Is Manor Lords coming to Xbox?

Manor Lords
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Is Manor Lords coming to Xbox?

Yes, Manor Lords is coming to Xbox. However, it won't be available on Microsoft's consoles when it launches in Early Access on April 26, as it's releasing on PC storefronts like Steam, GOG, and the Microsoft Store first. The Xbox launch will come at a later (currently unspecified) date.

Not on Xbox at launch, but it's coming

If you love strategy games, city-builders, or the medieval period, Manor Lords should absolutely be on your radar. With a unique blend of mechanics that weaves city development, economic and social simulation, and large-scale strategic medieval warfare into one cohesive experience, it looks to be one of this year's most impressive games. As a result, it's at the top of Steam's most wishlisted games list, and has been for quite some time.

Notably, Manor Lords is just a few weeks away, as it's slated to launch into Early Access on PC through Steam, GOG, and the Microsoft Store (it'll be on PC Game Pass, by the way) on April 26. However, many fans on Xbox systems are also hoping for a release on Microsoft's consoles, which begs the question: is Manor Lords coming to Xbox, too?

The good news is that it is — though the bad news is that it won't be on Xbox at launch, as it's coming to the platform at a later date. Still, Xbox fans will be happy to know that they'll eventually have the opportunity to become a lord of their very own medieval kingdom, and with any luck, the console version will be on Xbox Game Pass like the PC one is.

When will Manor Lords come to Xbox?

When you call for war, your city's inhabitants will take up arms to defend their homes. (Image credit: Hooded Horse)
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So, Manor Lords is indeed coming to Xbox at some point — but when can you expect to get your hands on it, if you're a player on console? Developer Slavic Magic and publisher Hooded Horse haven't specified a date yet, though based on everything I've seen so far, it sounds like it's coming sooner rather than later.

In the Manor Lords release date reveal trailer, it was announced that the game would be "coming soon to consoles." Additionally, in an Xbox Wire blog post, Microsoft commented that Manor Lords would be coming to its consoles "shortly after" its Early Access launch later this month. This makes me think we might see the game make its way to Xbox in Summer 2024 — in July or August, maybe — though it could arrive later in the year, too.

Of course, this is an Early Access game, and it's being made by one person: Slavic Magic's solo developer Greg Styczeń. Because of that, plans for Manor Lords are subject to change. Hopefully, though, the exciting strategy sim will come to Xbox in the near future.

Manor Lords looks like it might be one of the best PC games of 2024, as well as one of the best Xbox games once it arrives on Microsoft's consoles. It's slated to launch on the Microsoft Store, Steam, and GOG on April 26 — check our Manor Lords specs guide to make sure your PC rig can run the game.


Manor Lords (PC)

Build your medieval towns and grow them into bustling cities. You'll need to take the weather into account and fight off enemy forces in order to create a thriving economy, but that's all part of the fun in this ambitious strategy game.

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