Xbox Game Pass $1 trial cut just DAYS before Starfield launch

Xbox Game Pass meme about Starfield
Microsoft ended the $1 trial for Xbox Game Pass days before the launch of Starfield. (Image credit: Bethesda / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has discontinued the $1 trial promotion for Xbox Game Pass.
  • The trial was shortened to 14 days rather than a month recently but is now gone altogether.
  • Microsoft has gone back and forth on having a $1 trial for Xbox Game Pass this year.
  • The end of the $1 Xbox Game Pass trial took place just days before the launch of Starfield.

There's bad news for anyone looking to play Starfield at a discount. Microsoft just ended its $1 trial for Xbox Game Pass. Earlier this month, the tech giant shortened the $1 trial from one month to just 14 days, but the option to try Xbox Game Pass for that price is now gone entirely. Instead, anyone new to Xbox Game Pass will have to pay full price to enjoy Starfield and the library of other titles available through the subscription.

An outcry came from fans when Microsoft shortened the $1 trial of Xbox Game Pass from one month to 14 days. Rather than roll back the change, Microsoft went in the other direction. Now, both Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ($16.99 per month) and PC Game Pass ($9.99 per month) are at full price without a discounted trial period.

The timing is unfortunate, as many gamers hoped to sign up for Xbox Game Pass for $1 and enjoy Starfield when it launches on September 6, 2023.

Twitter user Wario64 spotted the removal of the $1 trial from the Xbox Game Pass signup page:

Xbox Game Pass has seen many changes this year, including a price increase and a branding shift. Microsoft also took away and brought back the $1 trial for Xbox Game Pass several times throughout this year. We'll have to wait to see if things settle and remain consistent going forward.

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  • Gabe Szabo
    I was hoping you guys would put a straighter spin on this than the rest of media. Microsoft announced themselves the $1 deal was a limited time offer. No need for panties to catch fire at all.