Starfield: List of all factions

Starfield factions Constellation artifact
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When the chips are down, who are you going to ally with? 

Starfield is all about exploration and taking on the unknown, but there's still a list of factions that players are able to ally with or take on in combat. Whether players want to stand for the future of humanity, or become a space pirate and loot innocent vessels as they pass by, there's an option that'll be up your alley.

This guide has been composed based on pre-release information found in official Bethesda materials. I'll be sure to update it once the game arrives.

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Starfield Premium Edition

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List of all Starfield factions

Factions vary in Starfield, with some being much bigger than others. Groups vary, with a handful of explorers on one end and interplanetary powers on the other. With one major exception, players seem to be free to choose to ally any factions they want, in line with past Bethesda games. 

The improved dialogue and skill systems mean that players can even choose to infiltrate a faction, allying on the surface before betraying them after gaining the information and resources they need.

Naturally, some factions will conflict with each other, so you shouldn't expect to be able to join both the Crimson Fleet and the United Colonies. Still, it's possible that some factions are capable of allying with each other, so double-dipping might be possible in specific situations.

Starfield factions: Constellation

You're part of something larger now. (Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

A faction the player encounters early on, and also unique because it's the only faction you are required to join from the onset. Constellation is the last group of of space explorers, interested in charting the unknown and figuring out if humanity is truly alone or if other intelligent life exists in the universe.

The members of constellation include companions Sarah Morgan, Sam Coe the space cowboy, the mysterious Andreja, and Barrett. 

Outside of those that join your crew, there's also Mateo, a theologian, Noel the scientist, former pirate Vlad, and Walter, the businessman backing Constellation. 

Starfield factions: The Crimson Fleet

That armor just screams "cuddly." (Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

A gang of space pirates menacing the Settled Systems. Unlike the "Spacers" which are merely a collective term for assorted raiders, the Crimson Fleet are more organized. The Crimson Fleet are still a faction in a looser sense, with various pirates raiding with autonomy but still seeming to answer to some mysterious central authority. They're the "evil" faction that players can join, but there might be more here than seems at first glance.

Starfield factions: Freestar Collective

It's the wild, wild west. Just with more lasers. (Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

Outside of the reach of the United Colonies are the Freestar Collective, planets that choose to operate on their own. That means there's a lot of things you can get here that aren't legal (or possible) in more civilized space, but the law being thinner here is a double-edged sword. Planets and systems under Freestar Collective control are patrolled by the Rangers, who operate with impunity.

Starfield factions: United Colonies

The history of Terra is at stake. (Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

The strongest human faction right now, the United Colonies echo the history of humanity on Earth, with the Vanguard protecting people in the core worlds of the Settled Systems. While they're currently at peace with the Freestar Collective, the Crimson Fleet remains a major problem for their idea of peace and security. They're headquartered on the planet of New Atlantis.

Make your choices

Ultimately, your Spacefarer is who you want to be. Do you want to protect do-gooders everywhere and enforce the law, or would you prefer to ruthlessly take whatever you want from those weaker than you?

Starfield is currently scheduled to launch on Sep. 6, 2023 exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC. If you preordered the Premium Edition, you can start playing on September 1. Like all Xbox first-party games, it's also available in Xbox Game Pass.

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