Gears Tactics hits Xbox One later in 2020, Xbox Series X launch likely

Gears Tactics
Gears Tactics (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Gears of War has expanded into the turn-based strategy space with the release of Gears Tactics, launching later today — April 28 — exclusively on Windows PCs. Microsoft's hit shooter franchise gracefully translates, adapting its signature cover-based combat into the new perspective. And while already topping Steam bestsellers, the game isn't launching Xbox One, despite Gears' history as an Xbox-focused property.

Microsoft has repeatedly hinted toward an Xbox One release for Gears Tactics, but refrains from providing hard details surrounding a release date. We've now spotted newly-updated support documentation that offers additional context surrounding the Xbox One version, seemingly targeting late 2020.

"Tactics was designed from the ground up specifically for PC – from mouse/keyboard-based gameplay and UI to incredible optimization that allows Gears Tactics to run on a variety of machines," the Gears Tactics support page states. "We want to ensure that Gears Tactics feels right at home on a console and not like a port, so our team is working hard on designing a custom quality experience. Expect Gears Tactics to be playable on your Xbox console later this year."

The page wraps straight to the point – "TLDR: Yes, late 2020."

Gears Tactics Combat Layout

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

With Gears Tactics seemingly months away from an Xbox One release, additional context should ease Xbox-grounded fans looking to jump on the latest Gears of War entry. With its initial release heavily geared toward keyboard and mouse users, Microsoft appears conscious to nail down the experience around controller usage.

The provided release window smartly aligns with the next-generation, with Xbox Series X also targeting late 2020 availability. A launch alongside Xbox Series X, with visual enhancements, seems like an ideal pairing, while also likely to offer cross-generation compatibility with Xbox One. Microsoft also doesn't specifically name Xbox One, instead only making reference to "your Xbox console."

In the meantime, Gears Tactics launches on April 28 for PC, via Windows 10's Microsoft Store and Steam, alongside its inclusion with Xbox Game Pass.

For those looking to jump into a turn-based strategy on Xbox One during the wait for Gears Tactics, XCOM 2 currently leads the lineup available on the console. Firaxis Games' alien invasion led the genre for over a decade, with its Xbox One release porting the action to the controller.

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