As far as numerical computing environments and programming languages go, Matrix Laboratory (MATLAB) is a favorite amongst engineering and science students. Learning to use MATLAB is no easy task, however, and there are multiple angles needed to be taken in order to become proficient.

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Instead of tracking down the courses required to become a MATLAB pro, Windows Central Digital Offers right now has a deal on a MATLAB mastery bundle. Instead of paying the regular price of $200, you'll instead pay just $27. That's 86% off the regular price.

This bundle contains five courses with over 185 lessons, starting with the absolute basics before moving into advanced topics. Courses include:

  • MATLAB Programming and Problem Solving: Go from Beginner to Pro
  • Create Apps in MATLAB Using GUIDE
  • Create Apps in MATLAB Using App Designer
  • Advance MATLAB Data Types and Data Structure
  • Data Analysis with MATLAB for Excel Users

Become proficient in the tool preferred by engineering and science students for just $27!

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If you're in a field where MATLAB can be a serious help, this bundle of courses will give you a huge boost. Access remains open forever, so even if you don't complete all courses right now, you know you always have them as backup. Don't wait too long; this deal doesn't last forever.