Grab a mouse that will last for years with the Logitech G MX518 on sale for $20

Mx518 Logitech Mouse
Mx518 Logitech Mouse (Image credit: Amazon)

The Logitech G MX518 wired optical gaming mouse has dropped to $19.99 at Best Buy. This mouse is normally $40, and you can find it going for as much as $60 at other retailers if you can find it in stock at all. Today's price is as low as we've ever seen, and it's hard to imagine it going much lower considering this is basically impulse territory at this point.

Logitech G MX518 gaming mouse | $20 off

Logitech G MX518 gaming mouse | $20 off

The MX518 doesn't have to be your primary mouse. At this price, it's a great backup option or a secondary choice or a great possibility if you're traveling and need a mouse for your laptop. It still has a ton of flexibility in its design.

The mouse is not a peripheral that I want to spend a lot of time thinking about. When I make a mouse purchase, it should be several years (in my opinion) before I have to do that again. So it makes sense to grab a mouse that you know is going to be around that long. The MX518 already has that legacy of a mouse that while it isn't flashy or crazy, it just plain works and it works well. Considering how inexpensive it is today, you could buy this mouse and just keep it in your backpack just in case you're ever traveling and need a backup. Or if you just happen to be shopping on a budget, the MX518 is probably the best option you have below $20 right now.

What you get with the MX518 is a simple ergonomic design with a high-precision optical sensor and 16,000 adjustable DPI. It has eight programmable buttons that you can fully customize thanks to the mouse's compatibility with Logitech's G Hub software. You can even customize the buttons based on the games you play or connect it to third party apps like Discord. The mouse has onboard memory that can save up to five different profiles so even if you travel with it your settings will be saved.

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