Get yourself a Lumia 710 on Groupon for $159

You know, we’re never shy of a great deal and it looks like we just turned up a corker of an offer. How does a Lumia 710 unlocked and offline sound to you?

That’s a cool $141 saving on the list price which is normally $300.00.

The Lumia 710 was Nokia’s first budget handset and came out along with the Lumia 800 but was a little overshadowed by the polycarbonate hero phone. The Lumia 710 has tons going for it, often the photos of these devices does not do it justice, its actually quite distinctive. I have had plenty of time with the 710 and highly recommend it, it has the same internals as the 800 too. Want to know more....?

It also goes without saying that the 710 gets all the same Nokia exclusives due to it being part of the Lumia range, meaning things like the excellent Nokia Drive and games. If you’re a fan of a physical start button on your phone then you’ll be in luck with this too. The 710 has a strip of buttons at the bottom of the device to give you a more tactile feel when operating it.

All you’ll have to do is head on over to the Groupon site here and sign up for the deal, it's already looking to be popular with over 700 bought so far. The offer is closing in one days’ time so don’t leave your deliberations for too long.

Here is more on that deal:

The Deal

$159 for a Nokia Lumia 710 4G prepaid Windows phone (T-Mobile unlocked) ($299.99 list price)Available colours: black or whiteUnlocked means this phone can be used on any GSM network, including AT&T and T-Mobile (requires prepaid SIM card or SIM card with service plan—not included)Free shipping

Happy shopping dear readers!

Robert Brand