Sea of Thieves is getting new weapons, a grapple gun, owls, and more throughout 2024

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What you need to know

  • Xbox studio Rare held a Sea of Thieves preview event for 2024, outlining things coming to the game across Seasons 12, 13, and 14.
  • Sea of Thieves is getting new weapons for the first time, including throwing knives, a double-barreled pistol, and a grapple gun. 
  • New items are on the way, including the Bone Caller, an item that can be used to summon friendly skeletons in a fight. 
  • Owls are also appear to be coming to the roster of available pets.

Rare's pirate adventure is continuing to grow. 

The Xbox studio shared an outline of what players can expect in Sea of Thieves throughout 2024, with a number of new weapons and items coming that are meant to shake up the existing gameplay balance across Seasons 12, 13, and 14.

Throwing knives and a double-barreled pistol are two of the new weapons being added, giving players additional melee and ranged options. A grapple gun is also on the way, giving pirates the option of quickly getting to a location or snagging treasure and other items from a distance. 

New items are also on the way, including the Bone Caller, a throwable flask that summons friendly skeletons to the aid of whoever threw it. These can be used in a pinch to swamp an enemy crew or to take on skeletons while searching for treasure.

The team is also introducing scattershot cannon ammo, which can be used to make several smaller holes in enemy ship, eschewing direct firepower in exchange for a greater hit radius.

Season 13 will see the return of the legendary Captain Flameheart, with his terrifying fire-spewing ship taking to the seas in a dangerous world event. Players can take over his ship and use it, but this will naturally make them a target for others players. You can check out the full outline of what to expect below:

While there's no specific date or details on when to expect it, the preview event closes out by showing owls, indicating that owls will be available this year as a new pet type for players to acquire.

Sea of Thieves is currently available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC, and is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 5 on April 30, 2024.

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It's been amazing to watch Sea of Thieves growing over the years, from additions like the Meg all the way back in 2018 to the introduction of Tall Tales and more. I'll definitely be hopping in to check out these additions with my crew this year, and I can't wait to have an owl on my ship. 

Sea of Thieves already crossed 30 million players, and with the addition of PlayStation 5 players this year alongside a bevy of awesome new gear and content, I'm expecting that number to grow significantly before 2025 is here.

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