GATT support, crucial for notifications on wearables, is coming to Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft is working to bring a protocol that is crucial for wearables to Windows 10 Mobile. Sorely missing from the platform at the moment, the GATT protocol is important for serving up notifications to connected wearables.

According to a Microsoft administrator over on the User Voice forums for the Universal Windows Platform, support for GATT Server APIs — the protocol in question — will be available for developers soon.

GATT Server APIs will be available to developers in that update so please stay tuned! I'll reply back on this thread when it's ready but suffice to say we're hard at working making this happen. Thanks again for your support!

To drive home the importance of the GATT APIs, they are what is currently needed for Fitbit notifications to work — which is a big deal for many. However, we now have public confirmation that support is inbound, which should be great news for everyone on the Windows platform.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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