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Microsoft has a localization problem, with some regions (namely English-speaking regions) enjoying better support than others. We've written previously about the issue to try and bring attention to the problems, but it's ultimately on Microsoft to begin to make improvements. Despite the problems, Xbox enjoys passionate fans all over the world, and many regions have vibrant community sites in various languages full of news, reviews, and other resources.

We're starting to collect links to all the major communities in every language as and when we find them. Take a look at our growing list below.

If you would like your Xbox site, forum, or community group listed here, please contact me!

Note: Windows Central accepts no responsibility for content hosted on external sites or social networks listed below.

Arabic Xbox resources

  • XboxAR is an Xbox site for Arabic users, serving news, reviews, complete with a community forum.
  • XboxArabs is another Xbox site in Arabic, with the latest news and other region-specific info.

Belgium Xbox resources

Brazil Xbox resources

  • PXB is one of the largest Xbox discussion forums for Brazilian Xbox fans.

China Xbox resources

  • XboxFan is an Xbox site with reviews and news for Chinese fans.

France Xbox resources

  • XboxSquad is a French Xbox site featuring news and reviews, which also rates games based on their accessibility features.
  • Xboxygen is one of the bigger Xbox sites in Europe, and a leading French resource of all-things Xbox.
  • XCast is a French-language Xbox podcast.
  • is a French Halo community site, with a wiki, news coverage, and more.

Germany Xbox resources

  • InsideXbox is a German Xbox blog full of news, reviews, and a sizable Facebook Group for socializing.
  • XboxDynasty is a large German Xbox blog full of news, reviews, and other German gaming resources.
  • Xbox Seniors is an Instagram community for German Xbox fans.
  • Xbox Media is a German community site with news, reviews, and other info for Xbox fans in the country.

Greece Xbox resources

  • Xbox365 is an Xbox news and reviews site for fans in Greece.

Hungary Xbox resources

  • has a forum dedicated to Hungarian Xbox users.

Italy Xbox resources

  • MondoXbox is a passionate Xbox blog geared towards Italian readers.
  • ProjectXbox is an Italian fansite with all the latest news, game reviews, and interviews for Italian audiences.
  • Xbox Series X Italia is a small, but growing Facebook group dedicated to Xbox Series X content.

Portugal Xbox resources

  • XboxPTDummies is a Portuguese Xbox community offering news, reviews, and region-specific info on Xbox Game Pass and other Xbox services.
  • Sea of Thieves Portugal is a Facebook group dedicated to Sea of Thieves players in the region.
  • Forza Horizon Portugal is a Forza Facebook community-based in Portugal.
  • PUBG Xbox Portugal is a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox group for fans in Portugal.
  • Xbox Portugal is an unofficial Xbox community group on Facebook.

Japan Xbox resources

Netherlands Xbox resources

  • XboxNederland is a Dutch Xbox blog site covering the platform for Netherlands Xbox fans.
  • XboxNederland is a popular Dutch Facebook group of the same name for Xbox fans.

Romania Xbox resources

  • XboxRomania is a community site for Romanian Xbox fans, with news, reviews, and other resources.

Russia Xbox resources

  • NewXboxOne is a Russia-based blog focusing on the latest Xbox news.
  • XboxUnion is another Xbox blog for Russian fans with news, reviews, and deals.
  • Xbox Community is a VK community group for Russian Xbox fans.

Serbia Xbox resources

  • Xboxrepublika is an Xbox site with news, reviews, and other information for Xbox fans in Serbia.

Spain Xbox resources

  • Generación Xbox is a large Spanish language Xbox site with news, reviews, editorials, and other features.
  • SomosXbox is a Spanish Xbox site with news and game reviews for Xbox fans based in Spain.
  • ComunidadXbox is another Spanish Xbox blog site full of news and info for Spanish gamers.

South Africa resources

South Korea resources



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