Far Cry 6 is having a monumental discount deal and is $12.99 for Prime Day!

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Prime Day is offering an extraordinary deal for the standard edition of Far Cry 6, for the low price of $12.99 at Amazon. That is 72% cheaper than its normal retail cost of $59.99 and is the biggest discount this game has ever seen. If you have been holding out for a good deal to purchase the latest entry in Ubisoft's Far Cry franchise, Prime Day's current offering is the best time to do it.

Far Cry 6 (Standard Edition) | Was $59.99 $12.99 on Amazon

Far Cry 6 (Standard Edition) | Was $59.99 $12.99 on Amazon

Far Cry 6 is the latest entry of Ubisoft's long-running, open-world, sandbox shooters, Far Cry. Form a resistance movement, and liberate the nation of Yara from the oppression of its corrupt dictator, Antón Castillo.

Far Cry 6 has you step into the role of Dani Rojas, a young freedom fighter who is waging a war to free their country from its cruel dictator, Antón Castillo, and his military regime. This game is the most expansive Far Cry game to date: featuring a gigantic sandbox with a diverse range of locales to explore and liberate, such as cities, bayous, mountains, forests, jungles, and more.

In addition to regular firearms and vehicles, Far Cry 6 takes the series' engaging combat system to the next level by offering the player an arsenal of new and crazy weapons. These include spike throwers, CD-R Disc Launchers, multi-purpose "Supremo" backpacks, and much more. 

If you're a longtime Far Cry fan or someone who's in the mood for a fun, open-world first-person shooter for a low price, then you won't find a better deal than Prime Day's 72% discount on Far Cry 6.

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