Popular ghost hunting game Phasmophobia is coming to Xbox

A screenshot from the Phasmophobia console reveal showing a flashlight illuminating a ouija board
(Image credit: Kinetic Games)

What you need to know

  • British indie studio Kinetic Games released their ghost hunting simulator title Phasmophobia to Early Access on PCs in 2020.
  • The title exploded in popularity, but potential paranormal investigators on consoles were left out.
  • During the 2023 Xbox Games Showcase Extended a new trailer announcing Phasmophobia is coming to Early Access on Xbox in August 2023.

Paranormal investigation has become an incredibly popular past time for would-be-ghost hunters, and it only seems reasonable that the hobby would make for good inspiration for a horror game, as well.  British independent studio Kinetic Games clearly thought so, and Phasmophobia was released to PCs in Early Access in 2020. The 4-player cooperative ghost hunting simulator found its niche quickly, but players on consoles have been left out in the cold since the game's initial launch.

At the Xbox Games Showcase Extended Kinetic Games finally shined a light on Phasmophobia for consoles by revealing that the title will be coming to Xbox in August 2023

Up to 4-players across all platforms—including PC, Xbox, Playstation 5 and PSVR2—will be able to join together and use a plethora of real-life ghost hunting equipment in an effort to identify 24 ghost types with unique personalities in more than 10 different locations. Kinetic Games also promises additional free content updates and seasonal events to come in the future. 

Phasmophobia continues to undergo changes as it is in early access with new updates like customizable difficulties, collectibles, and a rewarding progression system. The game is shaping up to be a big release for the Xbox Series X|S family, and you can look forward to more info as it becomes available. 

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