Diablo 4's first expansion is called Vessel of Hatred, bringing a new class in late 2024

Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred announce
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What you need to know

  • Diablo 4 first launched back in June 2023. 
  • While new adventures are being added in the game's seasons, the story is continuing through two major expansions.
  • During BlizzCon 2023, Blizzard Entertainment shared that the first expansion is called Vessel of Hatred. 
  • Vessel of Hatred is launching at some point in late 2024, and will feature a brand-new class not seen in a Diablo game so far. 

Hatred is continuing to burn in Sanctuary. 

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the first major expansion for Diablo 4 during BlizzCon 2023. Titled Vessel of Hatred, this expansion is centered on the Prime Evil Mephisto, and will be taking players back to the Teganze Plains and Torajan Jungle, lands explored during Diablo 2. You can take a look at the announcement trailer below:

Vessel of Hatred, appropriately enough, refers to the impending return of Mephisto, the Prime Evil of Hatred, and the father of Lilith, the main antagonist of Diablo 4's campaign. Vessel of Hatred is the first of two expansions Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed, which are designed to add new classes, major areas to explore, and to continue the main story of the game.

While details are scarce, Blizzard Entertainment also shared that Vessel of Hatred will include a new class that is entirely new, meaning this won't be a class that has been featured in prior Diablo games. 

In our review of Diablo 4, managing editor Jez Corden wrote that "Diablo 4 might be Blizzard's most important, pivotal game since World of Warcraft. Do yourself a favor and go in completely blind. Even if you're not a typical fan of isometric action RPGs, I'm confident that you won't be disappointed."

Analysis: Hell yeah

As one of the more casual Diablo players, I really enjoyed Diablo 4's story, but I'm not too heavily involved in the seasonal content right now. I'll be there day one for this expansion however, and while I'm inclined to just keep playing my Sorceress, I'm really curious what new class Blizzard is adding.

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