If you're keen to get on the VR train but are a little put off by the price of entry, this awesome bundle of a capable PC and an Oculus Rift headset for just $999 might be right up your street!

Oculus Rift

The PC comes with an Intel Core i5 Skylake processor, 8GB of RAM a 1TB HDD for storage an an AMD RX 480 4GB graphics card. Even this fairly modest sounding spec is perfectly capable of pushing a good Oculus experience, which is made even better by the fact the headset is part of the bundle.

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Not only that but you'll get a $100 credit for the Oculus Store to stock up on goodies to enjoy your new virtual rig as well as a free copy of EVE Valkyrie. Not too shabby!

For more on the Oculus Rift be sure to hit up our buddies over at VRHeads and snag this hot deal while you can at the link below.

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