Gears 5 Character DropSource: The Coalition

What you need to know

  • Gears 5 is the latest in a long running franchise from Microsoft.
  • It's adding new characters today that are available for purchase for interested players.
  • There's also a brand-new bundle that includes these characters and more.

If you've been looking for a reason to drop more on Gears 5, look no farther than the news coming out of the Coalition today. To celebrate the one year anniversary of Gears 5, the Coalition is releasing three new characters for their latest third-person tactical shooter, and an Anniversary Bundle to tie them all together with weapons, banners, and more. Players can grab these new characters or the bundle tomorrow directly from the game.

The three new characters are E-Day Minh, Armored Sam, and Uzil Sraak, and will be available for 250 iron or 2,000 coins a piece. There's also the new Gears 5 Anniversary Bundle that will be available for 1,800 iron, and will include the following:

  • E-Day Minh
  • Armored Sam
  • Uzil Sraak
  • Collector's Minh
  • V-Day Sam
  • Collector's Sraak
  • Equalizer weapon set
  • Minh banner
  • Sam banner
  • Sraak banner
  • Deadweight bloodspray
  • Bodied bloodspray

If you're interested, be sure to jump into Gears 5 any time tomorrow to take a quick look at the new content on offer. Gears 5 is still available through Xbox Game Pass if you've yet to take a look, and it's definitely worth your attention. If you're on PC and desire something more strategic, Gears Tactics was a surprisingly great turn-based tactical shooter from the Coalition, and is also available through Xbox Game Pass.

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Gears 5 shows that The Coalition is ready to put its mark on this legendary franchise. It blends a semi-open world design when it comes to the campaign with intense gameplay.

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