Xbox's new Stormcloud Vapor controller is wicked cool, and you can preorder it now

Stormcloud Vapor Xbox controller
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has announced the Stormcloud Vapor Xbox controller. It's scheduled to release on August 8, 2023, with preorders available now.
  • The controller features a dark navy blue colorway with dynamic swirls, along with textured and rubberized grips.
  • Each purchase also comes with a dynamic background for your Xbox dashboard that you can unlock by connecting the controller to your console.
  • Similar to other special edition Xbox gamepads, the controller has an MSRP of $70.

Microsoft has made several unique Xbox controllers with custom designs over the years, and now, it's introducing another: the Stormcloud Vapor. This gamepad features a beautiful dark navy blue swirl design that brings stormy, vaporous clouds to mind, and notably, Microsoft says it's dynamic and that no two Stormcloud Vapor controllers will look the same. You can also look forward to textured and rubberized grips, along with texturing on the triggers, bumpers, and the casing on the back.

Initially revealed on Xbox Wire, the controller is slated to launch on August 8, 2023. However, preorders for the controller are available now, allowing you to buy it ahead of its release and have it shipped as soon as possible. Like many other special edition gamepads, it's got an MSRP of $70.

To sweeten the deal, Microsoft is also including a new exclusive dynamic background with every purchase (shown below). It brings the same blue swirls that the controller has to your Xbox dashboard, complete with animation. To unlock this background, you'll simply have to connect the Stormcloud Vapor controller to your Xbox console.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

To use the background, Xbox users just need to select Settings on the dashboard, then select Personalization under the General tab. From there, you can access the background by pressing the My Background button and selecting it from the list of dynamic backgrounds.

Of course, as an official controller made by Microsoft itself, everything fans have come to love about Xbox gamepads is present here. That means you can look forward to a sturdy and comfortable design, durable and well-made triggers and buttons, a 3.5mm jack for audio, a USB-C port for wired usage, and Windows PC compatibility via Bluetooth.

Overall, this looks to be one of the best Xbox controllers available for folks that like special edition gamepads, as there's really nothing else like it on the market. Note that right now, the popular Stellar Shift Xbox controller is $20 off, so it's a great alternative to consider if the Stormcloud Vapor doesn't tickle your fancy (or if you just love collecting).

Xbox Stormcloud Vapor Wireless Controller

Xbox Stormcloud Vapor Wireless Controller

This special edition Xbox controller features a dynamic swirl design with a rich navy blue colorway and textured and rubberized grips. An exclusive dynamic background is also included with every gamepad.

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