Google: Stadia Pro isn't like Xbox Game Pass, should be compared to Xbox Live Gold

Google Stadia
Google Stadia (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Stadia is an upcoming game streaming platform.
  • Concerns of ownership of games have been brought up since it was revealed.
  • The company said that its "Stadia Pro" subscription is more like Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus.
  • You'll get discounts and a free game once in a while with the subscription.

Google Stadia is an upcoming game streaming service that requires separate game purchases. There's a free "Stadia Base" membership coming in 2020, but in 2019, only "Stadia Pro" will be available. Stadia Pro allows you to stream games you own at up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. Stadia Base is limited to only 1080p.

Ever since the Stadia was announced, gamers have been uncertain what the business model is. Will Stadia Pro give gamers access to a massive selection of games like Xbox Game Pass? Director of Product for Stadia Andrey Doronichev was able to answer this question and a few others on Reddit.

According to the company, Stadia Pro is not like Xbox Game Pass, which gives you access to over two hundred games, but it's more like Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus. You get discounts on certain titles when there's a sale, and you also get a free game now and then. He said the following.

To be clear, Stadia Pro is not 'Netflix for Game' like some people have mentioned, a closer comparison would be like Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus... Pro subscribers get 4K... streaming... exclusive discounts, and access to some free games. Roughly one free game per month give or take. Starting with Destiny 2.

If Microsoft bundles its streaming service, "Project xCloud," with Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, then Google has a lot to be worried about. Forgoing the ability to download games questions the very nature of ownership. However, there are other concerns that Google needs to address, like the lack of achievements at launch.

Stadia Controller

Stadia Controller (Image credit: Windows Central)

In the same Reddit post, Doronichev added that Stadia wouldn't launch with achievements. He said the following.

We'll have something similar to other platforms. However, it will not be there immediately at launch. Will come a little bit later.

Considering those achievements are a necessary part of any modern gaming platform, it's shocking that they won't be available at launch. We'll have to see how Google implements them down the line because right now, Microsoft's "Gamerscore" system is by far the most advanced.

What do you think about this new information? Are you concerned about what Stadia Pro offers? Do you care about game achievements at launch? Let us know.

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Asher Madan handles gaming news for Windows Central. Before joining Windows Central in 2017, Asher worked for a number of different gaming outlets. He has a background in medical science and is passionate about all forms of entertainment, cooking, and antiquing.

  • Just this below alone got people freaking out. Google needs someone that isn't speaking all over the place and tells exactly what Stadia will be. Its just painful to see them continuously correcting peoples doubts and worries. "Google Stadia wants to compare itself to Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus, and yet at $120 a year for the 4K streaming tier, it is effectively twice the price of either of those" (Forbes)
  • Because it's not exactly like PS+/gold.
    With the $120/year you basically rent a gaming server that's capable of playing games at 4k/60fps.
    Instead of paying $500 every 3-4 years for a console update and another $60/month to play online you only pay $10/month.
    In other words, if we assume that MS's new console will be $500, a XB gamer who would have bought a XB1 in 2013, a scorpio in 2017 and the new XB in 2020 + gold every month would have spent $1500 (on hardware) + $420 (gold) to just be able to play on XB consoles. $1920 total
    A Stadia would have just paid $840 if Stadia was launched in 2013 and a gamer would have been subscribed since then. $1920-$1980 in 7-8 years v/s $840-$960 in 7-8 years
    That's the selling point for Stadia. ofc I didn't talk of the negatives of Stadia here, just it's selling point...
  • You’re forgetting data cap costs. That isn’t affordable for many people in the United States, which is the major market.
  • Exactly, like most do
  • I don't have data cap. Didn't have them for decades now. lol
  • Well, not everyone lives in places where there aren’t data caps. Maybe you should subscribe, but it’s not for everyone. Especially those with data caps like us. Mine is 2 TB now, but for 8 years was 1 TB.
  • I never said this was for everyone. Google has a target market. And this is for those people.
    People who 1) doesn't have crap internet providers, 2) have decent connection speeds, 3) who don't mind not owning physical hardware and software.
    That's who Google is targeting.
  • 1, 2, 3 applies to United States? Well, still, Xbox ecosystem offers better package.
    BC, FC, native solution (streaming gaming using mobile network isn't feasible for most no mater which country you live in), touch api, kahawai, font api, more servers around the globe + proprietary connection, etc.
  • So not the majority of the planet then.
  • No one said it's for the majority of the planet.
    Gaming itself is not for the majority of the planet.
    Worldwide there is only a tiny percentage of people who actually play on consoles. -_-
  • And by the look of it a even smaller percentage will be on Stadia.
    They can't be a alternative to Xbox or any other console by targeting their service to a so restrict public.
  • Gotta say, this is one of those times I'm in complete agreement with you. Stadia really isn't viable for everyone. I do hope though that it may push providers to change though. I really only have an issue with Comcast only offering 10mbps upload, but I hope data caps get removed for others and better infrastructure and speed for everyone else happens. Not sure it will, but I can hope.
  • Even if they remove data caps, I'm not sure what can be done about the upload situation, to be honest. That might be one of the biggest issues.
  • The only reason why Google is just now bringing Stadia to the forefront is they are banking on 5G. They really don't care about ISP's. 5G is a long way out and unless both ISP's and Cellular companies stop data caps don't expect Stadia to take off anytime soon. Consoles and ISP's will still be king for the next 7-8 years. Heck they can't get past nickel and diming you with cloud storage capping you at 5GB unless you buy into a service to get more so I wouldn't expect ISP's and Cellular to get rid of data caps. Cloud storage and data caps is the whole reason why mobile in general hasn't exploded like consoles and PC's have. Google has already tired to solve for this business problem with their Google Fiber without success do to high cost for the infrastructure.
  • @aotf - Stadia has no decent selling point. U cannot compare Hardware vs Cloud. People are happily to spend on something that they can physically hold and own like a Console and easily spend to play online or buy games digital for that reason. the feeling of owning something is what people want and Stadia does not give that feeling besides a required day 1 Stadia Controller, Google stick and a Google Phone. Microsoft and Sony are easily going to shove stadia aside because both offer dedicated Hardware next to xCloud and whatever sony is going to do in combination. Also Stadia's Latency being double of that of xCloud.. Google is losing on points so far. They are being too good at avoiding peoples questions and concerns and same time very unclear for themselves how to react when it comes to Stadia.
  • I'm talking about the points Google are making and to be fair if you don't mind not owning physical stuff that argument is valid.
    Now personally I'm against this all digital world and I'm not a fan of streaming. I don't like renting services and I like to own my PC/consoles and games.
    I just want it to be successful enough so that Google invest money in making loads of games, but I don't want it to be too successful because I don't want this to be the future of gaming...
  • @Guest_aotf, curiously when anyone brings up valid points, you deflect by saying it's the points Google is making 😶😋.
  • Well yes because they are the one selling the product not me.
    It's clear that here a lot of people are going at war against Stadia because they are MS fans and google is seeing as an enemy. All that while promoting XCloud and Gamepass.
    So most people will only try to trash it and make it look like crap, without talking about what Google is trying to do. The guy I was replying to literally said "Stadia has no decent selling point.".
    And that's why I brought up those point which I think are quite valid for some people.
    Same thing with the people talking about data caps and poor internet speeds.
    Google isn't targeting them. I thought it's obvious, this wasn't for everyone. It almost looks like presenting the selling points of Stadia is seeing as a negative over here.
  • Well, linguistically you've fallen into the classic pit fall in stating Google's points as your own opinions. Generally, people say "just playing the devil's advocate" to clarify it's not their own opinion but the talking points of someone else.
  • There are two things here. I'm posting Google's selling point.
    It's not an opinion it's just the selling point for the thing. These are not and cannot be opinions.
    I've already posted my opinion on Stadia earlier in this comment section. The selling points is not an opinion. If you want my opinion on Google's selling point then fine I'll post it.
    I think it makes sense for people who don't want to own hardware. People can save loads of money that way. It's not for me, but I can see it being good for some people.
  • @Guest_aotf. Hey, hey now no need to be so combative lol. The question, I have to ask then why do you feel compelled to post Google's selling point continously? It becomes an opinion when lingustically you portray it as it's your own opinion with no verbal or textual indication that it is not your own opinion and to use your own words "posting Google's selling point". To be honest, by you posting your own opinions and then posting "Google's selling point" which read like your own opinions and statements, aren't doing you any favours lol. Therefore I would suggest, in future you clarify on whose behalf you are posting - yourself or Google's.
  • lol I'm not in a combative mood, I'm actually quite chill.
    I never meant to portray Stadia's selling point as my opinion. In fact, in that very post I said "That's the selling point for Stadia." and "it's just their selling point".
    My question is how can a company's strategy and selling point be interpreted as an opinion?
    Which part of my comment made it sound like I was saying it was my opinion? If you read my comments you'll easily see that I own up to my opinion. I think I use "for me", "imo" or "I think" a lot more than the average poster here.
  • I mean you're making a very wild assumption that all users who bought an Xbox One when it launched upgraded to an Xbox One X and will upgrade to the next gen console right away as well. Additionally how many bought them on sale? Throwing around hypotheticals without any statistics doesn't make for very fair comparisons. The value alone in Gamepass trumps the hardware cost. How many games have people been able to play without having to pay for them?
  • This is not a wild assumption. It's taking into account "having the best version at the time". Because you DON'T need to pay $10/month for Stadia pro. I could have easily said it cost $0 with Stadia base and kill all argument. because in any case it'll always cost a XB gamer the price of the console + gold subscription to play games.
    Can a XB gamer just say hey look AC, I'll just pay $60 and play it straight away? Gamepass value is subjective. You may think it's amazing, I think it's not. I usually don't pay $10-15 to rent mostly old arcade games. I usually buy games I want to play.
  • > XB1 in 2013, a scorpio in 2017.
    tbh, majority will skip 1 iteration (we have BC and FC, xb1x isn't a necessity), and most of'em will wait for sales.
    So, xb1 in 2015 + xb1x in 2020/2012? Or xb1 in 2015 + scarlett in 2011/2022?
  • It's taking into account "having the best version at the time". Because you DON'T need to pay $10/month for Stadia pro. I could have easily said it cost $0 with Stadia base and kill all argument. because in any case it'll always cost a XB gamer the price of the console + gold subscription to play games.
  • True, $0 for the console part if you are ok with 1080p on a 4k or 8k TV. btw, you also get the risk of losing all your investments (game lib and saves).
  • And if you skipped buying an Xbox One X, like you said plenty of people would do, then you also would be playing at 1080P (or less) on a 4K TV. Everything you said to Guest applies to your side of the argument as well.
  • Then, like you said, people who prefer to game on a console in their living room, who prefer to run their most of their games natively (so your roommate, wife, husband or kids can use the internet bandwidth to do / watch other things), don't pay as much as people think after all e.g. $500 every 5 years.
  • btw, it's true that most people will skip a gen and wait for discounts, but eventually, people will have a 4K, 8K or even 16K console in their living room. If you are on a serious tight budget, you'd want to skip a gen right?
    So, a discounted S -> skip X -> discounted Scarlett?
    Will this cost you $500 every 5 years? If you are on a slightly tight budget, you'd wait for the discounts each gen right?
    So, a discounted S -> discounted X-> discounted Scarlett? If you are like me, who earns good money.
    day1 S -> day1 X -> day1 Scarlett? Unless you plan to stay on a discounted S forever, you will have your 8K console in your living room no matter which route you choose.
  • It's not like anything else because with everyone else you're buying something real like an actual box or digital good instead of some vaporware crap that might disappear any day like a whole slew of other things Google gave up on. How many other things Google have simply sent to the graveyard? TOO MANY TO EVEN COUNT. How are people supposed to even trust Google after all that crap is beyond me. Take a look yourself.
  • Are you still buying CDs and DVDs?
  • I buy CD's and Blurays. But I'm also a strong advocate for game streaming.
  • Who is paying $60/Month to "play online"? XBoxLiveGold is $60/YEAR. That is $5/month (and not taking into account all the discounts you can easily find online.)
    Heck, even XboxGamePassUltimate is only $15/month (1st month= $1) and that gets you hundreds of games each month.
    Your numbers are WAY off.
    Also, unless you have a truly "unlimited" data plan from your ISP (unlike 98% of the US) you will end up paying "overages" to your ISP when you blow by your data-cap.
    The ISP's are drooling at the prospect of Stadia, and the overages they can charge for it's use.
    Heck, the only reason I don't have XboxGamePass is because I barely stay under my 1TB/Month Data cap right now, and that is just patches and updates and digital purchases.
  • @khan
    That was a typo. I actually meant $60/year, and if you see the result I'm calculating 60 bucks for 7-8 years. That's 420-480 bucks. I don't count discounts because you may get Stadia at discount rates to. When we analyse numbers we don't talk of potential future discounts... Gamepass lets you rent games but realistically speaking the average person doesn't play 100s of games in one month. It provides an opportunity to rent mostly old smaller arcade games. My post was talking about Google's selling point. That you don't need to buy a console to play games the games that are sold on Stadia.
    Can you tell me what numbers are WAY off? From what I can see it's your post that is off because I clearly said I'm only mentioning the selling point not the negatives.
  • No casual gamer cares about either 4k or 60fps. No serious gamer wants to pay that much, not own the games, deal with network congestion etc. It's a product with no market. If someone just wants cheap games, they can buy an out of generation console, or a second hand gaming PC, and pirate everything. Worse, nobody knows if the platform will still be around in a year.
  • If casuals don't care about 4k or 60FPS than Stadia base is good for them, no. Just pay for the game and that's it.
  • To be fair, I spent $500 on Day One edition in 2013 and have spent an average of $45 per year on Gold in the nearly 6 years since. That's only $770 (would be $860 if I didn't shop around for deals on Gold), and I get four "free" games per month, plus the ability to play offline. And with Microsoft's announcement that console streaming will be free to anyone with a console, I'll have that too. Add in exclusive games like Halo, Forza, Sea of Thieves, Gears of War, etc., and, collectively Stadia is not enticing.
  • Technically those games aren't free, you're renting them, but that's a whole different argument. Where did you see Xbox streaming was going to be free? Is that the aremote Play style streaming that is coming down the track? Because I'm really looking forward to that.
  • @coip
    And to be more fair, I didn't count all future possible sale and reductions on Stadia.
    Also I'm not going to talk about something as subjective as game quality. There is no need to count XB "console exclusives", without counting future Stadia exclusives.
    Oh and yes, if people who are in love with MS exclusives and think their games are the best around then they should stick to XB/MS (like they'll surely do anyways).
    Anything else is not enticing for them. But don't worry, I don't think Google are targeting you guys...
  • It's not looking good for Stadia. All tests have shown Xcloud has hafl the latency that Stadia has. (120ms compared to 60ms) And the lack of exclusives isn't good. Also the fact they don't have a service that competes with Gamepass is gonna really hurt them. They don't even have anything that competes with PSnow. I just don't see this time next year how it can keep up with Xcloud. And later down the line Playstations streaming service. Both of these on Azure network.
  • I am very skeptical of Stadia, but I also doubt Microsoft and Sony will win the fight for streaming games. They will have a hard time thinking "outside the box" since they already have a gaming business they won't want to mess with too much. Microsoft always gets these types of things wrong since they can't see past their nose.
  • IDK that there is much of a market for streaming games. If it exists, it's yet to prove itself. People have been able to stream games for some time already.
  • There hasn't been a robust streaming platform yet. This is a future technology. Within 10 years physical games will be totally obsolete.
  • Yes, a fortune teller.
  • Can't say I'm disappointed. I'm not for this renting of games as a model. This is basically paying to be able to play your games at 4K60fps.
    And yes, it does sound like PS+ and gold. I can't say I'm really interested in this because even though Google says they are in there for the long haul, it's still a risk to know what will happen if Google stops the service.
    On paper, the offer looks good for people who don't want to pay every 3-4 years for a new console. Just buy the games and play as much as you want at 1080p. But there will always be that risk. I don't know what's going to be their revenue source. I would think the pro subscription money will be used to maintain the more powerful servers. For Stadia base they'll only make money from game sales. If that enough to maintain the less powerful 1080p servers?
    Anyway, like I said in the past the only way I'll put money into this is to play it's exclusives that I can't play on other systems. So Google, do your thing make loads of games for gamers... Also @Asher Madan can you tell us why you say "Microsoft's "Gamerscore" system is by far the most advanced"?
  • I said that and the majority of gamers agree. It’s the clearest indicator, has points for each achievement, there’s Xbox quests for playing games, etc. It’s the most integrated and advanced compared to PlayStation Network. No one else comes close.
  • Oh ok, it's just based on your opinion then. Personally I still prefer the platinum system. Platinum just stand out more for me.
  • Actually, it's both and factually Asher is right too. As it is integrated in Windows and has a presence on ios, android and windows phone/mobile. Additionally, there are many who play Xbox titles for the achievements. Plus unlike PS Plus in the PS3 era those who subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, got to keep their free games and play them after either the subscription expired or was terminated therefore had the value added element. This element of course was removed when the Xbox One series was launched, mirroring PlayStation plus and not many kicked up a fuss about it. So when Microsoft enables and launches xCloud, it most likely will be via the Xbox app and may have a separate app as well. Whereas PlayStation does not have an mobile app, let alone a mobile presence. Additionally, when was the last time you heard people hunting trophies on PS Plus? Not to mention, you need at the very least separate hardware for PS Now streaming be it a console or PC. It's not on mobile devices yet. Then you throw in Sony's reluctance to embrace Cross platform gaming and backwards compatibility giving Xbox a massive library spanning two different generations the OG Xbox and Xbox 360; therefore with xCloud these titles will have access to newer audiences. The other point of contention is the differences between the PS4 Pro and One X, the latter can run games natively at 4k whereas the PS4 Pro can't do so (needs to utilise checkerboarding) and that's confirmed by Sony themselves. So yeah, factually at present Xbox is more advanced.
  • More advanced is kinda subjective though. Being on different platforms ok, but that's not the meaning of more advanced.
    Neither is "there are many who play Xbox titles for the achievements", neither is how "Gold letting you keep 360 games after subscription", neither is "cross-console policies and BC", and even "4K resolution". You have talked about a whole bunch of things that hardly relevant with trophies/achievements. I mean 4K resolution?!? wtf? "Plus unlike PS Plus in the PS3 era those who subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, got to keep their free games"
    During the PS3 era, MS wasn't giving away games for their gold subscribers. They just started giving them at the start of this generation. Probably because Sony was "giving" multiple games. "PlayStation does not have an mobile app, let alone a mobile presence."
    Are you sure about that? Look it up. "when was the last time you heard people hunting trophies on PS Plus?"
    Go to sites focusing on trophies and platinum. At this stage it's just preference. If you guys think it's more advanced, great. But that's not my opinion. I think trophies is more complex. It's not just a number. It gives a better vision plus you also get a level along with the trophies. I don't know if MS introduced it yet but with PS trophies you can get PSN voucher as reward for the trophy earned. I remembered Spencer praising it 2 years back on twitter.
  • To be honest, if you aren't ready or willing to see aspects or points which makes something more advanced than another in a objective manner. Then there is no really no point in discussing anything with yourself LOL. As it's evident, that any points raised you would see them as subjective and not relevant as proven by your own comments - I'll just point to two of them: "More advanced is kinda subjective though. Being on different platforms ok, but that's not the meaning of more advanced." "You have talked about a whole bunch of things that hardly relevant with trophies/achievements. I mean 4K resolution?!? wtf?" Ask yourself, objectively if Item A can perform a function or service better than it's competition i.e Item B than doesn't that mean in this context Item A is more advanced than the competition? Here is the description from the Playstation app in the Google Play Store: "Take your PlayStation experience with you wherever you go! Stay connected to your gaming friends and the games you love to play, see who's online, and discover the latest titles on PlayStation Store. With PlayStation App, you can:
    • See which of your friends are online and what they're playing.
    • Receive notifications, game alerts, and invitations.
    • Customize your profile.
    • View progress and compare trophies.
    • Keep up with the latest activities from your friends and profiles you're following.
    • Get games and add-ons at PlayStation Store, and push them to your PS4 so they're ready when you get home." So my point stands, Playstation does not have mobile presence in terms of game streaming. If it did enable game streaming on mobile devices, it would be announced to much fan fare, there would be adverts on TV, It would be prominently displayed on Playstation's website, it would be listed as one of the first things on the mobile app description. Of course this may change in the future but at present only Microsoft and Google have any sort publicly announced mobile game streaming service. Lastly, to end this discussion - your own words "At this stage it's just preference. If you guys think it's more advanced, great. But that's not my opinion. " Again, positing your opinion as the defacto statement T_T lol.
  • @TechFreak1
    Yes there is no point in discussing a subjective topic. For me, points like being able to do 4K, or be able to keep gold games has nothing to do with how advanced achievements or trophies are. Being on multiple systems doesn't really make a system more advance. It's just API calls from different devices. It's just that PS doesn't put it's game on android phone or switch. It's not about the inability to call API from an android device.
    For me, I judge the system itself trophies vs achievements. "So my point stands, Playstation does not have mobile presence in terms of game streaming."
    Your original statement was this:
    "PlayStation does not have an mobile app, let alone a mobile presence."
    So it has an app. You just added "in terms of game streaming".
    Next, it has an option to stream on an android phone:
    The downside to it is that it's limited to Xperia phones. But there are many videos that shows how it can be bypassed.
    Also there is always the possibility to use it as a second controller.
    So you are still doubly wrong. 1) it has an app and 2) it has some mobile presence in terms of game streaming. And that's not even talking of using phones to play Playlink games... "Again, positing your opinion as the defacto statement T_T lol."
    What are you talking about? I've always said it's an opinion and not a fact. Right from the start. LOL
  • So, you are saying, you are the representative of majority / consumer? And if it's the feature you don't need, it doesn't count? Ecosystem / console A has freesync, Dolby Vision, ATMOS, supports cross-platform/device/generation-play&save, it's streaming gaming supports kahawai, font api and touch screen api, the service owner has a better network infra, etc.
    Console B supports none of that.
    A isn't more advanced, because you don't need those features? And your opinion is important, cause your taste & needs == majority's taste & needs? Why should Sony, MS, devs, we, care about "your" taste?
    How much of your taste can make an impact? You want Stadia to succeed so Google can make more exclusives but you don't want xCloud to succeed, cause? MS will make lesser games?
    Sony's migrating their services to Azure. Would you want PSNow to succeed? > Being on multiple systems doesn't really make a
    > system more advance.
    Being on multiple systems? You mean, operating systems, like WinClassic, WCOS, iOS, Android, PS Linux, Stadia Linux and Xbox.WCOS? Doesn't really make a system more advance? What system are you referring to in this sentence? OS? > It's just API calls from different devices.
    Devices calling API? What API? OSes calling dev's API?
    So, xvc/xvd on Xboxes , XPA(UWP) on WinClassic/WCOS, xCloud on phones, ipa on iOS, apk on Android, xCloud/Stadia on browsers, all those OSes and programs, are they calling dev's API? Or the other way around, similar-looking-but-different programs calls different OSes' API?
    So... you hit the compile then... how does that work? Can I sideload or upload the very 1 program that I cooked up, onto Windows, xCloud server, Xboxes, PSes, iOS, Android, Stadia.Linux server, smart watch? And running the program natively and remotely are the same you mean?
  • No I'm not representative of all consumers I am giving MY opinion. Yes, it would only takes a call to a distant server to get or update a DB that manages achievement/trophy . Gee this is basic stuff. LOL
  • PS: That was a reply to a post that you edited later on. In the first post Hirox was mocking my statement about API call as if he didn't know what I was talking about. At least he edited it to sound less aggressive...
  • Sorry, my bad. Didn't read TechFreak1's post.
    But still, > Yes, it would only takes a call to a
    > distant server to get or update a DB
    > that manages achievement/trophy.
    > Gee this is basic stuff. LOL
    Well, server needs to be ready 1st, then you need platform owner's permission, design the API for different HW architecture and OSes, then look-the-same-but-actually-different-ROMs need to support does-the-same-thing-but-actually-different-API.
    Being able to do 4K, keep gold games across different platform, is also API calls? > No I'm not representative of all consumers I am giving MY opinion.
    Then, your opinion == no value tbh. Discussing about your game taste doesn't mean anything to anyone and it doesn't help understanding the market.
  • "Then, your opinion == no value tbh. Discussing about your game taste doesn't mean anything to anyone and it doesn't help understanding the market."
    LOL Hirox. Do you even bother reading the entire discussion before barging in on a conversation?
    Asher Madan, gave his opinion. I said "Oh ok", then gave him my opinion. No where did I say I was a representative of gamers. No where did I say my opinion was more relevant than others. Also we weren't talking about game taste but about how advance we feel achievements/trophies are. My opinion is as relevant or irrelevant as any other poster here. If you think other people's opinions have no value. Well that's your opinion. So using your own logic, what you said has no value. I try to understand and respect other people's opinion. If I don't agree with something I'll say it, and I'll try to give reasons to it.
    Now if you think Asher Madan, TechFreak, my and every other person's opinions has no value, I wonder why you're even here posting your opinions here and there...
  • 1 question at a time then. step1: Server needs to be ready.
    step2: MS needs permissions from different platform/system owners.
    step3: In order to build SDK for each platform/system, MS needs to work with different system's API, do the designing, maintaining, future proofing.
    step4: Devs needs to build ROMs for each platform/system and they need to adapt those SDKs for different platform/system. Q: What's the big deal? It's just calling some API right?
  • So other people's opinion have no value for you but you want to waste your time debating about it? LOL Why do you care if opinions have no value? lol
    I won't bother replying you but just keep in mind we are talking ONLY about trophies and achievements here. Think about that and don't bother me again here.
  • Only talking about cross platform trophies and achievements here? What's the big deal? It's just some totally unadvanced server API calling, prob just some gets&posts, nothing more, right?
  • @Guest_aotf Alright, I'll my hands up and say I was doubly wrong as I had forgotten about remote play as I've literally never seen anyone ever use it. Some of my relatives are die hard gamers and I've never seen any of them use it let alone them mention remote play either, their old man is a Super Mario legend (from the snes/nes days) so their gaming days goes waaaay back and one of them worked at Blockbuster when that franchise was around and another at Smyths (a game / toy store) for awhile neither mentioned remote play ever - if they did I'd have mentioned remote play in terms of comparison. Given I have a ps4 as well so yeah, feel kind of like a doink for forgetting that detail lol. I have no qualms in admitting when I'm wrong.
  • To be fair, you're right about remote play isn't a feature that is hyped that much. I would have thought I'd use it more than what I did.
    When I'm out of the town, I'd rather take my laptop and play on it.
  • That system is confusing. Plus, things like Bing Rewards are tied to Xbox Live Gold so you can get a subscription for free just by using the search engine. Hence, more advanced. Platinum is confusing and a very primitive system of talking about game achievements and how much you've played. It’s not an accurate representation.
  • @Asher Madan, are you replying to me or Guest_aotf lol.?
    Edit: Never mind, I need to tweak my noscript settings lol.
  • @Asher Madan
    Ok cool, thanks for your opinion. I totally disagree by some of your opinions but that's ok. We can have different opinions. :)
  • That's accurate, but you're ignoring a bunch of important features that tie into Xbox Live altogether.
  • If you want me to address your points, I can.
    I'm not sure what Bing rewards got to do with achievements.
    We are talking about PS's trophy system vs XB's achievements not Bing rewards or gold subscriptions. When I was talking about rewards for trophies I was talking of this: And you think trophy system is confusing? Personally, I really don't think it is. It's like the Olympics. Gold, silver and bronze, except that they added Platinum. The trophy depends on the difficulty. And there is a progression system, that gets updated for every trophy you earn. A progression system like so many games out there. But fine you think it's confusing. Fine, your opinion.
  • Aha, I didn't know that Sony had something similar, but yeah, Microsoft Rewards do the same thing, the difference is that you can use the accumulated points on Xbox Live, Game Pass, Purchasing Games, charity donations, or even vouchers at various gaming and department stores. Like, I could literally earn achievements on Xbox and once I have accumulated enough points I could buy my groceries. The Microsoft Rewards program has been around for a very long time (achievements only got added into it more recently) and is also available outside the US. Also it isn't tied to Xbox Live Gold, either so you don't have to spend money to take part in the rewards program (Gold adds extra to it, but it isn't required for it as it is accessible from PC and phone as well).
  • This doesn’t work well at all.
  • @asher madan
    do you have some evidence about that?
  • Just saw your other post which I responded to instead.
  • At this point it’s not subjective. Even the server infrastructure has been deemed more advanced by third-party testers.
  • We are talking about trophies v achievements. Please post links where 3rd party tested the server used for trophies and achievements.
  • Xbox Live is on platforms like Nintendo Switch and mobile. It's coming to even more. That alone makes it better too, and more advanced. The list is endless at this point.
  • @Asher Madan
    Ok cool, thanks for your opinion. I totally disagree but that's ok. We can have different opinions. :) I mean I've already talked about this.
    As a developer, calling an API from different devices isn't such a big deal. The reason PS isn't doing it is not because they can't do it, but because they don't have their games on Switch or android. I usually prefer to judge the system itself Trophies vs Achievements when deciding what is a more advanced system.
  • PlayStation doesn't have it, and they don't even have proper cloud streaming. I would call it a big deal.
  • They don't have it probably because they don't have games on Switch... Not because of the trophy system.
    Fine, it's your opinion.
  • They have games on mobile and still don’t have it.
  • Microsoft doesn't have ANY cloud streaming either, you can't use that as a negative against Sony. In their current iterations for a general consumer streaming with a Sony console is better than streaming with an Xbox console.
  • Actually you are based on your opinion. is a fact that Microsoft gamerscore system is a more complete system, it's not a opinion. It integrates with other microsoft services as rewards for example through quests for playing specific games and doing some actions in them and be rewarded, and yes, those MS Rewards points can be exchanged for xbox gift cards among other things. Every achievment give you points (gamerscore) and sum to your overall level at the Xbox live platform as well. So if you look close, every single feature of PS platinum system is available on Xbox gamerscore and it even has other features not available on playstation (like the quests mentioned above for example). On Xbox you also have a monthly ranking between your friends showing who has earned more gamerscore in the current month, but that I honestly don't know if is available on PS so I won't count as a xbox only feature, but it still a neat thing to have.
  • It is an opinion because there is no definite answer as to what is a more advanced system.
    It's amazing how people just want to push their opinion as a fact. Can't you just accept that we have different opinions and move on? I wouldn't call the Xbox quest system as being part of gamerscore. These are series of tasks/jobs that MS give people to do.
    For example "Log in to your Mixer app on Xbox One on five different days". For me this is done to increase engagement numbers.
    When I talked about the reward for every trophy that you earn, that is totally linked to the trophy. It's not Sony telling you do this for reward. "So if you look close, every single feature of PS platinum system is available on Xbox gamerscore"
    Does it have platinum? "it even has other features not available on playstation (like the quests mentioned above for example)."
    I already told you what I thought of quests, but the trophy system has feature that the XB doesn't. See that's why I say it's subjective. You can list out a whole bunch of features and things that are neat. The other system can do the exact same thing. These can continue into an endless debate because the point is there is no definite answer as to what is more advanced.
    You think its achievement? Good for you. For me it's not.
    We have different opinions. Cool. Can we move on?
  • There are Xbox Quests that directly tie into achievements, as in, get X number of achievements in Y game and get Z points. The money conversion on PS rewards is pretty amazing ($10 for getting a game from zero to platinum is amazing), but it's pointless because it's US only.
  • This is looking more like Allo than Chrome. How do they expect to compete in the AAA market this might be a success with mobile games but does any one really want to play Destiny or Tomb Raider on thier phone?
  • That’s my problem too. My internet isn’t good enough. It’s not consistent.
  • I hate Google, but besides that, I don't think Stadia is a good proposition to gamers. Game Pass with Xcloud is a great deal, on the other hand. Even without game pass it would be good. But together? Amazing value.
  • I hate Alphabet (Google) too. But I have to admit, when I put my loathe for it aside, that Alphabet has a fairly good chance with this Stadia thing. It may not start out as the Netflix of Gaming but I think it will end up there. To be sure, I don't think Stadia will appeal to core gamers. XCloud has a better chance there. But I do think Google will be a force to be reckoned with in *casual* gaming. Microsoft would be wise to take this threat seriously. If it's their intent to be the "Netflix of gaming", which they've stated as much, then they better come out of the gates swinging. Otherwise... it could very well be Stadia assuming this crown.
  • 4k 60fps max settings in my games all for just $10/m? Count me in! I've already got unlimited data on my current internet package and it's the fastest available in my country. Goodbye $500 console. Hello saved money that will go to buying games instead.
  • The issue is that physical games are always cheaper.
  • The issue is, physical media is dead. Games are the last holdout, it is only a matter of time.
  • These debates are stupid to have until all details about both services are released and/or both come online. But people like to argue on the internet so...
  • Hah! I bet the people who were bashing xCloud without knowing actual facts are feeling pretty foolish, especially the journalists who also billed Stadia as a Netflix of Games.
  • You're right about that, everyone was saying it's "Netflix for Games" and now everyone's backtracking.
  • @Asher Madan, Yup and it's pretty amusing as well as some are acting like they never said it in the first place lol.
  • @TechFreak1
    Did you see people bash xCloud here? If anything I could see loads of people trying to hype the service and trash Stadia even though there is a lot we don't know.
  • @Guest_aotf, actually I have seen a few comments bashing xCloud.
  • Can you post the links please?
  • I would tell you to look at your own posts, but that was about Game Pass. 😜
  • What's super funny to me is that I'm by *no means* a gamer, and yet I know about Stadia and xCloud. Mentioned both to a serious *core* gamer this week at work and he had *no idea* either existed in beta or were ever even being considered. That aside... I think Google's actually onto something here, but with *casual* gamers. That seems how they're marketing it too. Hopefully MS responds with an easy entry into gaming via xCloud. Unfortunately MS is not the best at **easy**. They have great products... that usually require a personal IT staff to implement and maintain. The key to success with *casual* gamers will be **easy**.
  • How much it going to c
  • I don't understand what people see in the whole "achievements" thing in the first place. I always found them to be an annoyance.
  • I love the xbox s more.
  • My main concern is how the controller connects to WiFi directly with Google Stadia. For example, let's talk about local Xbox game streaming. If you use your controller directly connected to your console, there is noticeable input lag because the input and image don't appear to be synced. I hope Google works that out. I know the makers of Rainway have also brought this up.