map: Where to find specific Pals

Image of a Palworld interactive map
Get your Pal collecting on with this awesome interactive map (Image credit:

If there is one thing we are all itching to do in Palworld, it is going out and exploring to catch more Pals. Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple. Every time I feel satisfied with my base building and item crafting, I head out into the world only to realize that I don't have enough Pal Spheres to catch a lot of Pals. Even when I have enough Pals, I have difficulty finding the one Pal I'm looking for. That problem is a thing of the past, though, thanks to this excellent interactive map being made by the people over at, which you can check out for yourselves.

I have been looking for Vixy's so I can place them in my ranch and get unlimited Pal Spheres. But every time I go out looking, I get distracted or get over-encumbered. It's also annoying to search for each Pal location whenever I want to find one, so this map helps a lot. Of course, there are also other interactive maps, so I'll leave a list of them on this page. 

Palworld Interactive Map: Pal spawn locations

Image of Vixy locations in Palworld

You can easily select which Pal locations you want to find on the map.  (Image credit:

Interactive Palworld Maps: 

As you can see, there are several Palworld Interactive maps to use, but the one I'm using in the above screenshot is You can easily use this tool to find the spawn location for Pals. No more searching around or trying to sort through a huge map cluttered with too much information. If you want to know where to find a Quivern, you can just look at the map and see where it shows up. 

The map is covered until the player explores the world.  (Image credit: Michael Hoglund)

One of the most complex parts of Palworld is the map has a Fog of War system to it, so until you explore, it can be hard to know exactly where you are in the world compared to these huge maps that show everything at once. Still, it's positive as it pushes the player to explore more freely.

Is the Palworld interactive map getting more locations?

The creator of the map, user Embarrassed-Notice32 on Reddit, explained in their post that they are looking for feedback and ideas for the map. One of the top comments is a laundry list of ideas for the map I hope to implement quickly. 

  • User chunkyhut on Reddit: Here are most important things I'm looking for right now in a map:
  • Quick travel locations (always getting lost)
  • Boss Locations with Boss Levels (knowing the levels is important)
  • Syndicate Tower Locations
  • Spawn locations for all regular pals (no way this knowledge is available for a while so nothing will have this I wager)

The original poster responded a day ago, stating, "Thanks! I will add the other locations in the next few days." Hopefully, these other locations will be added to the map soon. That would be super awesome. I also hope that the person behind the map can add rare resources and vendors to the map as well. 

A cool aside from Palworld, if you look on the left side of the Palworld Interactive Map, there seem to be similar maps for several other games. This kind of community-driven work is incredible and should be applauded. 

I found another interactive map with more vendor and point of interest locations, but it doesn't have all the Pal locations like the map on does. But together, these provide a great resource. 

Image of interactive Palworld Map

Palworld Interactive Map | Map Genie is another interactive map that has more items but less Pal locations.  (Image credit:

If you haven't jumped onto the Palworld train yet, You can pick up the game on Steam or Game Pass for either Xbox or PC. Check out why there are some differences between the Xbox|Windows Store version of the game vs the Steam version

I'm playing the game on Game Pass and love that my Save is seamlessly backed up to the cloud so I can switch from my Xbox Series X, PC, and ASUS ROG Ally. Game Pass is a great option to play the game as well as enjoy the slew of games coming out this year that were recently showcased at the Xbox Developer Direct.

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