Believe it or not, we're getting another wireless Xbox controller — and this one is modular

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What you need to know

  • Vitrix, owned by PDP, is launching a wireless Xbox controller to directly compete with the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro. 
  • It comes in Black or White, has a modular design with swappable buttons, multi-position clutch triggers, and a built-in Dolby Atmos lifetime subscription.
  • The controller will be available in February 2024, and cheaper than the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra at $179.99 but you'll need to pay extra for Hall-effect stick modules. 

Wake up babes, a new third-party wireless Xbox controller just dropped. Well, not quite, it drops in February, but we've got a sneak peek at the Vitrix Pro BFG controller today!

Vitrix, who is a subsidiary of PDP and specializes in peripherals for Esports, has announced the launch of its first wireless controller for Xbox, which boasts a modular design and comes in Black or White to match your console. Pre-orders for the controller open in January 2024, with general sale going live in February for an MSRP of $179.99.

Vitrix Pro BFG controller for Xbox comes in Black or White (Image credit: PDP)

How much?!

Yes, it will be $179.99, which while expensive comes in $20 under the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra. This is a pretty average price for a controller aimed at the competitive gamer market and the Vitrix Pro BFG is certainly that with its modular design that allows the swapping of buttons and joysticks to players preference, and 4 mappable back buttons. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with Hall-effect sticks as standard, and these are separate purchasable modules of which the price hasn't been made clear yet. 

How does this compare to other wireless Xbox competitive controllers?

This isn't the first wireless controller from a third party for Xbox, but the market is extremely small with Microsoft only recently loosening the reigns on its licensing for wireless options. The most recent of note is the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra which I'm currently reviewing, and arguably the most popular of all of the brands available. Here's how the Vitrix Pro BFG compares to this and other third-party wireless options on the market.

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Competitive Xbox wireless controllers
Wireless2.4gHz via USB-A transmitter2.4gHz via USB-A transmitterDirect wireless connectionDirect wireless connection
BluetoothBluetooth to mobileBluetooth to mobileBluetooth to mobileBluetooth to mobile
SticksStandard stick, optional Hall-effect modules sold seperatelyHall effect sticksStandard SticksStandard Sticks
TriggersAdjustable, with Hair Trigger mode (patented)Adjustable trigger throwStandard triggersAdjustable trigger throw
D-pad & ABXYMembrane standard, micro-switch on fight pad moduleMicroswitch D-pad & ABXYStandard D-pad & ABXYStandard membrane D-pad and ABXY
Programmable buttons4424
Integrated displayIntegrated color display
Case includedUnknownHard-case with pass through charging$29.99 accessory pack
LightingSingle LED for connectionCustomizable RGB lightingSingle LED for connectionLEDs for conection & 3 profiles
Swappable partsModular swappable buttons and thumbsticksSwappable thumb capsModular mobile design & phone clipSwppable stick caps
Audio Controls3.5mm 4-pole Headset Jack, Dolby Atmos Subscription IncludedTurtle Beach audio dashboardMic mute only
Customization app
Charge dockCharge dock & 3m USB cable
Battery lifeup to 20 hours 30+ hoursUp to 60 hoursUp to 30 hours
Play & charge

As you can see from above there are a few notable differences between the Vitrix Pro BFG and those that have preceded it. The main feature that sets it apart from its competitors is the modular aspect, meaning players can swap out entire sticks and button sets for their preferred setup.

The reversible left module allows for standard Xbox-style offset sticks, or for them to be laid out symmetrically as per the Playstation controllers. Fighting game fans can also enjoy a Fight Pad module which replaces the right stick entirely with 6 microswitch buttons. The D-Pad, Analog Stick Caps, and Analog Stick Gates are also interchangeable.

Patented multi-position clutch triggers featuring Hall-effect technology and boasting 5 different stopping points, allowing players to tune the trigger pulls to their specific liking, whether they want hair triggers, standard triggers, or something in the middle. Unfortunately, the Hall-effect tech doesn't stretch to the sticks though, so you'll need to purchase those separately if it's a must-have (which for most pro-users it is). There are other methods to avoid stick drift in the Control Hub, as this also allows players to recalibrate their analog sticks, which can also be done manually without the app.

Competition is heating up

The Vitrix Pro BFG has a modular design to set it apart from competitors (Image credit: Future)

When the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra was announced, I did predict an opening of the floodgates for more wireless Xbox options, and it looks like 2024 will really be the year of more choice. The Vitrix Pro BFG may not be as instantly recognizable a brand to the masses, but this controller looks to offer its own unique take on the market with its clever modular design, and I must admit that D-pad design intrigues me.

It remains to be seen whether we get more viable, budget options though, as fans are still left wanting for something under $100 from the likes of more affordable brands like GameSir. Having just tested its impeccable T4 Cyclone Pro I'm hoping it also throws something into the ring soon, but this offering from Vitrix looks tempting for more competitive players who want an edge and endless customization possibilities.

The Vitrix Pro BFG will be available for pre-order in January and you can register on the Vitrix website to be notified, with units officially being delivered in February 2024. 

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