Street Fighter 6 gets Juri and a newcomer named Kimberly

Street Fighter 6 Juri close-up shot
(Image credit: Capcom)

What you need to know

  • At Evo 2022, Capcom revealed two more characters for Street Fighter 6.
  • One of the fighters is Juri, who is more devious than ever before. 
  • The newcomer to the roster is Kimberly, a young Ninja. 
  • Street Fighter 6 is currently scheduled to launch in 2023.

As part of the Evo 2022 proceedings, Capcom showed up with some new reveals for its next big fighting game, bringing another returning character and newcomer to the field. 

Street Fighter 6 is getting Kimberly, a young new ninja who is described as being obsessed with 80s pop culture, alongside a love of graffiti. Meanwhile, the ever-wicked Juri is back in style. You can take a look at the introductory trailer for Juri and Kimberly in Street Fighter 6 below:

Kimberly's moves allow her to use her spray can and cassette player for special attacks, concealing her motions before she uses Spring to get up close and deal damage to her foes. Meanwhile, Juri is fairly similar to her past incarnations, but with some tweaked moves and gameplay mechanics that are designed to give her more flexibility, performing special moves without having a Fuha stock available. 

The roster of characters in Street Fighter 6 is continuing to grow, with Kimberly and Juri joining the already-announced characters so far that include a mixture of series icons and newcomers eager for action. It'll be interesting to see who else is revealed in the coming months. We also know that Street Fighter 6 features cross-play and netcode rollback, both being widely requested features in the fighting game community. 

While the upcoming game doesn't have an exact release date right now, Street Fighter 6 is currently slated to launch at some point in 2023. Developed using Capcom's propriety RE Engine technology, the game is coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, PS5, and PS4. 

Capcom has other major titles slated for 2023 as well, with the widely-anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake coming in March 2023 and the dinosaur-killing game ExoPrimal also scheduled for some point in 2023.

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