Grab Amazon's Fire HD 10 tablet at a low price of $96 before it disappears forever

Fire Hd 10 Tablet
Fire Hd 10 Tablet

Amazon's Fire HD tablets have long been great devices that struck a balance between features and price. Right now, that balance is leaning heavily in favor of the features because the price has never been lower. Grab the Amazon Fire HD 10-inch tablet for a low price of $95.99. This is the lowest direct price we've ever seen for the HD 10, including a drop to $100 on Prime Day. The tablet has been selling for around $160 since July and can go as high as $190.

This is a Closeout Sale. Amazon is getting rid of whatever inventory it has left and offering the best possible price. All other versions except for this 10-inch ad-supported 64GB version seem to be sold out. And when the quantity is gone here, this one will be gone as well. Grab it while you can.

So what do you get with the Fire HD 10 tablet? Well, it features one of Amazon's largest screens with a widescreen 10.1-inch 1080p display. It also has a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, and a battery life that can last for up to 12 hours. That longevity makes it great for watching media, reading on your Kindle app, listenening to music, and more. It has cameras on the front and the back so you can use the tablet to make video calls. Plus, Amazon Alexa is built in so you can talk to your voice assistant for easy access to your favorite apps, answers to all your questions, and more.

This version also comes with 64GB of storage. That's plenty of room for basic apps and books and stuff like that, but if you need more space there's also a media card reader. Upgrade with a card that has up to 256GB storage. That's a pretty cheap extra investment to quadruple your space.

The tablet also has USB-C so it can charge super fast and is compatible with a wide variety of accessories. Amazon covers it with a one-year warranty.

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